Blast From The Past: Robert Pattinson's Interview with Dose.Ca

Blast From The Past: Robert Pattinson's Interview with Dose.Ca

Since Dose editor, Jen McDonnell, tweeted about seeing Rob and Kristen at Coachella, I've been thinking about her interview with Rob back in 2008. She even mentioned it herself. It was a great one and I wanted to make sure you guys checked it out. Most of you should know it already but it's a lovely walk down Rob memory lane. "Nice guys come last."

It's over 8 minutes and the camera never leaves him. He's sweet, he's candid, he's classic....he's Rob.

Click HERE if you want to read Jen's full account of the Coachella sighting on her blog. An excerpt:
My friend was going to take their photo, but I dissuaded her. It’s weird, but I feel oddly protective of Robert Pattinson. I’ve met him and think he’s a genuinely nice guy; the last thing I wanted to do was make him feel uncomfortable or draw attention to them. These kids seem like a normal young couple who rarely get to do normal things, and I didn’t want to ruin their moment. They were wandering around the general population unnoticed, and I was reluctant to invade their privacy (more so than I already have).  
Genuinely nice guy. :)) Jen's funny in her account and you gotta shake your head at our crazy fandom. :)

If you missed any pictures from Coachella, click HERE, HERE and HERE. Sexy man is SEXY.


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