Little Ashes Movement - Day 30!

We are on Day 33! :))


Mrs. Robinsane said...

Oh, happy birthday, Gozde! Hope RP pops out of your cake!!!

By the way, I don't know if you saw my comment last night re: the Movies on Exchange in Portland, Maine. This theater is now defunct. They have moved to the Movies at the Museum, within the Portland Museum of Art: 7 Congress Square, Portland ME, 04101. The main museum phone number is (207) 775-6148.

Any fellow Mainers out there?

Hannah said...

I know Im lucky enough to have seen LA already but Im so bummed out that no cinema is carrying it in Ireland :(
The most annoying part is that they just wont even respond to emails anymore!

Kate said...

Ya Hannah same problem here!!!
I can't get any responses from them either :-(
I won't take it personally so if you're getting ignored as well!

Daniela López Aguilar said...

First, Happy B-day Godze!! Thanks for everything do you with Dani everyday!! I'm writing this comment to tell you I'm going to try this movement in Colombia too. Tomorrow i'm going to create a facebook group and make 'em call till they drop!!

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