The Robert Pattinson drought is over...

So angry, grizzly Rob ends the drought and the mother in me thinks both he and Lizzy should have more layers on.

WITH his new beard, it looks like ROBERT PATTINSON is fast turning from a vampire into a werewolf.

The Twilight star gave his fans something else to Robsess over as he sported the new face fuzz on a post-Christmas day out with his sister LIZZY in Barnes, South-West London.

RPatz once admitted that until he was 12 his sis used to dress him up as a girl and introduce him to pals as Claudia.

He said: "Twelve was a turning point as I moved to a mixed school and then I became cool and discovered hair gel."

The Source that likes to re-hash stories!


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MatildalovesRob said...

I really like Kristen but really couldn't give two hoots as to whether she is with him or not in London. If they are together then they don't owe anything to anyone and to be honest, if one cannot be photographed without the other than they're doing the right thing to keep their relationship for themselves. The whole 'they should just admit it and be done' doesn't wash with me because there would be 10 times more drama if they admitted to it and were photographed without the other, ie. the internet community/press hinting of arguments/breakups etc, it would be even more crazy. Half of the time I think that 'Robsten' fans just want to prove to 'Nonsten' fans that they were right etc etc and probably has nothing to do with whether Rob & Kristen are happy etc. They just want the pay off of being proved right and not crazy etc etc.

Rob, bless him, looks pretty pissed off in this picture, not surprisngly, as I'd imagine the paps have been lying in wait and no amount of security would limit paps taking pictures I'm afraid. Thankfully this is just one small fraction of his time in London with family&friends, which I hope he's enjoying immensely.

jc(britlover) said...
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jc(britlover) said...

Very interesting comments.
I for one am thankful for a glimpse of Rob, while hoping he's getting a deserved break from the crazy limelight. This blog is all about Rob and I so enjoy the explicit and amusing comments to pics and vids. There are some VERY talented people associated with this blog and you are truly appreciated. Really, how could we live without you!!!!

From one "salty tongued" NB member to another: RPG, you fu#king crack me up!!!!


Anonymous said...

marcoski ir right.

I'm glad Gozde is ok.

Cheeky Chops said...

@Gozde-I didn't say that..someone else said that..about the blog I mean..I wasn't around when this supposedly happened..I'm glad ur lil comments weren't personal..they were entertaining..LOL..and yea, I think where ever Robert is, ppl are gonna say Kristen is there too..whether she is or Grizzly McPattinson..there isn't anything that could be gross about that man.

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