Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart out and about in Los Angeles

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart out and about in Los Angeles

Rob and Kristen were spotted at Soho House last night (amyebowers):


The Soho sighting is not far fetched since there were multiple sightings earlier of Rob and Kristen at the Marcus Foster show in Hollywood. I had the pleasure of attending the show. Marcus has had two shows in LA after a loooooong hiatus (last show was Dec. 2009). He's a favorite of mine so it was great to finally have him back. Rob and Kristen attended the show and this encounter is a compilation from the people I was with.

At the end of the show, myself and my 3 friends were heading out of the main room. I was cut off from my group by a pushy, wretched, beast woman who I curse with every cell in my body. Not really. Kinda just a little. At the time, I was gracious and let her shove past me and move behind my friends.

The passageway was slightly congested and when I got out of the area, my friends were clustered by a table and oddly projecting a glow. They assumed I too should be glowing and wondered why I wasn't. They told me Rob and Kristen had been in the passageway during the show and they walked out at the same time as them. Kristen was in front of Rob against a wall and Sam Bradley and another friend of theirs were sort of human blocking them.

As my friends were moving towards the next room, Rob took Kristen's hand and turned to walk that way too since people were beginning to file out. The timing had them walking alongside my friends to exit the passageway. I was oblivious, walking behind wretched beast woman who is forever cursed. My glowing friends said that Rob wasn't hunching into himself. He was at his full height. Full glorious height. My friend closest to him heard him do some kind of scat thing. A humming little diddy. We were analyzing the differences between a scat and diddy later. It was a "doooo deeee doooo daaaaaa" she heard. But sexier because of the source.

Is your brain bleeding yet? Anywho. So Kristen was now behind Rob as he led them out the door that went into the other room, sneaked around a pulled curtain beside the door and disappeared into a private room. He was scruff/bearded but not MountainManRob. It's a dark venue but my friends said he was wearing the grey and black checkered jacket we all know with a white shirt underneath and a black beanie. I was wearing a scowl. ;)

There were no paparazzi and nobody disturbed them. This kind of encounter stuff without pics is normally "yeah yeah sure sure" for me but it was seen by my people. If you have ever met me, you likely met them too. I trust them completely. Their eyes might as well be my eyes which is why I'm sharing the encounter. I'm happy Marcus had his friends there to support him. He put on an energetic show and the night was chill with a good crowd (excluding the beast) and great music (including Rob's scatdiddy).


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