Words of wisdom from PapaP

“I was brought up with my dad saying: ‘Success and failure are both impostors,’ That’s the best way to go about it - especially in acting where everything is so extreme.” says the Twilight heartthrob.

"You have little girls going "I want to have your babies" and it's like no you don't. I don't even want to have my babies!"

Source: Pattinson Online


Tess said...

WOW.. I was saying that at 22 as well. It'll be interesting to see how his life pans out..

Tenneil said...

Has anyone read "after tonight" ??
speaking of having babies??? You have to read the story to know.... Please someone tell me you have read it... if not check this one out!!


Thanks for the words of wisdom!!


Ms. Bonderson said...

That comment about babies always makes me giggle a little... My mind changes often about whether I want children. I'm a teacher, so it usually depends on how my day went! LOL

LaceyxBrook said...

tess....i'm with you on that one girl; fixing to turn 20 and as of right now kids are the furthest thing from my mind! i don't even think I want any...I work at a nursing home...and those are my babies! is that bad to rather cute old people over babies!? : P

Orchid said...


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