Chris Weitz tweets about Robert Pattinson: "He's a super gracious guy."

Chris Weitz didn't let Robday stop him! Here are a collection of C-dub mentions of Robert Pattinson over the last few days:

northjers @chrisweitz Hi Chris.There is talk of Edward getting his own flashback in one of the BD films. Do you know, will we be seeing green eyes?

CW: Will have to wait until the Eye Color Director's Summit convenes at end of month.
Tink: LOL funny...but who wants this?? Safe to say ALL of us. :)


YekitaB @chrisweitz Tienes el numero de Robert Pattinson LOL

CW: Sí, y por $1000000 te do el area code
Tink: Anything Rob is worth SO much more. ;)
taarawilleatyou @chrisweitz Since you're famous and all, do you get stalkers and such people?

CW: Well, I'm not really famous. Only when in the blast radius of KS, Rob, Taylor.

SkylarLSpencer @chrisweitz Can you caption this Rob Pattinson pic?
CW: This f'in elephant gets NO f'in water.

Rebecaroa @chrisweitz I'll see if I can capture their attention with this:
CW: Amazing how much better he looks after we did the cgi, right?

tamzpcl @chrisweitz ~in the nm book edward stint w/volturi is much different. y does he get beat up n the movie??

CW: I like to see Rob getting pushed around
tamzpcl @chrisweitz ~y would u wanna make edward look pansy? he's sposed to be indestructable. same thing was done eclipse wit victoria n riley!


CW: Meh, Tammy, disagree, he's not indestructible to the Volturi. And the film needed some kinetic action.
Tink: I liked his opinion here even though, as a book reader, I disagree. I personally don't like that Edward is thrown around in every movie when in the books, he's not. However, I understand Mr. Weitz's point.
CcPrincess20 @chrisweitz would you go to Robs WFE premiere next month IF theres actually one here in LA?! That would be so cool if u attended

CW: I keep checking the mailbox...

@teampaul_05 chris one question that I have been wanting to ask you is why did you cut to black at the end of new moon?? and not see bella get in trouble by charlie

CW: Well, I think that would have been a lot less dramatic. For me the whole movie was building up to a point of dramatic tension.
Tink: Marry me, Bella....*le sigh*

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smurfy_tapz @chrisweitz Rob and Kristen always mentioned about you being the most compassionate person they met and they're right!

CW: So true

@think_then_act:Is it weird to know many of your followers are waiting to watch Rob on leno? And just watched him on mtv?

CW: nah. Reasonable

arceecullen @chrisweitz Will you watch Leno??Rob's there.. :) and have you seen the new clip of WFE??

CW: Not even Rob can make me watch Leno

Janners @chrisweitz Yes but you're not a woman, Chris. There are something things we will endure, and Leno is one of them, for certain Our Rob. LOL!

CW: Sexist! How dare you say I'm not a woman just because I'm a man?

VitaminR70 @chrisweitz Rob answered my karaoke question tonight on MTV. Did you ever sing Purple Rain with him? What's your favorite karaoke song?

CW: I do a pretty good Johnny Cash. Probably because it's easy.

sccrbbkim @chrisweitz Rob was wonderful as always on the MTV interview! Do you think you will ever do another movie with him?

CW: I'd like to, he's good fun
Tink: so fun :))

@Stefy_s: @chrisweitz do you know rob is in LAright now?

CW: of course, he is giving me a deep-tissue massage

Miriam522 @chrisweitz are you aware that Rob is going to be on #MTV life on line in just 6 min from now ???

CW: I was not aware of that... The Knicks are playing the Pacers!

TwiGossipGirl I heart you @chrisweitz but today your tweets will be ignored b/c Rob goes on live in less then 10 minutes. Cant handle too much in feed!

CW: S'cool, go on Rob! I'll just take it easy

micarojas @chrisweitz what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you see your work done and u go back to just being Chris?

CW: Sleeeeeeeep. Hey I better stay quiet or the twihards are gonna git me! ;) they gotta talk Rob
YekitaB @chrisweitz What was the hardest scene to do for Robert and Kirsten. Please

CW: Well romantic scenes are hard. Movie sets are not romantic, hard to act intimate.
Tink: I don't even notice the camera...

Thanks ChocoMG2112 for finding :)
cullen195 @chrisweitz what was the craziest thing you've done and Rob on the set of new moon?

CW: 1) dsicuss a vampire's motivations, 2) pretend to be a vampire
Tink: They're totally talking about vampire motivations in this pic. ;)


smurfy_tapz @chrisweitz Did Rob get around to calling you after your nice write-up about him when he made TIME's 100 Most Influential? #ABetterLife

CW: Nah. The funny thing is, he usually gets in touch when he changes emails due to their being hacked.

rosenfie @chrisweitz oh. I am surprised he didn't thank you. really surprised.

CW: No, don;t get me wrong. He's a super-gracious guy. This was more my saying thanks to him, see?

CamiFaith @chrisweitz Why no airplane scenes in New Moon?? Missed a lot of Edward and Bella development. No bashing NM just curious? Please Reply!?

CW: Airplane cabins = boring. IMO.
Tink: *pout* I missed this scene...
Lilie06: In NM, the flashback scene of Edward&Bella in the meadow.. was it a real flashback from Twilight or did u reshoot it?

CW: reshoot -- Original had been shot in 3 locations on 3 separate days, I wanted 1 location and full control of images
Ausgirl123 @chrisweitz Can you see some parallels between the journey being taken by Rob and what Viggo went through the LOTR?

CW: Except for the years in the wild as a ranger, his sword, being king of Gondor, and his pivotal role in the downfall of Sauron, absolutely.

TracySHardin @chrisweitz if you could remake Star Wars with actors today, who would play Luke, Leia, Han, etc...?

CW: Wow unlovely this question. I will first answer seruously, then poorly. Luke: my man Lautner. Leia: KS. Han: James Franco. Darth: still
James Earl Jones. Young annakin: Rob. (Tink: I see it!!!) Young obi: Andrew Garfileld. Older Obi: Viggo yeah you heard me.
Comedy version: Luke: Michael Cera. Leia: beyonce. Han: Orlando bloom. Obi's: zach efron, the rock. Vaders: LeBron.

NASIBA0606 @chrisweitz What do you think about the new movie, Rob Water for Elephants

CW: I think nothing, not even thirsty elephants, justifies theft.

smurfy_tapz @chrisweitz I hope 3rd's time a charm, but I'm asking again, waddya think of Rob doing next his movie with Cronenberg?

CW: I think it'll be great. Rob is very intellectual & weird (in a good way) so they'll have fun

Chudygirl @chrisweitz You've mentioned J.Buckley a lot. Rumors have been swirling for yrs that Rob might star in his biopic. Would U want in on that?

CW: Wow he would be greatz


Tink: And a few non-Rob tweets that cracked me up PLUS one from our own, Kat!

SingleStrand: @chrisweitz Let's play FMK. Cathy Hardi, David Slade, Bill Condon. Go.

CW: not playing

nzjandalslover @chrisweitz So the only reason you're on Twitter is to promote your new stuff, not because you love us?

CW: Yes, absolutely, I have no gratitude whatsoever for the fans who loved my movie and helped me feed my family and get my film made ;)

BritKat @chrisweitz Why does A Better Life only have a limited release and how can we change that???

CW: By going to see it opening weekend!

jedesrosiers @chrisweitz what do you call your little one?

CW: How dare you disparage my manhood -- oh, wait. You mean Sebastian.

@CMarieGo @chrisweitz What are you hopes and dreams for your son Sebastian??? You've already said you would not encourage a career in the business. What else?

I just want to keep him off the stripper pole.
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