"Remember Me" Spoiler Post & A Wallpaper

Here's your "Remember Me" Spolier Post for today. Talk away to your hearts content about the movie in this post only please.
Remember there are still some countries where the movie has yet to be released.

And for being SO good here's another gorgeous Wallpaper by Doris.
This one is currently on my laptop, I LOVE it and I know you will too!

It has been resized to fit the screen so just right click and save and it will save to full size!



modestypatch said...

I Love this one! So beautiful!

I hope everyone in the UK is enjoying the movie (multiple times)!

Anonymous said...

I was really shocked when I realized what date it was.
And Rob was so amazing and beautiful in it..I´m from Germany and I´m really sad that I still had not the chance to see it with the original synchro...I can´t wait for the DVD ;D

RobsessiveFILRP said...

@chanel100 yeah he was amazing in that scene when I first saw it and heared the sentence ... I coulndt show a reaction

Kathy S said...

Saw Twilight on Showtime last night-and was blown away by how gorgeously he has matured in comparison with Remember Me. RM is gone from my town and I am super pissed that on 3/31 the local paper put a nice review urging folks to see the movie but at the beginning of the review it tells the viewers the film will be gone on 4/1. Now wasn't that a bit short sighted? Loved the movie and hope all of Europe loves it too. Sounds like it with crowded theaters!

AP said...

@KathyS: talk about giving with one hand...wish they weren't pulling it so soon but it's a crowded marketplace..

Anonymous said...

And I think that Rob looks much more beautiful as Tyler or as himself than as Edward... what do you think?

Cindygal said...

@Kathy yesterday I went to 3different cinemas so i can watch Remember Me again &it was out after 3weeks.Wtf? Then today i tried my luck by going to another cinema&nothing. I seriously cant for the dvd...

Heart-Rob xD said...

thank you so much. This is now my favorite ...... or I'll take the last one with DuRob or rather the penultimate .... help I can not decide. Doris thou kill me. They are all really great.

Yes you are so right. The real Rob is absolutely the best

Memè said...

i'm from italy, read on the web a lot of enthusiastic comments from those who saw the film. Many women went with hubs and boyfriends and reported they too were very impressed.
All this despite the mostly bad reviews RM received here, quite all influenced by the american previuos ones or by the fu**ed prejudice about Rob = Twilight Hero and nothing else.
Poor stupid critics, when i saw the film i felt ashamed for them... and you can't imagine how much, proud of Rob.

Rob Little Baby Doll said...

Seen Remember Me 2day again, Cry all over again, The bit that got me the Most was when Caroline is standing at the school door near the end, She looks like She looking for Tyler, knowing really that he not going 2 be there,

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

It's really curious how the proportion of bad rewiews for RM by "professional" critics seems to match almost exactly the good
or excellent feedback by the viewers. I've now researched about everything that's been posted about this film and I've come
up with this rough result: 75% of the reviewers disliked the film or bashed it. 75% of the viewers liked it or loved it and
often said they had sometimes been deeply affected by its themes. It is always possible, of course, that the RM haters don't
bother so much to post about it as those who loved the movie. Still, such a discrepancy between what the critics said and
what the viewers felt is strange. I will add that I'm very, very patient and that I've truly read all the love/hate comments
I could find. I've read every online user review on imdB, on yahoo movies, on many interesting threads, forums and blogs... and here of course, the best of sites ever :)), so that I now have a fairly accurate picture of what people - critics and viewers alike - have loved and hated. You could almost make a typical list of the pros/cons... and I could almost write a fake typical hate review with all the clichés. What
I find most interesting, howewer, is the way RM seems to resonate deeply with those who have loved it. It seems to have a
universal, haunting quality which echoes in the hearts of those who have loved it. Maybe the true power of this little film
is that it simply speaks to us about what and who we really are. It's about how we live, love and laugh ; but also about how
we suffer, mourn and die, how we cope in the face of sudden death and pain. Death in its many forms -all its violent forms, such as suicide, brutal accident, murder or tragic fate like Tyler's in the film - is part of what we all will have to endure, sooner or later, if it has not already happened to us. Many people do not want to face this in a film, which can partially explain its violent rejection by some viewers or critics. One of the truths of the film is something I found in a Paul Auster book. Auster said that there comes a time when we have to realize that the deep, everlasting grief of death, the loss of a beloved one, not only changes
us forever, but also forces us to understand that we will have to live with it - till the end, each one of us coping with our
sorrow in our own way. But the awful truth is that grief will not kill us and that we will have to go on, find a way of living, and bear the burden till we die in our turn. Not an easy message to convey in a film, and this is one of the many reasons I find this film so remarkable - it has faced the challenge of tackling these very difficult, dark themes, and it makes us rethink about our lives.

jessegirl said...

Oh man, WhyistheRum...
That last bit from the Paul Auster book was so true and sad, about sorrow. That's one reason people cannot let go of the film; it keeps taking them back to the death of a loved one. And seeing it again helps you absorb the reality of real grief.

Kudos on your fascinating research was. Thank for the perspective. And your 'many people do not want to face this in a film' makes sense. It is arguably the hardest thing we face in life.
Thank you.

cox200 said...

I am trying to decide if I am more upset about the ending or the timing of the ending. I cared about the characters...would I have been as upset if it had happened a different way at a different time? ....Perplexed!

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

@jessegirl Thanks for the feedback! Yes, it's true, RM is full of sorrow, and anyone who has had to endure such a loss in real life is bound to connect with this film. Or to reject it, because it's sometimes too painful to re-live the experience. I can understand that too. Do you know I actually tried to post this on Cinematical's Post-Movie coffee where you also post? (I think the last post was yours). But somehow it never worked, the Internet ate my comment up. I might try again, though, as I think the more feedback we post, the more WOM RM wil get.. here we are in our little love-bubble for Rob and RM, but I truly think all of the comments on this thread deserve to reach out to more people on other sites.

jessegirl said...

Regarding posting elsewhere to keep WOM going: Yes, I know. Try again at the Post-Movie Coffee post. I go there, and also, the Brad Brevet interview with Will Fetters (230 comments), and the Bryan Reesman one on moviefone, 'Controversial Ending..." (423 comments).

Rum, Solas and iluvrpattz:
If you're here, I posted answers to you on the previous RM spoiler thread (April 2). Good discussion with you all.

jessegirl said...

Oh, Rum, I think that happened to my last comment at Cinematical too. Not sure.

Oh, and I don't know Paul Auster.
Where did you read that stuff? Do you remember? I'd like to check it out.

I like our 'little love bubble'.

Nancy said...

God. love you ladies so much and your comments. Great comment Rum!!!

Nancy said...

@wens, I have twitter but its NancyLot. Gwen found me. I haven't been there lately but will. Are you Wensdazzled there too?

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

The book is Paul Auster's "Brooklyn Follies". If you haven't read it, I really recommend it, it's such a great book and ... its ending is quite interesting as you will see. I'd like to have your feedback if you ever read it. I can't help making the comparison with the ending for Remember Me. It's such a coincidence that it felt quite eerie when I closed the book shut. But I won't tell you any more not to spoil it for you.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

@jessegirl - about your answers on the previous spoiler post: I answered you but am reposting here as the other thread is getting a bit old. I just wanted to say that I know of your loss as you've told us before, and I can understand so well how RM must affect you more deeply than others. Maybe even though it makes you very sad, it can also help you, give you some measure of "healing" - for want of a better word as these wounds never really heal - by allowing you to delve deeper into your grief. But I also wanted you to know that I am truly sorry for your loss, and that I had you in mind when I wrote that comment about RM because your own heartfelt, deep, soulful comments on the various sites have touched me so much.

jessegirl said...

Thanks for answering regarding the Paul Auster book. I'll see if I can find it and reply (can't promise when though).
I've learned that others have difficult losses to absorb as well, but, in truth, one's own is still that which one must deal with. Thank you again for the great discussion, insights and caring.
Just look at what this movie has begun in so many people!

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