Charlie Bewley Mentions Robert Pattinson (Again)

This time in Glamour Magazine

Have any of the other cast-mates given you advice on how to deal with the hype, because Robert Pattinson especially has a lot to deal with?
I think Rob is dealing with it very, very well. I mean given the fact that he is the most photographed person in the world and that he can’t leave his front door. I mean when I speak to Rob, he doesn’t seem like he’s changed too much from when I first met him or from what I’ve seen of him in interviews before that. He’s still a very grounded person, someone who massively enjoys what he’s doing and an avid musician so I think he’s having a fantastic time. Did he give me advice? Not really. I think everyone deals with it in their own way.

You can read the rest of the interview at the Source via Thinking of Rob


rpattz-turn-me-on said...

i find this very bizarre,why is he always talking about Rob? i know the main reason is to get attention (Pathetic) but could there be another reason for this weird behaviour?
this Guy creeps me out.

JandR said...

It is nice to know from someone who actually knows Rob that he is really enjoying what he is doing. A relief cos maybe it makes up for the times in between when the crazy media get in his face. If you love what you're doing in your life - it makes other things that much more bearable.

Maybe Charlie is just getting asked Qs about RP like all the other Twilight actors - you'd have to think they'd be sick of it by now - but they all seem to be very gracious and generous with their answers. It seems that Rob is just an all-round great guy!!

Like we didn't already know that! LOL

Jessica said...

Rob in a Tux is just.....GAHHH. I really can't wait for New Moon :)

rpattz-turn-me-on said...

@JandR :-) so true our Rob is a genuine nice guy,thats why we love him ::-)

Kate said...

Personally I think he keeps getting asked questions about ROb. He's doesn't seem the type (to me) to be a name dropper. I really like Charlie. The only reason I put (again) in the title is coz I posted just before with him again!
He did a webchat yesterday and someone asked him if R&K were together and he said I don't care!

Anonymous said...

These publications always find a way to bring up Rob in the interviews - because it gets them hits. I feel badly for the co-stars, but they all love Rob and wish him well as we do.

Extra is running an interview with Rob this Monday where supposedly he will be 'telling the truth' about him and K. It irks me that this is being used to promote the movie.

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