New roles for Robert Pattinson as he continues to work with his favourite directors

The Cannes press conference for Good Time gave us news of exciting new roles for Robert Pattinson (click here to listen again).  Rob continues to seek out his favourite directors to work with.  Not only do we have an update on when High Life is expected to film but news of three more upcoming projects!  Click on the directors names to learn more about their previous films.

Claire Denis

Rob will play the lead role in the Science Fiction drama 'High Life' directed by Claire Denis.   Claire Denis was in Cannes and supported Rob by walking the red carpet for Good Life.  She gave a quick interview sharing that Rob's character will be "the hero, a very tender paternalistic film".  The film is planned to start shooting in Autumn. 

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Johanna Hogg

We learned that Rob will play the lead role in an upcoming British production 'The Souvenir' that will be directed by Johanna Hogg.   The movie is part of a pair of films with Rob playing the lead in one of the films in the role of an actor.  (See our previous post for more details here)

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David Michod

Rob announced that the press conference he would be re-teaming with David Michod.  Rob fans got to know David from The Rover and it's so exciting that they will be working together again. 

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Antonio Campos

There's not much known about this new role for Rob but check the link above for Antonio's upcoming projects.

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Ciro Guerra

Rob's project with Ciro is even more a mystery.  Even Rob himself seemed unsure that he should have announced it.

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The future looks bright for Rob and for us!!


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