MOVIE NEWS: Robert Pattinson exits The Souvenir sequel, casting rumors spread about The Batman + MORE

MOVIE NEWS: Robert Pattinson exits The Souvenir sequel, casting rumors spread about The Batman + MORE

According to Indiewire, Rob will not be able to film Joanna Hogg's The Souvenir sequel. Production was slated for next month but as we know, Rob is filming Nolan's Tenet this summer, already in production.

A rep for Rob told Indiewire, "Despite Rob’s strong desire to do the film, scheduling proved impossible but he very much looks forward to working with Joanna on something down the line." No doubt he will. Rob never forgets his director bucket list.


Switching to The Batman, fansite, Geeks WorldWide, claims to have exclusive info on villains that will be in the film. Matt Reeves has already stated in The Hollywood Reporter that he will feature Batman's rogues gallery, a phrasing often used to describe Batman's many villains in the comics. It looks like Geeks WorldWide got a hold of the casting call sheet for the film. Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler and Firefly are on the list requesting actors of any ethnicity between various ages to play the roles.

You likely know Catwoman, famously played by Michelle Pfeiffer, The Penguin, played by Danny DeVito, and The Riddler played by Jim Carrey. Or I could be dating myself? Making presumptions about your interest in 90s Batman films? Firefly, I don't know at all. Do any of you? Beyond the comics, Firefly seems to have made appearances in video games.

We'll see if these rumors pan out and who will be cast in these iconic roles. Visit GWW for a little more description of the villains. For example, the "tight one piece" will be worn by The Penguin. ;) A fanboy on a Reddit thread had an interesting theory that I dig:

Catwoman is definitely going to need to have smoking' hawt chemistry with Battinson. I mean......

image host

I'm putting all the responsibility on the actresses. Sorry, acting ladies. Look at the post labels. This is a fact. He can set the screen on fire all alone. Can you handle it? Can you bring more combustable elements?? I certainly look forward to the official casting news! Which won't be at Comic Con. :( *womp womp*

I'll leave you with another fanvid for The Batman. Can you name all the Rob films the fanboy pulled from? Of course you can. You got your Robology degree at ROBsessed University. Some folks are just getting started....

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