More From Tokyo Since We Can NEVER Get Enough :)

Tha fabulous Twilight Singapore has tons of pictures and recaps from the fan event in Tokyo. I am posting some videos here and you can go check out their page for more :)

Forgive me God for I have sinned looking at these :)

The look on their faces here: Priceless :)

Part 1: Fans took their seats and mingled with each other. The organizing committee for the event ensures that everything is in check before the Fan Meeting starts. The press people are constantly filming and snapping pictures away. Towards the end of the video, the host begins her speech. (I’m sorry that I am unable translate what she said. I think she’s informing the fans about what will be happening in a few minutes time. Just some brief information, I guess.)

Part 2: The lights dimmed…[INSERT FANGIRL SCREAMS HERE]!!!! ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ by Muse was played and the host came out to welcome the fans! She thanked the lucky fans for attending the Fan Meeting from all over the world. You can very well notice that the atmosphere here was different compared to the Press Conference :D ‘Decode’ by Paramore was played and the cast came out from the backstage…[INSERT FANGIRL SCREAMS HERE AGAIN] to greet the fans!

Part 3: Q&A!!! YES, THE PART THAT MOST OF YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! *Coughs-How Does It Feel Like Kissing Robert-Coughs* :D :D :D

Part 4: The lucky draw and game begins!

Robert, Kristen and Taylor will pull out 20 numbers from a box. These numbers are actually the seat numbers of the fans. So the 20 fans will have to come out to the front and play another lucky draw. After which, finally there will be 6 lucky fans who get to spend dinner with our 3 stars!

Part 5: Cast say their thanks and final farewell to the fans. End of the Twilight movie promotion. They’ll be back for NEW MOON! :D

Source: Twilight Singapore


Anonymous said...

Forgive me God for I have sinned looking at these

Forgiven. But what about your thoughts, Gozde? They were even more sinful.

Anonymous said...

kristen may look like she don't like the atention, but she love it. She uses all the attention that she can't suck from Rob.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE it if someone could translate the video Part3/5. I realize one of the questions is "how did it feel kissing Rob" but what was the follow up questions where her answer was "I don't know".

On another note, did you notice how Kristen ALWAYS kept her body language focused on Rob. It wasn't subtle at all! Taylor must've felt like a third wheel. (not that I blame Kristen, If I was in a room with Rob, it would be like no one else existed!!)

Anonymous said...

Gozde honey!!!
Look what i found!!!
A picture of Rob in Tokio having a meal.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with Jen:
what is asked with the answer "I dont know"
maybe you can ask Twilight Singapore, anyone????

Laura said...

LMAO!! Did y'all see Rob trying to open the water bottle with his teeth in one of the vids?? (the 2nd one, I think) hahahahaha! Can I have that water bottle? Please?

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