Robert Pattinson is "a powerhouse of a thespian" as his films, The Rover and Maps To The Stars, make waves this week

Robert Pattinson is "a powerhouse of a thespian" as his films, The Rover and Maps To The Stars, make waves this week

UPDATE: Added a couple more to the MTTS section!

Between The Rover being released on Bluray/DVD in the US (buy your copy HERE and don't miss the featurette to see Rob working hard at his craft) and Maps To The Stars being released in the UK, there have been reviews and tweets popping up all over the place.  I liked a few reviews for Rob's performance in The Rover (You can follow more reviews for The Rover HERE as well) and while Rob doesn't get a lot of mentions for MTTS due to the size of his role, there were a couple of standouts that noted Rob. You can also look at our twitter account for MTTS to see all the positive feedback the film is getting in the UK! Click HERE to read our timeline.

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DearFilm: Pattinson, however, is a true revelation here. His transformation into the disabled Rey is so complete and without pretension that he just about effortlessly disappears in the role. It is easier now for me to recall him as Rey and imagine him in his personal life as Rey than it is for me to picture him as any other character I have ever seen him as. Under his careful modulation Rey turns into a much more conflicted and complicated character than even Pearce’s nameless wanderer. His mixture of helplessness with sudden flashes of competence makes him unpredictable in action, but not in motivation. Unlike Pearce he is in search of a friend, a companion, anyone he can lean on, and who he can feel as though he is helping. It’s a sweet, nuanced, near-perfect performance.

FlashjackTheHero: Pearce has never been better and Pattinson made me completely rethink his acting abilities (Edward who?). His performance here is a marvel, somewhere between Billy Bob Thornton’s Sling Blade and a young Jackie Earle Hailey, and if he weren’t so iconic already and we were looking at a debut performance from an unknown, he’d be a star all over again.

OnlineWatchMovies: And where to start with his two leads? Powerful beyond belief and we could not be more thrilled that the man we first discovered in Twilight (actually, Harry Potter) has grown into a powerhouse of a thespian that can go toe-to-toe with one of our fave actors in Pearce.

SpoilerRoom: Pattinson who truly delivers a knockout performance. I'm no fan of the Twilight films or his part in them but I will tip my hat to the man on this one. He's fantastic.

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There aren't a lot of Maps To The Stars reviews that highlight Rob but we know this. The film is an ensemble and Rob is a supporting character. We did however, collect a couple that give Rob a cool shoutout.

Grog's Movie Blogs: Robert Pattinson also shows us further that he’s not just the teenage girls favourite shovel face. He’s got a slightly smaller role than I expected but he’s great every time he shows up. That’s really the thing with these performances. Every actor is brilliant.

CinemaBlend: Robert Pattinson has a small role, but uses it to continue to carve out a path apart from his Twilight dreamboat niche, wallowing in a chance to be repulsive.

The Telegraph (5/5 stars!): Robert Pattinson plays the Wagner stand-in, a wannabe writer/actor who spends his days behind a steering wheel, and the unruffled eye of this particular storm.

Cinemablographer (4.5/5 stars): Robert Pattinson also makes a strong impression with limited screentime in his second turn with Cronenberg (following Cosmopolis)

Mark Kemode video-review - he absolutely loved the film and mentions that Rob is terrific in Cronenberg's films :)

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