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If you're wanting to stay spoiler free - please skip this thread (after checking out The Pretty picture of course)

At last - an intelligent romantic drama

You have to give credit to a film which starts powerfully and grabs you by the eyeballs. That's certainly the case here. A dramatic sequence with striking camera angles and lighting makes an instant impression and sets the mood for this gritty romance about two dysfunctional families. Aided by strong acting and an intelligent script, Remember Me is a cut above most romantic films.

Tyler Hawkins (Robert Pattinson) a rebel looking for a cause has a difficult relationship with his estranged high flying father (Pierce Brosnan). Street-hardened cop Sgt. Neil Craig’s (Chris Cooper) wife was shot dead by hoodlums in front of his young daughter ten years previously. Craig in recent times has become over protective.

When Tyler and his best mate Aidan (Tate Ellington) get involved in a street brawl they’re arrested by Craig. By coincidence, Craigs’s daughter Ally (Emilie de Ravin) attends the same college as Tyler and he’s encouraged by Aidan to make out with her in order to get back at the rough handling he experienced from her dad. In a sub-plot, Tyler’s young sister Caroline (Ruby Jerins), something of a romantic dreamer, is set upon at a party. Tyler is outraged by this and his father’s apparent indifference to Caroline’s success as a budding artist.

Tyler and Ally actually fall in love but their happiness is short-lived as family pressures and secrets create an untenable situation threatening their relationship. Things are suddenly brought to a head in an unexpected and devastating conclusion; the moral being to make the most of every day.

Director Allen Coulter, whose previous feature was Hollywoodland as well as episodes of The Sopranos, lovingly crafts a picture of New York at in important time in its history. He’s clearly comfortable with his actors and gains excellent performances. Credit must go to Will Fetters’ script with its layers of meaning and convincing dialogue. Cinematography makes use of colour to suit the mood, with impressive camerawork.

At the risk of getting abusive mail, I have to confess I’m not a great fan of Robert Pattinson (Twilight) in his limp vampire outings. He’s on his mettle here, with a touch of the young Marlon Brando and a sense of being real. You should applaud a good performance as this one deserves. His intimate scenes with the curvaceous Emilie de Ravin (Public Enemies) have that elusive electric tingle, their lovemaking captured sympathetically rather than bordering on the pornographic. The shower sequence is a good example. They make one of the screen’s more pleasing romantic couplings.

Chris Cooper (The Kingdom) puts in a sensitive performance with depth as the tough but heartbroken cop. This reliable actor seems to fall into roles that suit him. It’s good to see Pierce Brosnan (Mamma Mia!) in serious mode for a change, doing much to confirm his status as a fine actor. A surprise packet is young Ruby Jerins (Shutter Island) as Caroline, she’s just a charmer and steals her scenes right out from under her co-stars. Tate Ellington (The Invention of Lying) provides a level of comic relief as Tyler's close friend, while Lena Olin (The Reader) emotionally captures his grieving mother who lost her other son to suicide.

Remember Me may remembered after other romantic movies are forgotten for its compelling performances and intriguing script. It certainly surprised this reviewer, as I was expecting much less. Be warned - the shock twist at the end is a gut punch.



Gwen Cooper 426 said...

Everyone sing along: "We're almost there!"

Honestly, grudgingly given praise for Rob is almost extra sweet. Don't you think?

femroc said...

It really makes me angry that people diss his acting in Twilight..........he was great in Twilight............why the hell do you think it made so much freakin' money............cause they CAN'T act??

Seems like it would take a hell of a lot more acting chops to be a restrained mind reading 108 year old vegetarian vampire that wants to kill his lover than a rebellious young man. I mean........aren't all young men rebellious just about..........not much of a stretch there.

I don't get it.

jessegirl said...

Gwen, you're awake too! Hi there. :))
Yeah, 'grudgingly given praise'. It means people normally not impressed with our boy [can't help feeling propriatory] are sitting up and taking notice.

I can hardly wait to see this. And then to read Robsessed reviews. We'll go berserk with it.
But who the hell is "The Blurb"? A blogger?

jessegirl said...

I've said it before--though I'm so blinded by his beauty objectivity is difficult--I think Rob's acting in Twilight is great. No standing on the fence on this one for me.

And I agree that, despite the popularity of the books, it wouldn't have made it past the opening weekend if Rob and Kristen had done a bad job.

I may be wrong, but I bet a few years from now the nay-sayers who dissed Twilight will reconsider, having become more objective in the interim, during which Rob will pick up a Golden Globe, a Bafta and an Oscar.

Gwen Cooper 426 said...

Hiya, Jesse & fem! ITA with both of you---Rob nailed SM's vision of Edward. He was and is absolutely perfect! (Especially in NM!)

Just tickles me pink to see naysayers---those that think Rob is "just" Edward or that he can't act---change their tune! ; )

Ripley said...

What? "in his limp vampire role" Obviously these so called critics don't know the Edward character. But Rob has gotten a lot of praise for RM which we all knew he would.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

A good review - one more! But I'm terrified of the ending. Looks like it's going to be devastating. And about the grudging praise...
I would just like to add that there are many people out there who really, really think that Twilight and the Twilight cast are crap (even though they have sometimes never seen the film and just heard about it, and know nothing about Rob except maybe that he's this guy whose face is splashed on every teenage mags covers...). They are badly prejudiced, but unfortunately this is going to happen again (oh so he can really act?). We'll have to be patient!

Maryann said...

To me it is no surprise that critics are dissing Rob's acting in The Twilight saga..not cos I agree with them, I do not but usually franchises like these..well MY impression is that franchises rarely get the raving reviews acting wise etc from seems like some unwritten rule amongst critics to diss them any way they can. Weird but that is my impression and I have yet to see something that makes me change that impression of the critics.

However that critics now take notice of Rob and the fact he CAN act..I guess they never saw his earlier movies, The Haunted Airman, Bad Mothers Handbook etc..but either way that is a good sign for Rob. Good for him.

Taryn said...

See femroc, anybody who's a fan of Rob Pattinson because of Twilight should be banned from saying his acting is great. (No Offense, I don't mean to cause an arguement or anything) But my reasoning is this: A lot of rob fans were blinded by the fact that he played Edward. I agree he did play the character to a perfect T, but his acting was only mediocre at best. You can tell he was a "freshmen" if you will instead of what people like to call a seasoned actor.

I do however have a little hope. Once Rob (and maybe "Remember Me" will change this) has a decently written script and a great cast, he will get better. I think he just needs to get roles outside of the Twilight franchise and people will start to take him more serious and give him roles that will allow him to grow instead of fester!

Does that make sense or did I ramble on for nothing?

jc said...

ITA w/you. Glad he received another good review, but I'm tired of hearing the "limp vampire" type comments, which are obviously because people are unfamiliar with the original material.

You're not rambling about nothing, but~~"He played Edward to a T, but his acting was mediocre?????" This sounds like good acting to me!! Do you mean the script was weak? I think he is superb as Edward Cullen!

rbrtsn26 said...

I wasn't happy with the director's interpretation of the books, they could have been so much better. Not that it stops me from watching them continuously, just to see his gorgeousness. I do see Genius in Rob's portrayal of Edward, especially in New Moon. He is going to be one of the world's most fantastic actors ever.

Sillyrabbit said...

O I can't wait to see this movie on Friday. I know it's going to be great. I'm so excited as the days are getting closer.

RobsessiveRobsbondgirl said...

@gwen lol yeah he is extra sweet :)) as muc as we want to make naughty things with him such as ... it would be better if I shut up:))

Tess said...

I'm so excited to read reviews like this for Remember Me! I can't wait to see it myself.

femroc said...

The only thing I liked about New Moon was Rob's part in it.......the first and the last.
He totally made that movie enough for me to sit through 5 times.

Just Rob inspired I guess .........and he seems like such a reluctant he never really wanted all this.
It is his life now, however, and so far he is dealing with it well.......I pray he continues to be cool and grounded and down to earth and real.

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