The UK Gets It

I don't trust Rotten Tomatoes since they made me see 2 of the worst movies ever made: Spartan (it's down to 64% fresh now but it used to be %85) and Team America: World Police (78% fresh).

Twilight has been lacking in the freshness catagory until the UK critics stepped in! The reviews from UK are 95% fresh! Way to go Rob and Twilight! At least your country men get it/us.


Anonymous said...

I saw this too and wondered why this was? I mean its the same movie all over, so why such a difference?

Maybe because there hasn't been so much hype over here? We didn't get all the 'mall tours of terror' or 'twilight Tuesdays' or anything like that

Or maybe because the leads British and we're sticking up for our own?

Whatever the reason I'm so happy for the twilight team

Yay for UK critics!!!

Katie xxx

Kate said...

Well said Katie, seems to be the same over here in Ireland! Nothing but praise!

Jenny said...

Yes I wonder that the hype backfired in some ways. The US had 'blockbuster', expectations, when that was not the spirit the movie was made in.

Friends of mine who knew nothing about Twilight, and a friend who is a filmmaker, all really really like the movie.

I also wonder that the fans just have very specific expectations, and the indie-ness of CH's style was confusing to them. They can be so unforgiving of character flaws, which, to me, can make something unique.

But the UK critics seem to understand this is just fun, and dont get their knickers tied up about it. Plus, I think they are just so proud of Rob. how nice.

Cinnamon Girl said...

American Film fan boys are seriously jealous. I mean Twilight is not the Godfather but it never frickin sold itself as it. Judged on what it was, I think the UK reviewers were a heck of a lot less biased.

The forums over at box office mojo are filled with hate. Pasties faced film geeks who are jealous of Rob is my guess ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay for Ireland too!!!

In fact Yay for any critic world over who reviewed it for what it is and not for the hype it got.

Nobody said it was gong to be Oscar potential anyway

Katie xxx

Anonymous said...

oops *going* not gong

Katie xxx

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