More of his yumminess below in 2009!

Hey everyone we want to wish you a very Happy New Year. We look forward to serving up some steaming hot Rob in 2009. Thanks to all of our loyal followers for your continued support and always kind words. We love you all to bits and hope that this next year brings you good health and much happiness.
Here is to a new year, and another chance to do it better this time around.

Much Love,

Dani & Gozde

OK Magazine Scans (UK)

Thanks to spunk-ransom.com for sharing the scans. You peeps rock!

MTV Best Movie Set Visits of 08- 'Twilight'

If you got to hang out with the hot and incredibly fun Twicast you'd call it the best too. And ahem..ROB it was a no brainer I am sure.

3 New Myspace Artist on Artist Pics

Rob and Hayley Williams of Paramore

You can see the other pics from this portrait session we posted back in November HERE.

Movie Maniacs Interview with Robert Pattinson

Thanks to Anne for the link :)

TVGuide Best of 2008

Breakout Stars: Robert Pattinson, Kat Dennings

Vampires may not have reflections, but Twilight's Pattinson has obviously been practicing his smoldering look in the mirror for a long time. Denning, meanwhile, turned it up with Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist after smaller parts in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Sex in the City.


From the newly released How To Be Newsletter:

It has been an amazing year for How To Be. But first, let's start with some announcements for 2009!

  • We have sold distribution rights for Italy to Just Us Films! Details of the release are being worked out right now, and further news on the Italian release of How To Be will follow in the New Year.
  • For all you American Fans, How To Be is very close to securing a distribution deal for the US! We are also looking forward to UK and other international releases. We will do all we can to keep you up to date!
  • We are also very happy to announce we have been accepted to CineQuest Film Festival in San Jose, California. We'll pass on dates, locations and times as soon as we have them. This will be the first California screening of How To Be!
  • Official film posts, which we debuted at the Austin Film Festival, are now on our website. Please download them, send them to friends, and print them out!
  • Thank you all for your support and interest in the film. It has been a fantastic year and we are very much looking forward to 2009. The How To Be team wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year and look forward to bringing you lots of exciting news come January!

You can always check for updates at the official movie site HERE
You can also subscribe for the newsletters and facebook page.
We will of course let you know when the film has gained official distribution for the US, and I will let out an internal and very loud external SQUEEEEE!!! at the coming of that news.

Thanks to takemyhandtonight @ Rob's IMDb board and from RobertPattinsonOnline for the updates and links. And a big thanks to Kat and Kate for sending the links to us :)

Top 10 Stars of 2008 according to sugarslam

And guess who is at #1 :)

1. Robert Pattinson

Age: 22
Why He’s on the List:
No one rose to International stardom faster in 2008 than everyone’s favorite vampire, Robert Pattinson. Not only did Rob become the newest teen heartthrob, he also showed off his musical talents by performing his song, ‘Never Think’, on the ‘Twilight’ soundtrack. Rob is expected to have a new film, entitled ‘Little Ashes’ coming out in 2009, as well as shooting and releasing the Twilight sequel, ‘New Moon’.

Rest of the list is HERE.

The Honor Roll: 20 People That Made an Impact in 2008

We like to do things differently around here, and with every End of the Year Top Whatever List floating around the internet (which are bound by law to include The Dark Knight) and on our own site (which are bound by editorial edict to include Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo), we thought we’d take a fresh look at a different group of people.

So bust out the pomp and circumstance, because we’re presenting the people that made the biggest noise in 2008, the movers and shakers that either moved up the ladder into the spotlight or blew it up and took the elevator, the industry insiders and outsiders who made such an impact this year, that we’ll be looking for them to do even bigger things in 2009.

Since there’s no way to arbitrarily quantify moving and shaking, here they are in no particular order:

Robert Pattinson

Somehow Pattinson transformed a small role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire into a role in a phenomenon of his very own, starring as Edward in Twilight and winning the hearts of every tween girl in the country. He’s already received some positive buzz for his role as Salvador Dali in Little Ashes and has several projects in development. Some of our readers may scoff his inclusion in this list, but as of publication, he’s ranked #1 on IMDB as the most searched for film entity, and that’s hard to ignore.

Thanks to Jae Lu for the link :)

New Moon Update on Reelz (a little gossipy)

Thanks to our delicious Kate for the link :)

Robert Pattinson + Vampire Lovin' = Box Office King

If only Wall Street had bet on Twilight. Or Hannah Montana. Or Kirk Cameron.

With a $167.3 million overall domestic take as Sunday, per Box Office Mojo, Twilight made more than four times its reported $37 million production budget—the best rate of return on any film in the 2008 Top 10, including The Dark Knight.

The Batman epic was a pretty good investment, too, very nearly tripling its gargantuan $185 million budget with a $530.8 million domestic take, Hollywood's second-biggest ever.

Here's a look of the top-grossing films of 2008 through Sunday based on numbers compiled by Box Office Mojo:

1. The Dark Knight, $530.8 million
2. Iron Man, $318.3 million
3. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, $317 million
4. Hancock, $227.9 million
5. WALL-E, $223.8 million
6. Kung Fu Panda, $215.4 million
7. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, $174.9 million
8. Twilight, $167.3 million
9. Quantum of Solace, $164.3 million
10. Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!, $154.5 million

Source: eonline.com

FilmFantasy - January 2009

Film Fantasy has a collector's edition featuring Twilight on stands. It has more than 50 pages of Twilight goodies :)

Thanks to Kate for sending us the link and Lion & Lamb Love for the scans. You can see the rest of the magazine scans HERE.

7 Pictures of Robert Pattinson we haven't seen before

Rob Pattinson defends Heath Ledger?

I was going to make the title: Rob Pattinson tells off an a-hole that called himself a comedian but decided not to. The story doesn't sound real, I don't believe anyone would think THAT would be funny. And this is from US Weekly so there is always a doubt on the story but here you go:

Source: http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt

EW: Biggest ShowBiz Events of 2008

Entertainment Weekly listed the biggest ShowBiz Events of 2008 and of course Twilight Premiere is there.

Nov. 17

Newly minted movie star Robert Pattinson signed autographs for the teeming crowd of teen vampire fans who showed up to see Stephenie Meyer's best-selling book hit the big screen. The film had earned $175 million by mid-December.

Source: EW.com

CNN.com : From 'Twilight' to the 'Dark Knight,' the year in entertainment

Source: CNN.com

Best Trends of 2008 - Black on Black

The Huffington Post lists the best trends of 2008 and Rob's black on black ensemble at the L.A. premiere made the list.

Black on Black on Black
This men’s formal style, started by John Cusack and perfected by Robert Pattinson makes us go a little weak in the knees.

We would like to remind our readers that, in the words of Tim Gunn, "We need clothes, do we need fashion? No. And fashion, when it's good, comes out of a context that's societal and cultural and historic and economic and political -- so it's of a time and a place." In other words, fashion is like every other art -- if it's good, it describes the sociopolitical and economic hodgepodge from whence it came.
But also, it lets us post pictures of Twilight's freakish yet fetching actor Robert Pattinson, so really it's a win/win for us.

CinePremiere Magazine Scan (Mexico)

A little international buzz for Rob and Little Ashes.

Translation :

After becoming one of the hottest young actors thanks to Twilight, you would think Robert Pattinson’s next move would be a super production (like Shia LaBeouf with Indiana Jones, or Emile Hirsch with Speedracer). However, aware that he still has a lot to learn, he has chosen to make movies like Little Ashes, a modest project of only 2,500,000 euros, but a project who can present to him the histrionic growth he needs. (…)

The story will talk about Dalí’s homosexuality, there’s huge buzz about the strong sexual scenes between Pattinson and Javier Beltrán, who plays García Lorca.

Even though this career choice might disappoint a few fans, let’s remember that actors like Will Smith or even Antonio Banderas dared to play controversial roles as well in the beginning of their careers.

Let’s see if Pattinson is up for the challenge.

Thanks to Vale @ TwilightPoison for the scan and translation.
You rock girl! And a big hug and kiss to Stella-D for the link.

A Year In Robland-Public Appearances of 08

This awesome little slideshow of Rob's public appearances this year was made by Cilla from SpunkRansom. She did a really great job, as always the pictures are drool worthy. Wow our boy had a busy year.

Thanks to joannady from Rob's IMDb board for sharing the link.

Bravo Magazine Translation

As a vampire in "Twilight" Robert Pattinson delights millions. Nonetheless he's still lonely... He revealed only us why!

The world gone crazy about this guy with mysterious stare and characteristic, dishevelled hair. No wonder that 22 year old Robert Pattinson played an attractive vampire in "Twilight". As the only group from Poland we meet with him in Los Angeles!

"I'm not suitable for a perfect guy."

Bravo: Is it true that you could have not played in "Twilight"?

Robert: I guess I was the last person that the producers of the movie took into consideration. The castings went on for a year. At first I read that they were looking for an actor to play a role of a 'perfect man' . I didn't go to the auditions at all, cause I thought I'm not suitable for a perfect guy! Director, Catherine Hardwicke invited me for a casting to Los Angeles.

Bravo:Supposedly you convinced her with a love scene!

Robert: Yes. She made for Kristen, who plays Bella - a girl that fell in love with Edward, and me a test scene at her home. It was a love scene on the bed. But I don't know what extraordinary thing I did that I convinced her. (laughs)

Bravo: How did your friends react when you got the part?

Robert:I know one hardcore "Twilight" books fan. We know each other for a long time and when I told her that I got the part she was dumbfounded. She said "What??? You...you'll be Edward?!"

Bravo: Did you meet already some crazy fans?

Robert: When I played Cedric Diggory in "Harry Potter" once near the place where we were shooting, a school bus was passing by. Suddenly it stopped and we survived an attack of a crowd of mad with happiness school girls. But "Twilight" is something different. Things like this happen to me everywhere, wherever I appear! Shock!

Bravo: Do you cope with it?

I can't understand it! I always looked the same and nobody paid attention to me. I wasn't girls favourite, on PE I was chosen to the team as the last one. And now everyone go crazy even about my hair! When I wanted to get my hair cut, people told me that I can't because it's my trademark. It's incredible. Week after week the fuss around "Twilight" grows!

Is it true that girls are camping near your apartment in Los Angeles?

It was like that for quite some time. They also leave me notes behind windscreen wiper. They write: 'Call me. Don't be afraid I'm not crazy!' And the next day: 'Please, stop ignoring me! If you ignore me I'll kill myself!'.

Bravo:To shot the movie you had to fly from London to US. Far away from family and friends. Didn't you feel lonely?

I was always a loner. I liked to hide somewhere alone. When it comes to US I come here only for a couple of months to work and then I'm going back home. It's a weird feeling: like I don't leave here, but I spend here almost a whole year! Do I have friends still? A flat? Girlfriend? I managed to get away ofr Christmas to London.

Did you leave someone with broken heart in London before coming here to US?

Hm, I can't remember... (laughs) I don't have luck with relationships. People always scream at me. In relationships and many other situations in life.

Bravo: Was it easy for you to become a vampire?

Robert: I treated Edward like an ordinary men. He's not pleased with being a vampire. Why should he show off with his vampire powers? He wants to be a normal guy, yet he has to feed with blood and kill other creatures. He gets for it an ability of running fast and throwing heavy objects. Lame treaty! I guess I would get bored with it! (laughs)

Source: http://twets.livejournal.com/

Most influential taste makers of 2008 according to CTV

And of course Rob is there (Although they call him Patterson half of the time they know he is a big deal!) :) Thanks to Kate for the link.

Meanwhile, theatres were packed with squealing teenage girls, eager to get a glimpse of Robert Pattinson, who stars as vampire Edward Cullen.
Pattinson is even influencing young boys.
"With the explosion of 'Twilight' it's becoming almost attractive and desired for boys not to wash their hair a la Robert Patterson," Lainey said.
She said Patterson has managed to dethrone "High School Musical's" Zac Efron as a teen heartthrob.
Efron, so perfectly coiffed Lainey calls him "lip-gloss," has been "blown out of the water" by Patterson.
"It's very interesting to see how someone gets dethroned, it's fascinating," said Lainey.
Patterson will likely reign well into next year with the "Twilight" sequel already scheduled for release in late-2009

Picture Montage-Daniel Gale Love

This is the Daniel Gale love post an ode to all that is adorkable.

Thanks to ssshann on Rob's IMDb page for the pictures link.

Capricho Magazine Scans (Brazil)

Click scans for larger view
Thanks to RobertPattinsonSource.org for the scans.

Bravo Magazine Scans (Poland)

Hot damn he looks good in red.

Looks like he made some sort of hot list.
#11??? I don't think so Poland, #1 fits so much better.

(okay so someone who actually can read what this says below tells me this is a table of contents and not some list of most popular anything. But I like my version much better.)

Katie says:
"Oh well at least he beat the little green thing =D"
I had to add her comment cause it made me giggle...

Thanks SpunkRansom.com for sharing the scans.
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