Tumblr Thursday With Robert Pattinson

I feel I need to put a MAJOR OH HOT DAMN warning on today's Tumblr Thursday edits!

How about we kick off with a little Berlin Robert Pattinson from Jules ?


gjhdiguhdiurh How are you feeling can you take a little more?
Okay here goes, another 2 from Jules
Take few deep breaths to prepare yourself.




Did we all make it through? You in the corner, are you ok? Do you need a minute?
Hurry up now pull yourself together. The others are getting impatient.

Ok are we ready to move on ?

Have a look at these from Brittany


You guys are doing SO well. I'm proud of you but we're not finished yet so brace yourselves for this next one from rdmickey1989
This one is a killer...........if you feel faint while looking at it stop, take a break and catch up with the rest of us later.


I had to include DuRob in my little line up coz he still has me in a bit of a daze since seen "Bel Ami" so check out this great edit by rodzynkagraphics


Did you make it to the end? If you did then you will be able to survive "Bel Ami". If I lost you halfway through then you'll just have to come back again next week to go through another round of training to prepare you.

Here's a little extra for those that survived. Two more edits by rodzynkagraphics

Oh my ............


It's all too much I can't take anymore *THUD*


Click for full size (go on I dare ya)


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