NEW: Behind the scenes picture of Robert Pattinson from Good Time filming

NEW: Behind the scenes picture of Robert Pattinson from Good Time filming

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FANVID: Robert Pattinson This Is The Dream For Me"

FANVID: Robert Pattinson This Is The Dream For Me"

Bru has done it yet again and made this fantastic new video for you all to enjoy. I know you're going to love it CannesRob at his finest.

Make a cuppa, get comfy, watch and re-watch a couple of times.

NEW PICS: Robert Pattinson takes his dog for a stroll in Los Angeles dog park (June 28)

NEW PICS: Robert Pattinson takes his dog for a stroll in Los Angeles dog park (June 28)


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 photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_8.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_37.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_35.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_36.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_34.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_33.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_30.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_32.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_31.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_29.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_28.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_27.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_24.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_26.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_25.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_22.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_23.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_21.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_20.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_18.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_16.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_15.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_13.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_10.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_5.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_3.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_2.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_7.jpg
 photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_19.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_17.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_14.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_9.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_12.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_11.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_4.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_1.jpg  photo 28th_June_Canyon_Park_6.jpg
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NEW: Robert Pattinson intense and scrappy in Good Time stills

NEW: Robert Pattinson intense and scrappy in Good Time stills

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Seen these before but they're part of the set
 photo R0Zx0xIr.jpg
 photo M2xxwR1r.jpg

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Fantastic *NEW* "Good Time" Official Trailer With Robert Pattinson

Fantastic *NEW* "Good Time" Official Trailer With Robert Pattinson

Excerpt Of NEW Upcoming Robert Pattinson Interview With Film Comment

 Excerpt Of  NEW Upcoming Robert Pattinson Interview With Film Comment

Gotta love new interviews. Check out the excerpt below from an upcoming interview with Film Comment  where Rob talks about Claire Denis, his Good Time character and more. Can't wait to read the full thing.

 photo Robert Pattinson Good Time.jpg

Soon after the world premiere of Good Time at Cannes, its star, Robert Pattinson, could finally sit still for a moment for an interview in a hotel on the Croisette. He was affable, thoughtful, and talking just like a film nerd.

What’s your favorite Claire Denis film?

I really love No Fear, No Die. I didn’t know who she was when I saw White Material, when I was shooting one of the Twilight movies. It was on this cable channel in Baton Rouge. I was transfixed.

Let’s talk about Good Time. Your character, Connie, is almost like an actor in his life, a shapeshifter. And he sizes everyone up.

He has an innate understanding of what people want. And he does sleight of hand—he’s very good at diverting [attention]. When we were first developing it, they really wanted to push in the direction of making him a sort of mystic. He doesn’t really realize what that is. He’s a loner, and the more you live in isolation, the more you develop a unique fantasy life in your head. I think he’s running stories rather than lies. When he talks to the cop in the hospital, I was imagining that it’s not lying. The immediacy was the really interesting part to me: he doesn’t have to think, it’s so instinctive.

When you work on a character, do you think about why he’s like that?

I like things where you don’t know, and it’s like jumping off a cliff to see what happens. There are also certain elements of the character that you, as a person, really object to. That means you know you’re in the right area, that there’s something good happening, and you’re really not in your comfort zone.

What did you find yourself objecting to?

The first scene we shot was when I break [my character’s brother] Nick out of his therapy session. We were in a hospital when we were shooting it, and there were a lot of mentally handicapped people around, and Josh was like, “Say, ‘This is what you think you are?’” And I was like, “I don’t want to say that! That’s fucking crazy to say that.” And it’s like, no, that’s a thing: he refuses to accept that there’s anything wrong with his brother, simply because he’s his brother. There’s definitely a narcissistic streak throughout, and I know that’s a typical thing among lifelong criminals as well. There were definitely a few other moments…

Read the full interview in the July/August issue.
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NEW PIC: Robert Pattinson as the dinner guest who knows better

In a new Instagram post Bret Easton Ellis has described Robert Pattinson as the dinner guest who knows better!

Dinner with someone who knows better

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Thank you Flavia for the tip

Robert Pattinson talks self doubts, bleeding eyelids and making a convincing Bradley Cooper bodyguard

Robert Pattinson talks self doubts, bleeding eyelids and making a convincing Bradley Cooper bodyguard

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We are SO at risk of being lost in translation....this is a Google translation into English of a French translation of a German translation that was translated from English.....
Care to dance?

From Skip magazine (Austria):

"My eyelids bleed!"

It's not always easy for Robert Pattinson: stress is on him! In Cannes, he presented the drama Good Time and he told us that he knew how to manage his anxiety.

SKIP: How did it turn out with two directors?
Robert Pattinson: Difficult! The two competed all the time (laughs). It was quite restless. If two people speak constantly at the same time, it is sometimes quite perplexing.

Your roles are becoming more unusual - what are you looking for?
I do not know, I only know that I'm looking for something that is not predictable. I like a script in which I still do not know where the story goes on page 5. And I do not remember the last mainstream movie I saw and where I said "Wow !!" Although I like to watch a lot of superhero movies.

Would you like to?
I think it's more for people who are convinced that they can save the world. I am rather the opposite. (Laughter).

Do you sometimes want to just sit comfortably in the sun? You could do that ...
Oh I really spend enough time sitting down and doing nothing, do not worry! In fact, most of the time, when you look at it well. (Laughs) But I really like to turn, even if it's always a challenge. Every time I start a new film, I say to myself "My God, what am I doing here, I do not understand anything, I'm an idiot!" It's like climbing a big mountain. And the hardest thing for me is to convince myself that I can do it.

Have you always doubted you?
Oh yes, of course. And the older I get, the worse it is. But I do not see it as a scourge, it's just the opposite. I manage it. Even though it's when I go to an event that has a big impact, because I immediately imagine the worst-case scenario. Before Cannes, I was so nervous because I was always wondering what catastrophes might happen. Eventually, I made such an allergic reaction due to the stress that the skin of my eyelids rose. The day before the first there was even blood. What a look (laughs).

When can you relax? After the first?
Yes, maybe for 5 minutes (laughs). Then I immediately start looking for the bad reviews of the film.

You have a look that has nothing glamorous in Good Time, really normal ...
It was important because we filmed a lot in the street and with amateur actors. And we wanted to go everywhere, without people noticing what we were doing. It was fascinating to see how you can become so invisible. In a scene I play a security guard and apparently I was very convincing. I climbed into the elevator with a resident of the apartments who knew that a film was turning there. And he looked straight at me and asked, "Hey, are you Bradley Cooper's bodyguard?" (Laughter).

Does this mean that all the hype around Twilight is finally over?
I do not know, I find that these films are still in the minds of people and that my other performances are still compared. I never felt that it was a burden I had to get rid of.

Not too bad. We've had worse translation situations. The French translation had to be good for us to get an understandable English translation out of it - and from Google no less! Plus, if you can read German, you're in luck. Just click the scans above and you're only one part removed from the first translation. LOL

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