It's Halloween lets celebrate with a sexy fan made vid...

This was made by petitbeil who counts us among her 5 favorite sites for feeding her ROBsession, we thank her for being a fan and for making this amazing video.

And a big thank you to Laurie for sending us the link.

Robert Pattinson Vanity Fair Issue Out Wednesday 11/4/09

And a lovely untagged cover of the VF December issue thanks to our friends @ ThinkingOfRob

Robert Pattinson's Vanity Fair Cover

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Watch out Japan Robert Pattinson is on his way 31/10/09

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More Sky Magazine Scans with Robert Pattinson


OK Mexico New Moon Special with Robert Pattinson


I only put up the parts with Rob to see the rest go here
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Billy Burke Praises Robert Pattinson's Musical Skills

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Robert Pattinson's Porn Connection

Kate: Bet that got your attention huh?? :-}
Ok before anyone gives out this guy is actually praising Rob!
Read on...................

Robert Pattinson's Porn Connection!!!
by Robert J. Hollywood Jr.

First of all, I may have oversold this thing just a tad in the headline. (Kate: What you promise me porn and now you're not gonna deliver)

But not by much! So keep reading, my movie-lovin' peep-a-deeps. (Kate: Oh ok so)
Bobby loves ya, don'tcha know. Wants to eat ya. For you guys put the food on the Bob Hollywood table. The spring in the Bob Hollywood step. The vermouth in the Bob Hollywood martini! So keep on a-clickin' and a-commentin', my dear, dear readers. (Look, I gave ya the boldface treatment, same as I do with the celebs who populate this blog-o-column thingy.)

Now! To the matter at hand!(Kate:{Giggle} ok if you insist) Pattinson, Robert, and the possible porno connection. (Kate: Bout time get on with it)

O.K. So! Listen. Does the name Harry Reems ring a bell? (Hmmm?)

Guy with floppy tennis hat says: "Uhhh, I don't know, Bob, should it?" (Kate: I'm saying the same thing!)

Well, tennis-hat guy, I dunno. It all depends on yer taste in the area of cinema, I s'pose.

A few words from Kellan Lutz about Robert Pattinson

In an Interview with Vanity Fair Kellan mentions Rob.
Here are the parts he mentions him :

You’re currently on a break. What do you usually love to do on your downtime?

I love to read. I have a Kindle, and it’s nice to be able to download books that people refer. Rob[ert Pattinson] reads all of the time and he refers so many great books, Jackson [Rathbone], as well, and Kristen [Stewart]. It’s nice to just download books because we have so much downtime. I have close to eight hours a day to read. I finish so many books it’s amazing. I’m also doing Rosetta Stone, learning some French.

How do you guys cope with all of this?

We all have our passions that we enjoy. Rob and Jackson will bring their guitars everywhere. As long as you have that passion where you can just disappear and be normal, feel normal, bring your iPod or favorite books, and just do the things that you would do when Twilight wasn’t around—that’s all keeping us who we are. We’re all really blessed, and we’re humble and down to earth, anyway.

So, before you go, let’s do some wordplay. I’m going to give you the name of one of your fellow actors, and I need you to give me one word to describe them

Rob Pattinson [“Edward Cullen”].

Immensely blessed and talented. If you can just hyphen those into one word.

Head over to Vanity Fair to read the rest .
Thanks a million to Rocio for the link.

40 Principales (Spain) with Robert Pattinson & New Moon


Source via Thinking of Rob

World Screen Magazine(China) with Robert Pattinson & New Moon


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