Emma Watson: I'm very happy for him, but we haven't spoken

EmmaGate is concluded with the interview she gave to Seventeen en Espanol .

"Did Emma Watson say Rob is with Kristen?"

What do you think of Robert Pattinson?

I'm amazed! He's supposed to be the new Harry Potter now. I called him and told him "You're taking all the credit!!". I'm kidding. I'm very happy for him, but we haven't spoken.

Thanks to Twilight Poison and OHTD :)

Previously on Emma Gate: Emma Supposedly Tells Russian Magazine : there’s something’s going on between him and Kristen Stewart. and we call BULL

Confirmation from WB comes that the interview is indeed BULL.

Perez Hilton jumps on the fake interview and declares Robsten is a couple then retracts his statement.

Ashley Greene gets cornered by E!


Diane said...

When did Emma get so gorgeous, Goz?
It seemed to happen about the time she was asked so many questions about the God of Gorgeous. May he have that affect on all of us!

WinWin said...

LOL. Gozde and Diane you guys just started my morning with a smile. Thank you.

phosphorus said...

Getting asked questions about Rob makes you more gorgeous? Let's give interviews then, surely we can talk about him for hours and hours. ;-)

showme said...

oMG..i really hope those boys see that....LOL

lulusfolie said...

wow i never would have known that was emma... great photo and make up job on her... she seriously got great looking :-)

tracyvanhorne said...

Seriously Diane, that's what I was about to ask... when the hell did she get so gorgeous? Wow!

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