"I couldn't believe someone could be so beautiful." New/Old Robert Pattinson encounter + the rare CleanShaveRob

"I couldn't believe  someone could be so beautiful." New/Old Robert Pattinson encounter + the rare CleanShaveRob

CleanShaveRob....a rare breed.


This article was so amusing. The writer starts out with some fiction that seems pretty real to me. Rob IS a god sooooo....

From The Age (Au):
Stubble is a crime when a man looks this good clean-shaven, writes Maggie Alderson.

Rob. Pattinson. ROBERT. PATTINSON. Rarely do the heavens bestow such a bone structure on a human. He looks like something Zeus and his daughter Aphrodite dreamt up on a wet afternoon on Olympus.

Aphrodite: ''Daddy, I'm boooooooored.''

Zeus: ''Are you, my little honeybun? Let's play a game.''

He pauses to think, scratching his head with the end of his lightning bolt.

Zeus: ''I know - we'll create a human so beautiful it makes the others go mad.''

Aphrodite: ''Ooh, that would be so fun. Hmm, let me think … Got it! We'll make a young man with such a perfect face all women go soppy and mad with lust and longing when they see him.''

KERPOW! Zeus throws a bolt of lightning down to Earth, which lands in a suburb of south west London. We hear a baby's cry. Cut to poster for Twilight.
 Ah yes...clean-shaven Robward...


The author continues her campaign for more cleanshavenporn from Rob:
I can also vouchsafe that Rob is even more astonishing in real life. The director of his first film (The Haunted Airman) is one of my friends and I went to see him on set, happening to walk past Rob's trailer when he was coming out of it in his WWII RAF uniform. I nearly fainted. My director pal had told me he'd cast ''a very interesting young actor'' in the lead, but hadn't prepared me for this. I couldn't believe someone could be so beautiful - and I've interviewed a lot of stars and supermodels. But I do wish he would shave more.
I'm adding a quick visual aid of Toby Jugg for us :)

This picture is a still from his new film Cosmopolis and he's wearing a Gucci suit. Doesn't he look fine? (Tink: I used a different still for this...it's at the top and he looks SO fine.) And the marvelous thing is that since discovering what an immaculately cut suit can do for a chap, Rob pretty much always wears Gucci for public appearances. Now he just needs to catch up his face grooming.

What makes this picture so striking is that it combines his new suit style with the clean-shaven face demanded by the character he plays in the film. The only other time I've seen him like that is the prom scene in Twilight.

What? Hello? Sorry, just had to pick myself up off the floor here.

So, knowing what he looks like without it, it's such a waste of that improbably perfect jawline to besmatter it with scruffy stubble, the way he does. I can only think it's his way of coping with his shocking beauty.

From my brief experience of him (and that wasn't the only time I met him, oh joy), I can report that he's very nice and very shy. It must have been bewildering to have suddenly become such a focus of obsession. So I reckon the face fur is a small barrier between him and the all-staring world, when he's on the promotional roll and can't go the sunnies/baseball cap celebrity hideout shell.

So other men, please take note. There are some blokes - Tom Ford springs to mind - who can work the almost-beard, but most chaps (and I hope my husband is reading this) just end up looking a bit dirty.

I can see that shaving every day is a bore, but if Rob Pattinson looks a bit rough stubbled up, can you really afford to go there?
The lady loves her some smooth skin. While it's not often, Rob has given the trusty razor a workout and freed his jaw for all to drool over. I collected some samples over the years. They may not be the cleanest shave because let's face it - ChiaRob gets a five o'clock shadow at noon. He's a MAN! But these are some of the cleanest we've seen from a man who can rock anything from baby face to mountain man and the scrufftee and stubble in between.


I wish I was the light that gets to kiss this face...


Or a water bottle. I could be the water bottle. *entering the DR*


MORE CleanShaveRob (or close) after the cut!

GAH. Try not to let the chesthairporn distract from the post theme...


His jaw should be illegal because I wanna do nothing but bad things when I see it. A nice side dish of Adam'sAppleporn for you guys toooooo...


We mustn't neglect the other side of Rob's beautiful face. It gives us cheekmoleporn...


Say 'ello...to my little cheek moles...


While he's lost in thought, I'm lost in cheekbones


Oh the smirk on this clean face is too much. TOO MUCH I TELL YA!


Quite frankly, the jawporn is obscene.


Awww...sweet face from the sweet man.


I tend to love Rob any way he wants to present himself but there's no denying his stunning bone structure pops slaps you in your face when he rids his chiseled plains of hair.


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