Twilight Lexicon Does "Rumor Control"

Thanks to Twilight Lexicon for the "rumor control" :)

I KNOW that no matter how many times we say "Rob has no Twitter", we'll continue getting the "BUT are you REALLY sure? 'Cause the other day I heard from a friend's brother's carpenter's uncle that he has one and he tweeted "everything is going grate on NM set" yesterday" (the grate is spelled wrong intentionally since all those idiot Rob imposters seem to have failed in basic English grammar).

Anyhoo, without me getting too worked up about this ROB HAS NO TWITTER business here is Rumor Control from Twilight Lexicon:
  • They are actively looking for extras in the New Moon Movie and will take anyone.False, Despite what various Google Ads might have you believe, not true. In fact some of the ads feature just about the worst photoshopping that we have seen taking Rob’s head from a piece of fanart, Kristen’s head from (well we aren’t exactly sure where) and plopping them on…not Rob and Kristen’s bodies, but we don’t know who they belong to. The last time something was this mismatched was when TV Guide put Oprah’s head on Ann-Margaret’s body.
  • They are making Breaking Dawn into a movie because the IMBD says so.There’s a production schedule and everything.” False According to our source at Summit, the IMDB is like Wikipedia in that anybody can go on and change information at will (remember the odd tagline now removed that appeared awhile back about Bella having something cooking on the stove). At this point in time, it is false information.
  • “The trailer for New Moon is guaranteed to be attached to Bandslam.” False. According to our source at Summit there is no guarantee of this despite what a radio station may have broadcast to the contrary.
  • Michael Sheen, Jamie Campbell Bower, & Justin Chon have Twitters. True. You can find them by checking out the Lexicon Twitter. We are following all of their accounts.
  • Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart,and Rob Pattinson use Twitter to communicate to fans. False There are some really great fakes out there with some personal photos, but no they don’t belong to the real Kellan or Ashley. Kellan confirmed he has no Twitter, and right after he said it the fake Ashley Greene account the fake Kellan Lutz account was communicating with delted itself.
  • Stephenie Meyer has a Twitter. False *HEADDESK* Sorry, we’ve covered this a bunch, and still we get questions. No, Stephenie Meyer does not have a Twitter.


Lynnes said...

LMFHO at Stress Reduction Kit.

Suz said...

G. you are brilliant and were greatly missed!

This gif never, ever gets old!

It suits my mood of late..

Suz <---cranky, but getting better with each new thread!


tinababy1 said...

Love the Stress Reduction Kit Goz.

Will be printed and posted next to screen.


Anonymous said...

"Somewhere, Bella's stove is on"
That was the Imprint podcasters who sent that tagline in as a joke.

Françoise Boissinot said...

haha, Bang head here!!!

But, Kristen Stewart confirmed she had a Twitter(a while back, I don't remember where and she might have deleted now), only with all the fakes there are out there, let's just say they are all fakes... I will wait for Valebrity to confirm her before adding another one. @KSBong and @KristenStewart are both fakes, I observed them and both made huge mistakes.

Now, Ashley Greene. According to one of her "friends", she has one, but it is blocked. I haven't searched for it, honestly, and I have no proof this girl is really friend of hers.

Valebrity is a good websites for detecting fakes. They are still gathering information and everyone they say are real ARE real. Everyting is confirmed, I had people using this website now

kchambers77 said...

this made me ELLE OH ELLE! i love you godze!

Peet said...

I am on a Rob Pattinson MySpace page, which (whoever's it really is) swears is for real... if it is for real, then it's pathetic, because the grammer and spelling is atrocious, and I also find it interesting that Kirsten's, Kellan's and someother 'friends' on his MySpace all have exactly the same intro, with exactly the same incorrect spelling and grammar.

Kelly Marie said...

I love this GIF every time i've seen it. I've seen video from other parts of this interview. There can I get this part with audio???

DD said...

I am going to keep the stress reduction kit with me at all times. LOL

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