Robert Pattinson is always so good to his fans

Robert Pattinson is always so good to his fans and here is another example from the ROBsessed archives.

This is the story from one of ROBsessed commenters Anna from the Eclipse premiere in Los Angeles.  Anna got some great pictures and something even better!! Read her story below....

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So I went to the premiere, didn't decide to finally go until the week before. I arrived that Sunday night and then got up that Monday early (at 5am) to find a huge line already. Got in line and waited 6 hours for a black wristband.

Thursday rolls around the "big day". Met up with my twifriends and we waited in line. Got to the black carpet and we moved around a bit and got really good spots to stand. We were in the very front and saw all of the stars arrive and we were the last ones they saw before they went into the theater.

So now about Rob...we all knew he arrived because as soon as he got out of the car he went to the fans across the street from the black carpet and the LAPD and the security went running to him, it was crazy to watch. So while he is doing this his parents and sisters arrive with other people. They were watching him sign autographs across the street.

We all starting chanting "we want rob" and they started to laugh and his mom took pics of us. I yelled to his mom "you have a beautiful and talented son" and she said "thank you". I also told his dad when he walked by "we love your son" and he laughed and said "thank you" too. It was really funny because his mom was taking a pics of Taylor not rob. So then we waited and met a whole of bunch of stars from twilight and not, took a tons of pics and got a lot of autographs.

So then Rob finally came was the most surreal experience ever. He had a black marker and signed my book and I told him he needed to use my silver marker because the book was black and he looked up and said "what" and I said it again and he laughed because his autograph didn't come out and then said "where's your marker" and I gave him mine and he gave it back (I will never use that marker again LOL). Then I asked for a hug and his people said "NO" but then he did and i said thank you. i could have asked for a pic with him but instead i went for the hug. Everything happened so fast but it was incredible, I really don't have words to describe it anymore. It was almost like the whole thing was a dream.

Then the security started to come around and they had the premiere passes, the whole crowd got crazy but I got one :) I went in saw the movie and had the most incredible experience. That night I said I would never do it again because I am too old, I felt like i was 13 out there doing this but that night my age kicked in and my back and feet were killing me. Now that I am home and recuperated I think I might have to go out there for breaking dawn LOL. I have emailed my twilight friends hoping that one of them got the hug in pics but none yet :( oh well it's in my memory forever. Rob in person is beyond words better than pics and videos.

Oh and I was interviewed in the day by showtime. I told them where I was from and other stuff so they asked me if i was a twihard and I said "No, I am Robsessed". The girl thought it was funny. So that was my adventure.

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Don't you love how Anna answered she was Robsessed!

This story comes from back in 2010 when Rob was 'at work' promoting his movie. But earlier today, five years later, Rob posed with fans when he was out at a restaurant (see pic here) in his own private time.

 Rob really is amazingly patient and kind to us fans.



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