Revisiting Robert Pattinson's musical talents

Last Monday was EPIC. I've had Rob singing (and growling) in my head since then.

Let's relive it...

Does it break your heart like mine that Rob states 3 TIMES that he wanted to play another song at the end? Why do the event organizers hate us and Rob? ;) *sigh* Hopefully, they can convince him to play at another show of theirs and this time let baby have a set!

Now, I'm assuming this isn't new to most of you but we get new ROBsessors everyday and I wanted to make a music post. Rob's musical talents come from the heart and rip you raw. Sit back and let him speak to your soul.

I Was Broken (by Marcus Foster)

Click HERE for full song

Stray Dog (by Robert Pattinson)

Click HERE for full song and clearer version

I'll Be Your Lover Too (by Van Morrison)

To Roam (by Robert Pattinson)

In Your Head (by Marcus Foster)

I Don't Mind (by Marcus Foster)

Doin Fine from How To Be soundtrack

I know he was purposely singing below his ability in this song but its so fun to me and a great moment for Art ;)

Where it all started...

We all love Rob and his guitar but oh how we love his piano playing too.

How amazing is it that we'll have him tickling the ivories again in Breaking Dawn? Sad we have to wait until the end of 2012 to hear it though. :( Maybe he'll surprise us by being on the BD1 soundtrack. I'm just putting that out there.

Now if only we could get him to let us sample his cello or electric guitar or viola caipira playing...
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