Happy New Year From ROBsessed

We want to wish all our followers, affiliates, twitter friends, everyone who has supported us, sent us tips, comments and love in 2009 a VERY Happy New Year.

We hope 2010 brings all you wish for: Health, wealth, peace , a Rob for every household... you know the usual :))

We wish 2010 brings Robert Pattinson ONE OF US,  health, wealth, more success, peace and everything his heart desires :)

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And because we love you all so much! "Jawporn" The Sequel.........

ROBsessed "Holiday Video" Challenge WINNER

You watched, you voted, you chose the winner! Thanks to everyone that participated. We know how much time it takes to make a video. All of them were great but there had to be a winner and the winner of ROBsessed "Holiday Video" Challenge is *drum roll* the video that I call "Happy Rob for Happy Holidays" (video #9) made by Noha! She won the bragging rights and $75 from us :)

Happy New Year y'all! Thanks so much for visiting our little blog this past year, for showing Robert Pattinson and us so much love! 2010 will only get better! Rob has great projects lined up and we'll keep you upto date on all of them!

The runner up is video #10 from Konstantina (Unpetitpeu) who won $50 from us :)

Popsugars Top 10 Stories Of 2009 Featuring Robert Pattinson & New Moon

Bryce Dallas Howard rambles on about Robert Pattinson... again.

Vulture Exclusive: Robert Pattinson Chips Tooth in Flossing Accident, Says Twilight 3 Co-star

Sure, he looks foul-smelling, but would you believe Twilight star Robert Pattinson is really "incredibly hygienic"? So hygienic, in fact, that he's a threat to himself and his teeth? It's true, claims his Eclipse co-star Bryce Dallas Howard! When we ran into her at the recent New York premiere of her new movie, the Tennessee Williams–scripted The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond (out today), she told us about her first brush with Rob: "I actually came out to him that I was totally nervous about [meeting him]," said Howard, who will replace Rachelle Lafevre as evil vampire Victoria in next year's Twilight 3. "He’s such a sweet young man, and there’s such a distinctive difference between him and Edward Cullen. He does such a wonderful job embodying that character, and bringing that character to life. But when you meet him, he’s such a down-to-earth, humble person, you feel bad freaking out around him."

"But what does he smell like?" we inquired. "Actually, he’s incredibly hygienic," Howard insisted. "He told me this story that made me crack up. He was like, 'Oh, I have to go to the dentist.' And I was like, 'Oh no, what happened? Just a check-up?' And he was like, 'No, I chipped a tooth.' And I was like, 'How?' And he was like, ‘Flossing.’ Who does that? I don’t even floss. So he’s hygienic. Trust me."


Robert Pattinson makes the Moviefone Best Celebrity Quotes 2009 list

Best Celebrity Quotes of 2009

"Really? He looks like he smells really good [laughs]. I also do shower." -- On rumors that he and Zac Efron don't shower

Read the rest of this Moviefone interview HERE

"[Laughs] I had so many ridiculous answers just come into my head [more laughs]. I had a penis implant!" -- On his nude scenes in 'Little Ashes'

Read the rest of this Moviefone interview HERE

Source: Moviefone

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner No2 On Access Hollywoods top 9 Of 2009

Robert Pattinson "Jawporn" Picspam

It's here........ After so many requests to do a jawporn picspam well we just had to listen to you didn't we? Now there was a little problem with this, there was SO many pictures to choose from that I think I'll have to do it in 2 parts that's if you want a part 2. Let me know!
Are you ready? Can you handle it? Let's go.................

Now I don't know about you but Rome Rob one of my favourites and there was some fantastic jawporn on display in Rome!

I hope you have survived because this is the mother of all jawporn, it's my absolute favourite. You have been warned!!

So what did you think? Did you like it? Do you want a part 2? DO you need me to send Rob over to give you CPR? Can someone please send him over here 'cause I'm about ready to pass out after doing this picspam.
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