Interview with Rob

The interview is HERE. It's a great one and it's long so I'm not posting all of it. Here are some parts:

This movie is about obsessive love. Have you ever experienced it?

Yeah, sort of. I remember there was a girl I was totally obsessed with for about 10 years.

Ten years is a long time.

Yeah, but it’s like I never ever spoke to her. I think that’s the best type of love (laughter). I remember when reading my diaries from the time—whenever anything else would mess up with a girl, I’d be like, she’d better be worth it. When it happens, you can always have this kind of hope and then when I finally told her she was like, “You’ve never spoken to me in my whole life. You’ve only spoken to me about three times and never said anything nice (laughter).”

Can you tell us more about your family background?

My dad is from Yorkshire and he did a bunch of things. In the ’70s, he moved to America for a bit and just worked as a taxi driver. Then he started selling cars in the ’80s. My mom worked as a booker at a modeling agency and now they’re both retired. My mom, sisters and I speak really well. My parents were just very aware of how you’re treated differently in the world if you speak articulately. So it was just the way I was brought up.

What do you look for in a girl?

I’m always shocked by the people who I’m attracted to. It’s always completely random. I generally like people who are a bit crazy but yeah, that’s pretty much my only prerequisite. (Gozde's note: I knew I had a chance! I'm quite crazy :-))


Kate said...

Hi Goz, Happy Thanksgiving.
Posted this link in a previous thread but it'd an extended version of this interview, it's good!!

Gozde said...

Hey Kate, happy thanksgiving :-))

I'll post the link, thank you :-))

Dani said...

Hey lovely Goz Happy Thanksgiving thank you for rocking the blog I felt a little bad that I am going to be out most of the day was coming back on to see if there was anything to post and here you are with the goodies. Thank you babe and I missed ya yesterday. Much love, I am out for now.

Gozde said...

Oh Dani, don't feel bad, you rocked it yesterday :-))

Enjoy your thanksgiving with your family. I'm here :-)

And Kate, I did a blog search and found that I posted that video 2 days ago:) Here is the post:

Kate said...

Oops, missed that, thanks Goz!!!
Just read that interview it's brilliant and Kristen ones was too!!
Thanks as always for putting it up.
Dani enjoy your Thanksgiving and don't be feeling bad ;-)

Sabrizzle said...

Maybe it's just because I'm in Thanksgiving mode but I think this picture makes him look like a pilgrim. Happy Thanksgiving ladies!

Kate said...

I'm not sure what it makes him look like actually LOL
Hey I used to have a blouse like that years ago (what was I thinking???LOL)

La Stella said...

That explains his crush on Tyra. LOL.

I must say thanks to Mama P for making such an articulate son, even if he sometimes can't say anything other than uhmm, aaaah, I dunno.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the US! You know, the day the Brits sacrifice Americans. Oh wait, that's July 4th.

LOL on the pilgrims idea Sabrizzle, the pageboy cut reminds me of the Quaker Oats guy.

Tess said...

I loved this..

So pretty much any of us who comment here on this blog qualify as potential LOVE interests for Rob!

I might be speaking for myself, but after spending the last several months salivating over the barest morsel of information about this man... I think it's safe to say, I'm certifiable!

The only thing left for me to do is write him a rambling deranged fan letter to plead my case (and of course include a head shot)

I've got game! yeah!

Happy Turkey Day ladies

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