Little Ashes Soundtrack Preview

I've been posting these songs here and there for the past week but I guess they were lost in all the other posts. Here are 4 songs from the Little Ashes soundtrack. Enjoy :)

These songs were obtained legally.


annycullen said...

i love the last oneee!

Sophia Z.86 said...

Good morning, everyone!

Thank you so much for posting the musics again, all together... I love that soundtrack, it is so sexy.

And these two men are amazing...

RPnKSaddict said...

I like the last two the best. It's a must have and I can think of Rob the whole time I'm listening to it.

Anonymous said...

The last one is very romantic and soothing. I really like such music. Something that I noticed from the pictures: Rob is very skinny in this movie. But he is always attractive;)

Anonymous said...

Hi,people! I'm from Latvia and I'd like to watch this film...Can you tell me where can I buy it??? And one more question..this third song sounds good...How it's called or some other information about it,please!!

Unknown said...

So far no soundtrack from 'little Ashes'.
The complete song listings of Little Ashes:
1. Paraphrase for 'Cello
2. Where's Jack?
3. The Overlook
4. Psychic Scream
5. Day of Wrath
6. Paraphrase for Brass
7. Title Music "Dies"
8. Clockworks "Dies"
9. Creation of Tron v. I
10. Creation of Tron v. II
11. Lightcycle games
12. Anthem (studio version)
13. Little Interludes
14. Trinitron
15. Visit to a Morgue
16. Return to the Morgue
17. Woundings Title Music
18. Angela's Walk
19. Louise
20. Doug Does Angela
21. Scattering Ashes
22. Angela's Aftermath
23. Jimmy Kills Louise
24. In a Cemetery
25. Fly Away and End
26. Jiffy Test: Bee Dee Bei Mir - Wendy Carlos, Carlos, Wendy
27. Overture
28. Gavottes 1 & 2
29. Sicilienne
30. Sheep May Safely Graze
31. Prelude
32. Sleepers, Awake!
33. Quia Respexit
34. Menuets 1 & 2
35. Air on the G String
Keep us posted if & when the soudtrack does come out.

Unknown said...

Oops, sorry. The music from the trailer is:
Time Will Tell - X-Ray Dog

go to YouTube:


Jasline Devereaux said...

I've always loved the song with them riding the bikes. It was so beautiful, even if they only give a small snippet of the song.

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