Rio Filme President Tweets About "Breaking Dawn"

Sérgio Sá Leitão the president of RioFilme tweeted some info today about the "Breaking Dawn" trailer/clip that we're going to see at the MTV Movie Awards on 5th June.

It hasn't officially been announced that we're going to see anything yet, but come on at this stage it's nearly a tradition, right??

Here's what he said


Translated that is

Heard today that the first Breaking Dawn trailer has four amazing takes filmed in Rio.
It will air on the MTV Movie Awards

Eeeek I just a little bit excited, aren't you??

Ooooh Rio means a little bit of this.......


maybe a little bit of that.......


And a little bit of the other........


What do you think they'll show?

Thanks to FabW for the tip and the translation!

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