New Movie for Robert Pattinson or Free Promotion Attempt?



Blockbuster stuntman PETER PEDRERO is to make his directorial debut an all-star affair after landing his two-time HARRY POTTER pal ROBERT PATTINSON and DANNII MINOGUE among the familiar faces in VAUXHALL CROSSED.
Pedrero, who has performed stunts in all the Potter films as well as James Bond movies Goldeneye and The World Is Not Enough and Braveheart and The Mummy, will direct the British spy movie at Pinewood Studios in England, where the 007 movies are shot.
The film, about American and MI6 agents who team up to take down a psychotic dictator, also features The Full Monty star Hugo Speer.

Gozde: Here is the IMDB page for the movie no mention of Rob. Contact Music has been publishing (what we call) CRAP for the past month. So I'll say "I don't think this is true since I can NOT see Rob making a movie with Dannii Minogue.

He would be a HOT MI6 agent though (as pictured below reaching for his gun or just looking very 007:))

Thanks to out fab Kim for the tip :)

Ok from Oz

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So THIS Was What Robward was Supposed to Look Like

You know how Catherine Hardwicke said she pictured Robward with longer romantic hair and Rob refused it. Well THANK YOU ROB :)

Now if only Kristen Stewart would refuse to wear that God Awful wig on her head for Eclipse. (Didn't Jacob's awful do for Twilight and Jasper's dead cat hair for New Moon teach them anything?)

Thanks to [info]ljmd in [info]pattinsonlife for the picture

The Sexy Stars of Twilight New Moon

US Weekly is milking Twilight for all it's worth, hope Rob is getting a good cut out of them :)

Rob can impregnate with a look...True story

You can order this baby HERE :) Thanks to CarinaOlsen and source

The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley Talks About Robert Pattinson Comparisons

I don't see any resemblence, he is a cute kid but whoever sees the resemblence is on crack :)
There I said it!

Sia Furler: Robert Pattinson Can Actually Sing

Singer Sia Furler tweeted this about Rob and became one of the most envied women out there :)

Although I officially hate her right now you should check out Sia Furler's music out, she has a good sound ;) She sings "Breathe Me" that was featured in the fab Vanity Fair Video

Thanks to Spunk_Ransom for finding this tweet (Via TwiCrackAddict :))

New -New Moon- Promo Still in MQ

Heart in pieces...

Premiere Magazine Scans

Scans credit: Le Monde De Francesca


Translation thanks to Thinking of Rob.

New 'Old' Teen Magazine Outtakes

You can see the previously posted back in January, 'Teen' Magazine Outtakes HERE.

Thanks to LovingRob for the pics and to Wintersmistake on IMDb for the tip.

New Moon already selling out for opening night!

Ticket Sales for Twilight Saga: New Moon Selling Fast.

The next move in the Twilight Saga: New Moon has been set to release some three months from now on November 20, 2009. Yet fans are already finding tickets for the opening night at local theaters around the country becoming scarce.

According to theaters across the country, fans are starting to get ready for this world wide movie release and purchasing tickets to secure their viewing

Another firm indication that the Twilight Movie New Moon could sell out for the premier day is the Twitter chatter among Twilight fans who are currently online. Fans are proclaiming their place in the theater and letting others know that they will be attending on the premier night. Additionally, the fans are starting to share how many tickets are left at local area theaters.


Additionally if you know of any theaters that have already sold out or are getting close for opening night please feel free to share in the comments section.

New/Old Robert Pattinson Videos

Ok forgive me if you've seen these before but they're new to me so here you go!

From the Academy Awards

London "Twilight" Premiere
Lots of screaming in these turn down the sound!

LA "Twilight" Premiere (even more screaming)

Mexico (I love this)

Thanks to kjsland over on Rob's IMBD for unearthing these!

Rob's Official 2010 Calendar Now Available!

Rob's Official Calendar is now available to order and you can get it for HERE for US
or if you're in the UK you can get it HERE

Remember When.....

....We had pics like this everyday. It wasn't that long ago but feels like ages. Well I was looking around and found these I'm not sure if Goz or Dani posted them before but I figured you wouldn't mind a repeat if they did. These are from the fabulous cybermelli and she has loads more on her flickr account take a look.

And for some reason even though I have loads to do today I was bored so I ended up editing these two, they're my favourites!

Photo Credit: cybermelli

Robert Pattinson at Comic-Con 2009 Panel New/Old Pix

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