FREE Magazine - Greece

Thanks to our Greek reader Evi for the scans and the translation :))

How do you feel about getting the role, while there were casted so many actors? The fans of the book got 75.000 signs because they didn’t want you. How did you feel about it?

When you are going to an audition for a role that many consider as the perfect man, you expect people to be suspicious. But I don’t really care.

There are many girls that would like to go to bed with you. How do you handle it?

I don’t know. I don’t have enough time to stay in a place. I only meet journalists. But it’s really weird that 10-years old fellows come to me and say “Please bite me!” .

Speaking of biting, who you’d like to bite?

I don’t think I’d like to bite anyone. I don’t like biting.

Have you ever had lessons to manage your profile? Your fans are young people. Was there anyone who told you what to do and how to be?

Yes! They sent me in a centre to learn how to manage my profile for the media. I thought that it’s very stupid. Probably I can do whatever I want because I’m a vampire in the big screen. I was supposed to have the profile of the “bad” guy. It’s hilarious. I remember that when I went to that centre, I was having humor to their questions and they looked annoyed. They accused me of opposing to learn how to manage myself for the media.

What is most important to you? To be an actor or a musician?

Both are really important to me. I think I take them seriously. I mean that I haven’t written music for a long time, I don’t want to be another actor who played in a successful movie and then released an album. I want to compose a really good album, but sometime that it won’t be comparable to acting.

What kind of music do you want to make? Indie rock or folk?

Folky rock!

You have a song in the Twilight OST. Have you been asked from the director to write it?

Well, I’ve written it a long time ago. A crew member gave it to the director and she put it in a scene, without telling me. At first, I didn’t recognize it. I was happy and I suggested putting it, retaining my anonymity but they didn’t let me because of the marketing. That was my first song that was recorded officially.

How was your life before getting the role of Edward Cullen?

Last year I had a great apartment in Soho where you could go to the roof and watch the great view. I played music and I tried to record it. But then I went to Spain for the movie “Little Ashes” and everything changed. It was the first time that I was researching about something. I haven’t seen the movie yet but either if it’s bad or good, it surely changed the way I feel about acting and made me more obedient about what I can achieve of acting when I see the scripts.

How did you pay for a big apartment in Soho?

It wasn’t big. Actually, it was the smallest you’ve ever seen and it was empty. It only had two garden chairs and nothing else. No carpet, no heating, no bathroom. I had to go to my parents’ house to take a bath. But it was perfect. I thought my lifestyle was bohemian. I was sad when I left it.

Why did you leave it?

Because there are some renovations in London and the rent raised 5.000 pounds. I was in U.S.A. for a whole year because of the filming of Twilight. I was practically paying for an apartment that my friends were living in. So I left it.

Do you miss London?

Yes, very much. I was there before two days and I was surprised of how much I miss it.

Where do you live now?


So you’re a bohemian guy again?

Yes, someway…

Are you excited that you’re going to be a “vampire” for the next ten years?

Yes but that’s not going to last so much because vampires aren’t getting old. So I can’t do it for more than the next two years. It will be ridiculous.

For how many movies have you signed?

For three movies. The filming for New Moon has already began.

What do you think makes people so much interested in vampires right now?

I don’t know. It’s like domino phenomenon. Something is successful and then everybody is filming scripts for vampires.

Do you like vampires?

Yes. But I don’t understand those who say that they like everything that is related with vampires. I liked the first Nosferatu and things like that.

Are you addicted to something?

I was very addicted to Van Morrison.

Little Ashes Spoiler - R Rated


1. It is a real picture, a screencap from Little Ashes

2. It is a BIG spoiler scene from Little Ashes

3. The picture is rated R and I am not just saying! It has naked Rob. Note for the teens: Please please please do not click on it if you are underage! You don't want your Robward dreams spoiled. The picture is Salvador Dali, not Rob and definitely not Edward.

4. I am still not sure if I should be posting this but I here I am posting it.

You can see the picture HERE under my "secret post" :)

Thanks to Nikki and Emma for the pic.

Little Ashes Tickets for NY

If you live in the tri-state area, you can now buy the tickets for Little Ashes in NYC through
New York, New York, Clearview Chelsea Cinemas
260 West 23rd Street
New York, Landmark Sunshine Cinema
143 East Houston St.

Thanks to Rachel for letting us know :)

Twilight DVD and Soundtrack - UK & Ireland

The day is almost here! Twilight DVD and soundtrack is going to be released in UK on April 6th! Looks like the 3-disc DVD is not available for UK, sorry :(

The DVD: has it for £12.98 and for £12.99. HMV has a Robward Sleeve but you can support Robsessed by buying from Amazon following the link to here :)

The Soundtrack is also available in the Special CD+DVD version
for £8.98 from and

Hannah tells us Irish HMV stores will have the DVD on Friday!

Thanks to Heather for the tip :)

NEW/old Dallas Hot Topic Pics

Thanks to Colleen Allison for taking these beautiful pictures and sharing with us :)) The pics are from Rob's appearance at the Dallas Hot Topic Event on November 12th 2008

Is he biting his bottom lip? Is he? *THUD*

"Twilight" takes lead in '09 video sales

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – "Twilight" has quickly become the biggest home-video release of the year, selling 5.6 million units during its first eight days, according to trade publication Home Media Magazine.

The vampire romance took the crown from "Madgascar: Escape 2 Africa," which has sold an estimated 5.3 million units since its February 6 release, according to Home Media research.

"Twilight," like the "Madagascar" sequel, wasn't released on the traditional Tuesday street date. Rather, the film arrived on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on Saturday, March 21 ("Madagascar" came out on a Friday).

The release sold 3 million units its first day in stores, according to distributor Summit Entertainment, enough to send it to the top of the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert sales chart for the week ended March 22.

Just 3 percent of the film's total unit sales came from Blu-ray Disc, not surprising given the "Twilight's" Blu-ray Disc edition is being sold only at Target Stores and Best Buy until May 5.

Thanks to Melissa for the link :)


Contact Your Local Theatre To Request Little Ashes

Little Ashes will be in opening in US in select theatres starting May 8th. You can see the schedule HERE. You can also call your local "art" movie theatre and request them to show the movie in their theatre. It is important for the recognition of the movie so pick up your phone and get to dialing :))

Also this is from Little Ashes Promotional Blitz has an older article from Valladolid Film Festival, with some interesting commentary by Javier Beltrán about Little Ashes(via LA Spanish Blog). It gives you some insight to the film.

The special friendship that the playwright Federico Garcia Lorca (1898-1936) and painter Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) had: intellectual, creative and effective, is the main point in the film ‘Little Ashes,' from British film maker Paul Morrison and with the Spanish actor Javier Beltrán who plays the poet. More so than the supposed homosexuality from both, that Morrison does not hide in this film, he also wants to show up to what point both " influenced each other's work and personal life." Javier Beltrán explains before attending the premier of the film in the Valladolid Festival.

"Even though the homosexuality between the two is there and you only need to open three or four books to prove it because it has not been hidden, the director did not try to hide from it with the consensus of all the actors. They have been two very important characters to just treat them as ordinary." Beltrán has made clear that "its not just the story of two people," but the intent to know more of the work of two creators through their lives and in a special way in which the friendship they had in 1922, when they met in La Residencia de Estudiantes, and in 1936, when Garcia Lorca was executed in Granada.

The objective is to find out "how much Lorca is in Dalí's (played by Robert Pattinson) work and how much Dalí is in Garcia Lorca's work" says the actor who incarnates the author of ‘Yerma,' his first acting on film. For Beltrán the objectivity in the treatment of this delicate subject is guaranteed and accentuated in the creation of the director of ‘Little Ashes,' far from the political, social and cultural taboo's with what is could of been a Spanish director. Morrison's "point of view is not conditional" says one of the actors of the film.

Also adding that, by extension, "a film about Luis Buñuel (Matthew McNulty) and Pepin Bello (Bruno Oro)," among other tenants of Madrid's Residencia de Estudiantes, and also about the denominated "Generation of 27." The movie was filmed in Barcelona, where Madrid has been recreated fro the 20's and the golden years of the Residencia de Estudiantes. Also in Cadaqués (Gerona), where Lorca and Dalí spent a vacation together. Paul Morrison (London, 1944), resides in his native city and has a career as a director, producer and screenwriter in film and television series.

Thanks to Crazy for telling me to encourage people for the requests :)

Creepiest Rob Photo Yet?

Creepiest Rob Photo Yet? I think so...

Is it Rob? Is it Darth Vader?

This was taken at the Storyeum Afterparty Sunday night. You can see Michael Angarano on the couch and next to him is Kristen with her red plaid shirt.

Should I have posted this? Big internal dilemma went on. So I decided to post with a disclaimer: Poor boy can't even enjoy a party without having a hood on to hide under. If you "meet" Rob don't be a creep, ask for a photo and if he says no move on and if he doesn't even look like he wants to be asked, move on....

And a very true observation from Erin: Pretty strong energy in this pic every single female body is turned towards him, he must be very aware of that even with his back turned.

Thanks to Anna for sending me the pic.

Oldie Japan Video - 2 (2005)

Thanks to Spunk Ransom :)

Hottie March Madness

I posted a lot of polls today but this one was too funny to pass :)) has a bracket and everything set for Hottie March Madness. In the first round they have Rob facing Jackson:

Can anyone take down Robert "Shower Power" Pattinson? Well, if anyone can, it may be Jackson "Bad to the" Rathbone, who is just as hungry to win as Jasper is to suck Bella's blood.

Robert "Shower Power" Pattinson : pure gold! :))

You can go and vote HERE.

Glamour Interview (Spain)

Vale at Twilight Poison translated an interview Rob did with Glamour Spain. I am posting some parts here.

Does Twilight remind you of your real life and high school, when two people are attracted to each other with such energy?
Yes, although I had really bad luck with girls, the ones I liked hated me and the ones that liked me were not my type. But that’s something that I still go through, I like girls that I shouldn’t like. But I’m learning and now I take my time before I let the girl know. (Gozde: I think you took enough time Rob. See the contact us box on the right? Get on it:))


How are you handling being the new It Boy, being in so many covers of magazines now all over the world?

I don’t mind, my character is so good and he deserves to be admired. From the moment I signed up for this I knew what I was getting myself into. Edward is a vampire, he’s not a hero like Superman, he’s a vampire in love who wants to be normal. (Gozde: So it was one of THOSE days for Rob when he was doing this interview :) He says he doesn't mind being on so many covers. Himm, I am SURE I heard a different answer for that before :))

It took him 90 years for him to find love. Do you believe in love at first sight?
That’s so boring! I think we all have the right to fall in love several times. The conventional idea of love, the idea of being with somebody for the rest of your life and love her forever sounds so silly to me, and so unrealistic. I think you can love ten people at the same time (laughs).(Gozde: Uhoh! Refer to :

What would you be capable of doing for love?
I don’t know, climb a mountain? (Gozde: Hahahaha! I love his answer to the pointless question:)

Would it scare you to fall in love like the characters in Twilight?
Yes, because it’s an obsessive love, a sick love. When you fall in love and you lose yourself like that. Imagine falling in love like that!

Do you get hit on by difficult women?
I’m crazy about independent women who don’t require too much attention.

Have you ever used the phrase “I’m an actor” as a pick up line?
Not, that phrase doesn’t wok here in LA - everybody is an actor here.

Are you planning on going to college?
Yes, but I’m planning on taking it slowly, probably when I’m 28. As an actor you have to take advantage of the opportunities you get and not letting them pass by.

How did you feel at 17?
I felt increadibly awkward all the time. I’ve always been a very edgy person, especially in those years that I didn’t find my place, everything scared me. I just started reading again my journals from when I was 17….

Do you talk about love in them?
Actually, no. I’ve only been attracted to two women in my whole life. (Gozde: Why do I think this is one of THOSE answers? :))

Do you remember the first time you loved someone?
Yes. It’s weird to enjoy your first love, especially if the relationship lasts a long time. Our relationship was really beautiful, but we didn’t have an obsessive love like in the movie. Her presence in my life made me very happy for three years. Now it’s kind of hard to talk about it. (Gozde: Oh wow...)

You can read the rest of the interview and the parts that I skipped over at Twilight Poison.

An Oldie from Japan (2005) - Rob as Cedric

Thanks Nanda ;)

Bravo TV A-List Awards

Just a reminder for you to vote for Rob at the Bravo A-List awards. Tomorrow is the last day to vote so get going! :) Vote HERE

Thanks to Twilight B. for reminding me to remind you :))

How Do You Take Your Men?

LifeTime TV asks: How Do You Take Your Men?

Gozde: Umm...*giggles*....Too much fanfic is messing with my brain :))

Bald? With long locks? Is a man's hair (or lack thereof) a deciding factor for you?

Personally, I'm always a little weirded out when I encounter a man with hair longer than mine (shoulder-length or below). I also find a longer look, like McDreamy's, only suits a small number of men over a certain age. The majority of the time, it just seems like they're trying to hold on to their youth and/or hide a bald spot.

A shaved or short(er) style, however, is a sign of confidence in my books and a look I've come to love. There's just something so masculine about it. (Gozde: Oh I SO agree!)

You can go and vote for Rob's lovely locks HERE.

Thanks to Spunk Ransom for the link :)

FOX News Sexiest Foreign Super Stars

Guess who made the list accompanied with a "mug shot" :)
  • Oscar winner Penelope Cruz is Spain's hottest Hollywood export.
  • London-bred actor Robert Pattinson went unnoticed in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," where he had a small role, before his hit "Twilight" put his smoldering stare on the covers of all the gossip magazines.

Thanks to Brandy for the link :)

EW Contradicts Itself

Entertainment Weekly blogger Christine Snipes talks about how culture made a bad turn and people are talking about an actor's ahowering habits more than his work then she puts a picture of Rob's sweaty NYC appearance. Umm, yeah. Contradict yourself much? Oh and by the way any human being wearing a tight gray shirt (yumm) would have pit stains under that many flashing bulbs :)

Mar 30, 2009, 12:59 PM | by Christine Spines

Categories: Celebrity Scandals, Ridiculata, Twilight

Robertpattinson_l It's one thing to call a guy a bad actor or to criticize his meringue-like hair or even to impugn his sex appeal. But don't expect Robert Pattinson to simply ignore the controversy that's recently ignited over the state of his hygiene. An unattributed source recently alleged that the Twilight star had been smelling somewhat ripe on the set of the sequel, New Moon. But in this brief Q&A with, Pattinson speaks up in his own defense and attempts to lay those nasty rumors to rest, once and for all.

All I can say is: Poor freaking, guy. Has a celebrity ever had to refute a more irrelevant and humiliating non-controversy? Where did we take such a wrong turn as a culture that this type of thing is legitimized to the point where the star is expected to defend his showering habits? Do you denizens of the PopWatchisphere agree that we've reached a tipping point when we're wasting time debating whether public figures battle b.o. more than the rest of us mortals (even if their at-times disheveled appearance does make the rumor seem plausible)?


AND The Fake Poster Makes It :)

The deliciously fake New Moon Poster has made it!

It's on several big entertainment sites today (Best Week Ever!, Socialitelife, Popsugar, So So Juicy etc.) as the new "New Moon" poster! LMAO! I LOVE it when these fake pics get spread like wild fire. (The red underwear picture anyone? The one where Rob's hands are missing? lol :))

Will it hit any news programs? Let's wait and see.

Poor Rob must be under a LOT of pressure to get those pecs ready for the end of May.

How To Be Review from Buzzine

How To Be

Sometimes We All Need A Little Help

By: Barbara Morden

Director Oliver Irving’s How To Be is truly an indie film, along the lines of Napoleon Dynamite and Little Miss Sunshine. This film has similar wince-inducing scenes, often making it painful to watch because of the way the characters act.

Ultimately, it’s the study of a non-functional family and the story of the awkward lead character, played so convincingly by Robert Pattinson; it takes a bit to realize what a brilliant performance it truly is. There were times you had to laugh because, if you didn’t, you’d have to look away.

Filmed before Twilight, Pattinson’s new-found star power found fans rallying to his cause, launching a viral campaign to aid in obtaining a distribution deal for the film by flooding Facebook and MySpace pages devoted to the movie, as well as Pattinson’s own IMDB message board to discuss the film.

A screening during the recent Burbank International Film Festival was unsurprisingly filled with a Twilight female fan-throng of various ages.

Satirical yet human, How To Be opens a psycho/social dialogue through comedy about fitting in, as 20-something Art takes off on a journey of self-examination.
Gozde: Spoiler alert for the italic part of this interview. I don't know how anyone can write a review without a bit of spoilers so I say read on but don't get mad at me later :)

Art is having a quarter-life crisis — the result of being broken as a child by cold, distant parents (Michael Irving and Rebecca Pidgeon). Years later, as an aimless young adult, Art’s life is nowhere and falling apart. His girlfriend Jessica (Alisa Arnah) dumps him, saying she believed him to be brooding and enigmatic; she thought he was deep but has come to realize he is just sad and unhappy. He moves home with his parents who don’t have time for him, and his emotional detached mother all but blurts out he is a failure and disappointment, and calls his existence an “oxymoron.” In American hands, the film wouldn’t be a dark comedy but some making-of-a-psycho-killer story. But the Brits know how to walk that tension line of black humor. An inheritance from a deceased uncle sets changes in motion. Art stumbles on a self-help book by Canadian therapist Dr. Levi Ellington (Powell Jones) and flies him to the UK to help him become “more normal.” Art quits a dead-end job and gets fired from a volunteer position at a special needs center which he was ultimately using to feel better about himself. Meanwhile, his motley group of friends are just as screwed up as he is. There’s Ronny (Johnny White) the agoraphobic, and Nikki (Mike Pearce), a guy who is just plain odd. Ronny suggests they all form a band, which sets up the film’s conclusion.

Really, this little film (only just past 80 minutes), which has already won a number of different film festival honors, is all about Art searching for a way to fit in and realizing his parents will never accept him for what he is or wants to be — something more like us than one might guess.

How many of us yearn to find life’s important quest: Where are we going? How To Be is a lesson about how to be and how to live…or at least one way to do it. By accepting ourselves, we can achieve happiness because we have to make it on our own…although help is there, if you see beyond the pain.

Thanks to Barbara for sharing her review with us.


Japan Promo Video

Thanks to Spunk Ransom :)

Empire Magazine in HQ

Thanks to Emily for reminding me to post these :) (P.S.: Emily, the email you've left was wrong, I couldn't reply :)


Another Fan Encounter in Vancouver

Picture from a Gucci Party in 2008

Yesterday you all said you didn't believe Adaline's story because it sounded like a fan fic/dream. Well I think you'll believe this one because she kept saying how stupid she felt :) No need to feel stupid hun, it is after all a fan girl moment :)) Oh and for the love of all that's holly someone send me a new picture of Rob already! I am having serious withdrawals :))

Here is Veronique's story:

Ever heard of Robert Pattinson, Nikki Reed, Sam Bradley???

Walking down a street, looking for a cool place to hang and have a beer… As I’m walkin, I pass in front of a terrasse of a nice ”trendy” restaurant. My eyes caught the face of someone reminding me of a singer I have just discovered. It’s HIM!!! next to the ”lookalike” is the boy with the hat. Next to the one with the hat, in front of the ”lookalike” is the girl without the wig. OK, this is too good to be true. I look at Penny and stop walking. Take another look, my own little voice is screaming inside. It cant be true… My head turns back one more time. The boy with the hat is looking at me; he knows I recognized him. He’s trying to hide in his jacket… I get the message that he’d rather like go unnoticed… So I decide to keep going on my mission for a place to hang out. In the meantime, a few calls to my friends who are gonna kill me if I dont go back… What should I do, what should I say?

After 15 minutes of walking around, Penny’s got a txt message sayin we should go to a certain bar… We turn around and walk toward some pub. I HAVE to pass by again. As I’m walking passed the restaurant, there’s 3 girls (I beleive a mom and daughters, but honnestly I was so in shock I dont remember…) were talking to them and took a picture. Ok, so, if I dont do this now, I wont get another chance. I’m getting to the table and apologize (so many times, I probably looked like a total idiot) for disturbing their night, chatted for a couple of minutes, about Sam’s music and their time in Vancouver. Penny got to take a picture of Rob, Nikki and I(after several try, battery was dying, flash was off…). I have never felt so stupid (I aint natural blond!!! lol) in my life but hey, who cares? I most probably wont run into them again and if I do, then I wont be in shock state of shock!

Check Sam Bradley’s music here:

Sweet dreams I know I will;)

Thanks to RobPattzNews for the link :)

Ashley Tisdale Name Drops Rob Again

Well, a couple of months ago Ashley Tisdale told Cosmo that she was crushing on Robert Pattinson, her actual words were : “I’m in love with Robert Pattinson” . We skipped the report because:

1. I had no idea who Ashley Tisdale was :)
2. It sounded like a name drop
3. The bitch should get in line!

And yesterday lovely Jen from The Twilight Times (cool blog!) sent me this bit from M Magazine. (No idea what M was either, man I am old!) :

Ashley also dished to us about her LOL story involving Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson! Ashley's friend, actress Brittany Snow, introduced Ash to him at a Vanity Fair photo shoot, but Ash didn't even recognize him! "I didn't realize who he was because Brittany had just introduced him as 'Rob'," she confesses. "He was actually super-shy!" Talk about a funny celeb encounter, but she's a lucky girl for getting to meet him!

Gozde: I guess I can't blame a girl for trying to reach out and get some attention(action) from Rob :))
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