Round-Up Of Reviews About Robert Pattinson's "Water For Elephants" Trailer

So we've seen the trailer for Robert Pattinson's "Water For Elephants" and we saw earlier what MTV thought about it so what are the other reviews of the trailer?

Well here's a little round-up. If you want to see the full reviews click on each link to go to the websites.


First up is who said

"Robert Pattinson looks like a man in the adaptation of Sara Gruen’s best-seller Water for Elephants, acting opposite Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz."
"The finest compliment you can give a trailer for an adaptation is that it makes you want to read the book. This one does it for me"

The LATimes says

"We like the langorous, moody tone, though it's nearly impossible to judge from the trailer if Pattinson has any acting skills beyond that longing gaze thing. It's also mildly difficult to believe the 34-year-old Witherspoon could truly be wooed by a young man a decade her junior,(Kate: I beg to differ!) but that's a conceit we think we'd be able to get over."
(Kate: I'm kind of shocked that this was written by a woman)

The Washington Post

"It's a feast for the eyes. Of course, a number of people will think said feast is really all about Robert Pattinson, who definitely comes across (appropriately) as less broody and Edward Cullen-ish here.

Me? I was more focused on an enraged Christoph Waltz and the wonderful Hal Holbrook. Oh, and the elephant, who is clearly on track to win an Oscar in early 2012" (Kate: LOL Yes Rosie and some of her co-stars could well be up for an Oscar. Let's keep our fingers crossed!)

The Wall Street Journal

"Pattinson plays opposite circus performer Reese Witherspoon, a casting decision that isn’t in the Oscar-winning actress’s favor, judging by the trailer. Pattinson is so baby-faced that he makes the still young and fetching Witherspoon look like she’s robbing the cradle."

The Daily Mail says

"Any film starring Robert Pattinson is sure to be hit with the tweens, but his latest looks like something their parents might enjoy too." see that there is more to Rob than Edward and say:

"Robert Pattinson has more to his life than playing Edward in the Twilight saga.This film could truly show that, but fans of the actor won't know that until the film is released."

Moviefone wants to see more, so do I but you're just gonna have to be patient like the rest of us!

"It's time to put away the werewolves, troublesome love scenarios and blunt-toothed vampirism and get our next taste of Robert Pattinson on the big screen.
The first trailer for 'Water for Elephants' manages to show a bunch of the film without showing very much at all of their three leads." (Kate: That's what makes it a teaser ;-))
They go on to say:
"It's a bit of a surprising route to take for a new film. It's a full trailer showing more than a teaser ever would, yet the only actor to get much of a chance to shine in the scenes captured is the great Hal Holbrook who plays the older version of Pattinson's character (though his name isn't cited beyond the quick and tiny credit screen at the end). For the rest, we see Waltz get angry, Witherspoon seem whistful and Pattinson stiff-faced. (Pattinson gets a lot of flack for his lack of facial expressions, something pretty surprising for a bright and upbeat person in real life. Someone give him a comedy, stat!)"

Total Film are agreeing with and saying:

"Pattinson doesn't have much dialogue in the trailer, and we don't really get much of a feel for his performance. Could this be the one that helps him to get some recognition as a talented thespian rather that Twihards' man meat?" (Kate: Yes it could! Eeek can you tell I'm excited for this film? I may have said that more than once {blush})

I'm wondering if the NewYorkTimesMagazine actually watched the trailer at all?

"The fictional story of the "greatest circus disaster of all time with an old timer remembering to way back when he looked like Robert Pattinson and was the new guy at the circus. In those days, he fell in love with the beautiful lady (Witherspoon) who did the surprisingly sensual elephant act (seriously, check Reese laying out on Dumbo) (Kate: Mmmmmm I have watched the trailer MANY times and I didn't see her lying on a elephant. A horse YES and elephant NO)
Based on the evidence, it's hard to tell if this is the movie that will prove Pattinson can act when not playing Edward Cullen, or if he and Witherspoon have any chemistry. (We're dubious: Witherspoon's persona is nothing if not adult. She seems like she'd be way too grown for him if they were the same age, and she's actually a decade older.)" (Kate: Once again I beg to differ! What's with the whole ageism thing that's going on?)

Celebuzz LOVES it (and we tend to agree)

"The trailer for the big-screen adaptation of the best-selling book is here and it does not disappoint.

The trailer includes such visual delights as R-Patz in suspenders, R-Patz in a tuxedo and, oh yeah, his on-screen love interest Reese Witherspoon dancing with a pony. The Greatest Show on Earth? We think so!" have a problem with it being too "glossed-over"

"It really is a likable trailer: The production design and cinematography look great, the actors look great; hell, even that elephant looks pretty sharp. And with Sara Gruen’s much-loved best seller as the source material, it initially seems like an an unstoppable package. But, part of the romance of the circus is the dirt and the jagged edges, neither of which are present in this glossed-over trailer." (Kate: Just wait )

That's just a taster of what people are saying.

And just in case you've been hiding in a hole somewhere and have yet to see the trailer, here it is.

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