Bill Condon Talks "Breaking Dawn" & Scenes From Edwards Early Life

Bill Condon spoke to Fandango about "Breaking Dawn" and spoke about additional scenes from Edward's early life.


Fandango: We get so much of Bella's and Jacob's view in the last book, but what specific parts do we get to see more of Edward's point of view?
Condon: There's something that we put in there that's referred to in an earlier book. We actually get to see Edward in his early life as a vampire and hear his thoughts about that. There's a glimpse of him in Twilight describing how he got turned, how he got changed by Carlisle, but this is more extensive. I do think we get more inside Edward and he changes a lot, too. The wedding has an effect on him. There's an aspect of self-loathing to him about what he did when he was a vampire [earlier] that he releases through Bella's love. I think that's a fun thing to watch.

Check out the rest of the interview where Bill talks about the wedding, the birth and sex scenes over at Fandango
Oh and be warned it contains spoilers
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