Fan-made videos of Robert Pattinson with recent footage

One of the upsides of a drought? We have a lot of time on our hands and find all these great fan made videos of Robert Pattinson. :)

First up! Egads! I love the wide range of footage in this! It spans so much of Rob's life and career. :)

Eeeep! I love the Gucci Gucci. ;)

Few more great belated birthday videos after the cut

UGH. I missed the Christoph comment. I LOVE that. I have MUCH work to do during the drought. Many interviews to review and commit to memory.

"That's what he DOES." <3 Tell 'em, Christoph!

And this vid...I feel like Kate posted it before but it had so many hot pics that I climbed my roof and howled. So that qualifies for a reposting.

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