Robert Pattinson & New Moon in New "Twilight" Magazine (Sweden)

This out today in Sweden. Teen Magazine Julia have come out with a new magazine called Julia Star. One of the issues is about "Twilight". Here are the scans.

Click to Read (or to look at the pretty pictures if you're like me and can't read Swedish)

Translation after the cut :)

The Twilight saga part 1 and 2
The movie Twilight begins with Bella Swan moving to her dad in Forks, Washington, from sunny Phoenix, Arizona where she's grown up with her mom. On the first day of school, she's already hooked on the mysterious Edward Cullen, who acts, least said, strangely around her. When Edward saves Bella's life by stopping a rushing car with one hand, Bella understands that Edward isn't like everyone else. She becomes fascinated. The truth comes to her eventually and Bella learns that Edward and his family are vampires. Bella's and Edward's love is pretty complicated though - Edward has to fight his selfcontrol to not accidently kill Bella when they are together. And on top of that, they happen across another vampireclan whose leader, James, makes Bella his prey...
More dangers are waiting
Dispites that Bella got away from getting killed by James, Edward's and Bella's relationship is not out of dangers. When Bella is visiting the Cullen family's house, she accidently cuts herself and Jasper loses control and throws himself over Bella by the sight of the blood. Edward tehn decides to leave Bella because he douesn't want to put her through any more dangers. The abandoned Bella gets comfort from her childhoodfriend Jacob Black. What Bella doesn't know is that Jacob's tribe has its own secret. Jacob is part of a pack of werewolves that are the vampires bitter enemies. When Bella conciously begins to put herself through life-danger, because she can "hear" Edwards voice then, that leads to a serious of misunderstandings that makes Edward think that Bella has died. Then he heads to Italy to let the Volturi clan, the vampires "royal" family, kill him. The Cullen family and Bella hurries after him to stop him.
(that's the first page)
New Faces in New Moon!
In the Twilight saga's second part two new important groups are introduced: Jacob Black and his werewolf friends, and the ancient vampireclan the Volturi.
Jacob's Team
Everyone that has seen and loved the first movie recognises Jacob Black, Bella's childhoodfriend that lives in the native reservation by La Push. Jacob is a member of the Quileutetribe, and he was actually the one who told Bella the vampirelegend. What Jacob didn't tell was that because the vampires had increased in numbers in the area, another old legend is brought to life: certain members of the tribe becomes werewolves, the vampires bitter enemies. Before the filming of New Moon all the members of the werewolfpack work hard. Between takes they also took the chance to lift weights and do pushups. To go around with a bare chest i cold Vancouver was probably not the cosiest every time. But no one complained - werevolves are above that!
The Volturi clan
In the movie New Moon we get familiar with the vampiers oldest and most powerful family - The Volturi clan. If there was a royalfamily among the vampires this would be it, Edward explains to Bella. The Volturi clan is ancient and has huge power. It is to them, in Volterra, Italy, that Edward heads when he believes Bella to be dead - to get sentenced to death, because he doesn't want to live in a world where Bella does not exist.
(the black on white text on 2nd page.)
the other texts explains characters, just names and who the actor/actress is.

Source:Gossip Dance translation by Linnea :) Thank you SO much!


absolutlisen said...

It's not very often that I like being Swedish, but right now it's not too bad!

CL said...

I agree absolutlisen!!! It's a good day to be Swedish today!

CL said...

For those of you who might be interested in what's in the article. Three words: Nothing new whatsoever.

Just another attempt to make money on things we already know and have known for ages. Just enjoy the pics.

Unknown said...

or if people wants to know what it says, I have translated the 2 first pages, soo. anyone wanna tell me how to send it in? it's too long to post in a comment.

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