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They photoshopped the first picture. Kristen looks....weird.... :))

Vale at twilightpoison.com translated the Tu Magazine interview with Rob and Kristen. You can find the whole thing at their site. Here is Rob's part:

Did this movie made you think about supernatural things?

Not really. I believe in weird things but the movie didn’t give me areason to think about them because I didn’t want this movie to be about supernatural things. I wanted it to be about something more real.

You have a great chemistry with Kristen Stewart. Do you think that’s something that can be created?

You can create it, in a way. But since the beginning of this project something happened with Kristen and she made me feel so good. On the other hand, if you stay in character for too long the good chemistry will just disappear.

But you did dive into your character rather strongly…

Some, but not much. I thought it would be best to stay away from him! Oh no, I think I’m giving away my secrets (laughs). But, for instance, I never spoke to the cast about anything else but the movie. That makes you more appealing and discreet.

You seem to be a very unconventional person, like Edward.

Yes, and I think I tried to make the character this way because in the book Edward is very conservative in many ways, and I didn’t see how I could play him so he would still be attractive for those who haven’t read the book or didn’t know the story.

Twilight is more than a teeange romance. What do you think made this book such a fenomenon?
Many things. I think the main appeal is that the story sounds strange, like it’s the sexual fantasy of the author, Stephenie Meyer. It seems like she thought she was Bella, and she describes Edward with very specific words. When you read Twilight you feel like a voyeur and this is what caught my atention. But after a while, as I started working in the charactr, I liked him more.

A lot of kids feel like they don’t fit in, do you think this is why Twilight is so appealing to fans, because Edward and Bella are diferent from everyone else?

Yes, definitely that’s part of the sucess. I thought that’s what Twilight was about, two different people finding each other. Twilight is not just a love story. It’s a relationship between people who are very different, and that’s what makes the story appealing.

Eventhough Bella and Edward are different, they have stuff in common too.

Everybody likes her, she’s nice. But she actually feels like she neds something, like something is missing, like she can’t connect with this world. Edward feels the same way, so if she lived 108 years she would feel the same way and say “I don’t belong here, I need to be somewhere else”. And I think that’s what they have in common, eventhough she’s not a vampire.

Did you choose to become an actor, or was it something that someone made you d
I don’t like the word “acting” I prefer the word “creating”, because I want to build a character with an idea that turns into something that people will remember. In every job that I’ve done, I’ve put something of my life into it, I try to add my life into the movie. Every period of my life in which I’ve played a different character, I’ve been a different person. I have friends and different life styles. In real life I’ve never been completely antisocial, although I was a bit when we were shooting in Portland, and that comes with small disadvantages. If you don’t speak to another person in a few weeks, you start feeling affraid of them, even when you order food at a restaurant. If I didn’t go to pubs or bars I would be running away in the middle of the night (laughs).

When did you feel antisocial?
It was right after the time I could’ve gone to college. Acting is something very serious for me, and that’s what I chose. I can’t see it as a game. I’m still embarrassed to say “I’m an actor”, so I prefer to say I do something else (laughs).

You don’t like to say you’re an actor because you feel it’s not worth it, or because you think it’s cheesy?
It’s kinda of cheesy (laughs).

So you don’t like it when fans tell you how awesome you are?
I do, but the more people who tell you, the bigger the need of you to prove it. Besides, you know, there’s always a bigger number of people who want to screw you over. It’s like everyone is saying how great you are even if you haven’t done anything, your ambitions change and you don’t know what to do with yourself.

So how do you stay sane?

You tell yourself that everything you do is crap (laughs). Actually I try to ignore what people say about me.

Kristen on Rob:

Rob and you look great on screen, can you force an attraction like this?
Yes, you can. We’re actors, but the job is a lot more difficult if you have to pretend there’s a good vibe. Sometimes you can feel like there’s no connection with a person, even if there isn’t a reason. And there’s times when our nerve cells don’t line up and you’re the exact opposite of that person, but it’s impossible to go to the director and say something like “Hire someone else to be Bella, because I can’t do it with this actress”. It would be terrible, I don’t think that needs to happen. The chemistry between artists is difficult to define. But in my case when I looked at Robert it was like I could look into his heart, and he could do the same, and that was very important. That’s how I would describe the chemistry between us. (Gozde: Collective: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!)


Laura said...

"...something happened with Kristen and she made me feel so good." YOWZA! Rob, I could make you feel so good, too! lol

Gozde said...

Laura I thought the same thing but didn't know how to put it into the comments in a tasteful manner :)

Laura said...

LOL, Goz! My eyes were drawn directly to that comment! Then my dirty mind went into overdrive!

Ellie said...

Me, too, ladies. I already copied Rob's phrase and when I got here, Laura,you already had it up!
Yeah, I said Rob and "up" in the same sentence! lol

Nice interview with Rob...

Goz, GO TO SLEEP!! xoxo

Laura said...

Beat you, Ellie! lol

I never know where to type! I've been trying to write to you on the chat box, but you're here!

Rose said...

I love them.
Great interview!

Melissa said...

Great interview. They are the perfect Edward and Bella...awwww... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies! Are you in here? I loved this article. awww - I think Kristen is probably a very sweet anti-social person.

Rob, never ceases to amaze me -he hardly ever gives the same answers and he still seems so sincere and thoughtful.

MiCh said...

Vale forgot to re-translate Rob's final phrase:

- That's very British of you
- Yeah, that's why I love being British :)

It's weird that the interview makes more sense re-translated to English than the first translation to Spanish. Shame on you, TU magazine!

Anonymous said...

I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore.

I'm all yours Robkats. Come and get me.

Ellie said...

LMFAO, Rob!!
Oh, and Olive juice! xoxo

Ellie said...

What would Gracie think about that? lol

MiCh said...


OMG, Rob was here and I was watching TV!!!!!!!!!!

*grabs a gun, shoots herself*


LaceyxBrook said...

i'm with laura and goz! : )


Anonymous said...

agree with all the robkats.

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