More Rob Leaving Set 04/30/2009

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Robert Pattinson Day in York

I posted about this 2 days ago but now we have the confirmation, the times and prices. 3 Rob movies in one day may 'cause Simultaneous Combustion :)

City Screen in York features a trio of films starring Robert Pattinson on Saturday 20 June :

TWILIGHT (12A) starting 11.30am.

HOW TO BE (15) starting 2.10pm.

LITTLE ASHES (15) starting 4.15pm.

Booking now on 0871 704 2054

Tickets can be bought for each film individually or in combination:-

One film: Full price: £7.20, Members: £5.20.

Two films: Save £2 on above prices.

Two films: Save £4 on above prices.

Become a Member:

Thanks to picturehouses for sending us the information :)

Little Ashes Confirmation in Nashville :))

Thanks to everyone that called the Belcourt Theater (and made Toby leave a message to us to stop calling:)) we have a new confirmation!

Little Ashes will be playing in Belcourt Theatre, 2102 Belcourt Ave, Nashville, TN 37212 starting on July 3rd! SCORE!!!

You guys are amazing! Yay for Little Ashes!

Robert Pattinson Moviefone Interview Part Deux


When we talked to Robert Pattinson about his upcoming biopic 'Little Ashes,' we first ran through some internet rumors with the 'Twilight' star. Now we are pleased to present part 2, the rest of our breezy, candid interview.

The remarkably generous and self-effacing actor played along, answering our questions -- about doing an indie, stripping for nude scenes, filming 'New Moon' -- with a refreshing dose of candor and complete lack of any diva-tude.

After chatting with Pattinson, we have no qualms in pledging our allegiance to Team Edward. -- By Angie Argabrite

1. How was filming 'Little Ashes,' which is such a small production, compared to doing the 'Twilight' movies?

I kind of like small productions 'cause there's not so much waiting around. And it's strange, there are little things on 'Little Ashes,' like we didn't have stand-ins, so we'd just kind of sit or stand around the set, which I initially found kind of bizarre but after a while it's great, because you can just kind of stay in character the whole time. And also you can be much more a part of the set up of the shot, so I kind of liked that. I don't know, it was, I would say, a very different energy. [But] there's not a huge amount of difference, really. You're just inside your head anyway most of the time, so you don't really notice stuff.

2. I read that you were really nervous about filming the nude scenes and the explicit scenes, how did you prepare yourself for those?

[Laughs] I had so many ridiculous answers just come into my head [more laughs]. I had a penis implant! I don't know, I just kind of, it's funny because Spanish people are so ... have no problem with nudity at all, I mean at all, and English people obviously do have, like, the most enormous problem with it. It's like little things, like when I saw my father getting changed for swimming I got, like, traumatized by it ... I don't really know what I did, I just kind of freaked out a bit. [Laughs]

3. So was that the most difficult thing about filming this movie?

No, I mean, a lot of it was quite hard. I guess in a lot of ways, the more I read about Dali the more I kind of liked him, and liked what he tried to make himself stand for. I guess the hardest thing was that I didn't want to disrespect his memory, especially when I met a lot of people who he knew and stuff. People were very, very fond of him, so that was probably the hardest thing. [Laughs] I didn't want to mess it up!

4. You were playing a real person -- how did that affect your preparation? Did you study up a lot on Dali?

Yeah, I mean it's nice. There are certain things like studying photos. I never really concentrated on my body in a performance before, well not to such an extent, and there were tons and tons of photos of him and he had quite strange posturing ... There was one photo where he's pointing at something, and I guess it's quite nice, and I was trying to figure out "How do you point like that?" Then you realize "Oh, shit. You get your arm and ohhh..." and suddenly it clicks into place. And then when you realize you're walking right and stuff, and people -- Spanish people! -- know who you're playing, without the moustache, they know immediately just by looking in your eyes, it's very satisfying. I like the idea of that; I'd quite like to do it again. And I'm always quite attracted to playing real people.

5. Kristen Stewart is going to be playing rock icon Joan Jett. Is there a rock icon that you'd like to play?

I'd love to play Van Morrison, but I doubt I would get the part [laughs].

6. Who would you love to tour with, if you were going to do a tour as a musician?

Rob: I'd quite like to tour with Kings of Leon. I think they're pretty cool.

7. If you couldn't be an actor or a musician, what do you think you would be doing?

I'd quite like to be a political strategist and like a spin doctor. [Laughs] I'd really, really like to do that. I think I will end up doing that at one point. (Gozde: Yeah, don't quit your day job for that. From all your interviews and the things you said it doesn't look like you can "spin" very well, and we love you for it :))

8. Can you talk about the movie you're signing on, or about to sign on, called 'Memoirs'?

It's not final yet, but I think if it does happen it'll be a fantastic movie. It's an amazing script. I think Jenny Lumet [who's writing the script] is incredible and Allen Coulter [who's directing] is also. I think it could be. I was quite excited about it. I was working in New York on the script a few weeks ago, and we came up with some really cool stuff.

9. How are you handling the massive, instant fame and the craziness?

It's quite stressful in a way, but it's only when you're by yourself. When I have my friends around it doesn't make any difference. I just spend a lot of time by myself, and I used to walk around the block by myself in various different cities, and I don't know, you start to feel a bit vulnerable, I guess. [Laughs] Well, not vulnerable, I don't know ... for paranoid people it does allow your imagination to run rampant, so it's a little strange. You end up going out a lot less [laughs]. But I guess it's so early now I'm really still thinking about it in terms of getting good jobs and stuff, so I haven't really had a chance to be objective about my life, because every single day there's something new happening in my life. In my eyes, everything just seems ridiculous, like every single day it's like you're walking on the street, and then suddenly you step on something and it just starts moving really, really fast, and you're not entirely sure what direction it's going in, but you can feel the force of it. That's about it.

10. What has been your craziest fan experience?

There was one quite weird thing, I was in a Blockbuster the other day, and I hadn't realized it was the day the ['Twilight'] DVD was coming out, and there were these two -- no one recognized me in that place -- and there were these two 8-year-old girls who turned up with their parents. They were picking up their preordered DVDs, and they were just shaking and crying just because they got their DVD. I thought that was pretty incredible, I hadn't seen anything like that before ... I mean, I have when it's in person, when it's meeting me. But just to pick up a DVD, that was kind of crazy.

11. What was your take on the whole Jacob casting drama? When it was possible that Taylor Lautner wasn't going to get the part.

It was weird. When I came back, I hadn't seen him in ages, hadn't seen him since the summer and when I saw him, I saw him just before he got casted, and he put on like 100 pounds! I was like "Jesus Christ! If he doesn't get it, it's ridiculous." But what are you going to do? There was a video of him on set the other day doing all these kind of fight stunts. That kid is incredible; he is one of the most stunning athletes I've ever seen in my life. I don't know, I think it'll be interesting. I haven't seen any of his stuff yet, but everyone's going a little bit crazy over him. (Gozde: Tell me about his teeth, are they going to make them less shiny? 'Cause I have a hard time focusing on anything else when I look at Taylor :))

12. How's the energy on 'New Moon' compared to 'Twilight,' because for 'Twilight' no one was sure if it was going to do well and now, obviously ...

Yeah, it's scary. It's a very, very different experience. Last time we were just kind of ... it was so easy to get the entire cast together. We'd all have dinner almost every day and be able to talk about it freely and stuff. Now it's quite difficult to even leave the hotel. And all these random little stories become someway, somehow newsworthy, so you have to be very secretive about everything. Even if you want to just clarify something in the script or something. It's just strange. It's just very different ... It's very strange when you're aware of being observed, I guess.

13. Is that similar to how it was when you were filming 'Potter'?

Oh, no, not at all. The thing about 'Potter,' because everyone was so young, there weren't really any [gossip] stories. Plus, the way we were shooting it was so impossible to get any pictures or anything. It was so, so private. And by the time I was working on it, everyone working there had worked there for about five or six years anyway, so they all knew each other. So nothing was really newsworthy. There wasn't a lot happening. It seems that on [the 'Twilight' movies], maybe because they're a little bit older, it seems like every single day there's a new story coming out. I also think that's it's because all of these sort of blog sites have become way more popular in the last few years than they were then. And I guess that's where most of the gossipy things go to.(Gozde: Uhoh....I don't post gossip ;))

14. Would you do full-frontal nudity like Daniel Radcliffe did?

I think it would depend on what it is. Yeah, it really does depend on what it is. And I don't think a lot of people would really want to see that. I think it would ruin the illusion. [Laughs] (Gozde: Okay, people, raise hands! Rob, I can tell you that our site got the highest hits on the day I posted the infamous TUCK picture :) Your fans are pervs when it comes to you ;) )

Thanks to Leni for the tip. Check out for more How To Be and Little Ashes trailers :)

Rob on Set 04/30/2009

Thanks to RobPattzNews :))

Rob had been @ Bella's House all night. Drove in at around 5:30 pm. Filming breakup scene. Just before 5am, the SUV that transports him pulled out.. slowed down and Rob rolled down his window. First thing he said is "What are you all doing here" "Don't you have school tomorrow"?

He was on his iPhone when he first drove up, smiling as he saw fans waiting for him. There was only about 10 girls by the entrance to the set.

Then one fan asked him to sign her copy of NM, Rob said "yeah".. and as he was doing that he stopped and said "oh, I am signing over somebody's name" (Stephenie Meyer's) But then he finished.

He then said thanks to fans for being out there, he was very giggly and shy as usual. As he left I said good luck. He said Thank you!

Gozde: It's not US that went to the set and took the pictures, the story and all belong to RobPattzNews :)

Twilight's Pattinson Flogs Indie How to Be

While Brit first-timer Oliver Irving's micro-indie How to Be may not be high art, because it stars Twilight star Rob Pattinson, it has a target audience. The flick about a sadsack guitar player who moves back in with his parents after his girlfriend dumps him had been seeking a distrib since its Slamdance debut in January, 2008. I asked Pattinson about How to Be in a Twilight interview back in November (Flip Cam video below), which was seen by IFC Films buyer Arianna Boccho, who tracked down How to Be and bought it one week later for IFC Festival Direct.

Post-Twilight, IFC took the film to fests and one-off screenings in Chicago, Boston, and LA, which were jammed by Pattinson fans, who also lined up around the block in NYC last weekend for two sold-out screenings at the IFC Center.

Pattinson has happily flogged the movie, taking time out of his New Moon shooting schedule to do reads for the various cable systems promoting the film. And he's giving away the clothes that he wore during the How to Be shoot for a contest on IFC publicized Pattinson to drive viewers to view the movie on-demand (starting April 29) via Entertainment Tonight, AOL, Life & Style and, which has long catered to the Pattinson fan base.

While there are no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic, the IMDb user ratings are strong, and the movie boasts over 14,000 Facebook fans. And the filmmakers have been sending out daily newsletters to keep their fans up-to-date on the latest How to Be developments.

Thanks to Gorbo for the link :)

Chelsea or Arsenal?

If you are following my Tweets (here) you probably saw me wondering which team Rob supported during last night's Champions League game between Manchester United and Arsenal. I got quite a bit of replies for it (thanks :)) and coldlightt found the interview where Rob answers the question :) The funny thing is I posted this interview back in January. I guess I should pay more attention to the stuff I post :))

A Message from Paul Morrison, Matthew McNulty and UK Profuction Team

A message from Paul Morrison, Director of Little Ashes:

Some of the theaters listed on our Little Ashes Movement told the callers that they would decide on getting the movie depending on how it does in other theaters. Let's make it happen people! Show them an R rated Rob movie will do well! :) Robvador for the win! :)

We need the help of our UK readers. We have only 4 theaters in our "to call" list. Please send us more local theater names, we'll update the list and start the assault on their phone lines :)

Thanks to Little Ashes Promotional Blitz. and Leni for the tip :)

Here is a video Maria sent us. It is from a Spanish TV channel and is in...wait for it...Spanish :)

She said:
Apparently it aired on october in a newscast. At the beginning it's talking about the scene in which Lorca meets Dali at the student's residence, which happened in real life. Then it says that the movie gives us an inside look on the complex and intense relationship between these three geniuses of the Spanish culture. Then it shows Javier Beltran talking about how with this movie they tried to show something more than just the myths and legends about these characters, and show how they really were. In the end it just talks about some photographs of Buñuel being shown at the festival of Valladolid, where the movie was first screened in Spain.

Little Ashes Movement - Day 24!

Here is our song of the day from the Little Ashes soundtrack:) It's called "Tentative Meeting"

We are on Day 24 of our Official ROBsessed Little Ashes Movement! We have 1 confirmation and 2 pieces of promising news :)

1.San Jose, California - Camera 3 Cinema, 288 S. Second Street, 408-294-3334 opens 5/8 SCORE!

2. Hannah tells us that FACT centre in Liverpool said they'd show the film sometime in June in the world film slot at 6:30 on a thursday.

3. Natalie tells us that Landmark theaters in Seattle says tentative date is 5/15/09 at the Harvard Exit Theater


We are adding new theaters to the list everyday but WE NEED YOUR HELP. This movement only works if YOU call and request the movie from your local theaters. Bring Robvador to a theater near you ;)

We now have Australia, Austria, Canada,Germany, India, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States on our list!

If this is your first time seeing this movement please read "Here is how it works" below. It is basically a list for fans to call theaters and request the movie to play in their local theaters. We got GREAT results until now.

We have the numbers for almost all of the states in the US and we now have Australia, Austria, Canada,Germany, India, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden and United Kingdom on our list! Our lovely Kate got a reply from Light House cinema in Dublin telling her others were interested and asked her why the sudden interest was :) If you get this question, tell them the truth. You are a Robert Pattinson fan, it's a great movie and you'd like to see it :)

We are working with our affiliate Robert Pattinson Australia to get the movie there. If you'd like to work with us on this movement let us know. It is very important to have a single movement since we don't want scattered calls. We need focused, concentrated calls on theaters.

Here is how it works

If you want Little Ashes in your country first check our list to see if we've already listed some theaters in your area. If not leave us a comment and include the name and number of your local art theater/distributer. We'll update the list everyday so fans can have a focused assault on their phone lines to request Little Ashes :)

If there is a number we've listed in your area call and ask them if they will be showing Little Ashes, if they say no then politely ask them to look into it since it's a great movie with Robert Pattinson and you and tons of other people would really love to see it.

This movement WORKED in the US and it can work all over the world!

(*fist in the air!*)


Since we are going global and the list is getting longer and longer I will post the theater names and numbers on a spearate page. CLICK HERE FOR OUR LIST.

I would like to thank cinnamon_toast_crunch from imdb for all her work on this! She is truly awesome!

Thanks to Robert Pattinson Australia, Little Ashes Promotional Blitz, RobPattzNews,RPOdotcom for their support :)

How To Be and The Leak

I am having a soap box moment. Someone just sent me the link to download the How To Be movie. This movie was made with a very small budget and it's an independent movie. The producers of the movie struggled to find distribution for it, fans worked hard to get screening in their areas and FINALLY it is getting the recognition it deserves. It is on IFC Direct on demand and the DVD will be released in the UK in 2 weeks.

Are we this impatient? Can we not wait a little while and give a little back to watch the movie?

You can say : "Oh, I'll download it now and I'll definitely buy it when it comes out" but I bet you only %10 will do this. Most will go with the downloaded crappy "free" version.

The director, the actors, the producers have been touring the world to meet with the fans. Everyone that went to the screenings keep saying how friendly and gracious they were and someone out there steals their work and puts it up for download.

I am truly saddened by this and I hope you choose not to download it and buy it instead.


P.S.: I understand the frustration over the movie not being available in your country. The shipping from is around 5 pounds worldwide. Please check here to see how to make your DVD player region free. The information is at the middle of the post.

Good Pic of Youngin Rob

Holy moly! He is a cute lil turd! Exclusive Interview

Click here to read the exclusive interview with Robert Pattinson on Fandango.

Exclusive Interview: Robert Pattinson
The mop-topped actor vamps on Little Ashes and New Moon
April 29, 2009

By: Scott HuverFandango Film Commentator

Robert Pattinson

“Surreal” is a word that perfectly suits Robert Pattinson’s life at the moment.
Not only is the up-and-comer adjusting to a new, hyper-famous life after Twilight’s rabid fan base sunk their teeth into his brooding portrayal of the undead romantic hero Edward Cullen (and became as addicted to the newly minted star as the saga’s vampire clan is to hemoglobin), he’s also playing the famed Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí in his latest film. Little Ashes chronicles Dalí’s formative years at university, where he became embroiled in a complex, obsessive and sexually charged relationship with future poet Federico García Lorca.
Pattinson paints Fandango a portrait of how he climbed into Dalí’s surreality, bares a bit of fang on fame, stays in the shadows during frenzied fan encounters and even offers a nibble of New Moon scoop.

Fandango: There was the showy, intentionally bizarre public Dalí and then there is his art, which should be taken very seriously. Have you thought about that as it applies to your own work?

Pattinson: Yeah. He had a fanatical control over how he was perceived. But now it's really out of control – out of your control. Your public image just seems to be in the hands of faceless strangers. You see these stories come up all the time and you're like, “Jesus. How do you know…?”

Fandango: Is it harder playing a real person, as opposed to playing the fictional Edward Cullen who had his story laid out in black and white?

Pattinson: I think in a lot of ways it's kind of the same. You're still playing fiction even though you're playing a real character. It's the same kind of approximation of somebody. The only thing that you can take from the book is the general outline, the mood changes, the emotional changes and development. I'm not playing it exactly as it is in the book.

Fandango: Dalí was a famed surrealist and no doubt you’ve had your share of surreal experiences in the last few months – like fans screaming over cardboard cutouts of you at the video store.

Pattinson: I know! I was in a Blockbuster on the day it was being released. I had forgotten it was being released that day. There were two families who had come with eight- or nine-year old-daughters to get their DVD. They were standing in the line crying and I stood watching what all this commotion was about. They didn’t know I was there or anything. I was just thinking “Wow, you’re crying about a DVD.” It’s fascinating.

Fandango: And you never revealed yourself to them?

Pattinson: No way! [laughs]

Fandango: Do you and your castmates try to top each other with the wild post-fame encounters you’ve had?

Pattinson: In a lot of ways they are all quite similar. The funny thing is that I’m always going around trying to look as inconspicuous as possible I find that people are always really disappointed when they actually recognize me. They are like ‘”Oh! At first I thought you were a bum but then I realized who you were.”

Fandango: You’re just getting started shooting New Moon. How are things going?

Pattinson: The interesting thing about this one is that so much of my character is in Bella’s head. It’s based on a mixture of memories and nightmares. Bella thinks she is going mad. I get to do some really creepy stuff. In other words, Bella is really frightened of [her hallucinations]. It’s really, really different than Twilight. I think that a lot of people will be kind of scared by this one. I wanted to try and put that into Twilight but I couldn’t really find a way to make Edward scary.
Fandango: How is working with the new director, Chris Weitz?

Pattinson: He’s a great guy. He’s very, very talented, and articulate. I guess it must be kind of stressful for him to take this on. It’s got so much expectation. He just seems very calm about everything.

Fandango: What was it like attending the Academy Awards for the first time?

Pattinson: I got there and then I’m sitting in the second row. It was unbelievable. I keep thinking that something terrible is going to happen. “Death” is the only thing I’m thinking the whole time. I just used up all my luck so I’m probably going to die at 23 or something.

Fandango: Did you discover that any of the hugely famous stars that were there were actually fans of Twilight, or their kids love the movie?

Pattinson: Robin Wright Penn came up to me. I thought that was kind of amazing after her husband had just won Best Actor. That was very, very surreal.

Fandango: You contributed a couple of songs to the Twilight soundtrack. Are you still pursuing music, and will you be doing more for New Moon?

Pattinson: I’m in talks to do a soundtrack for another movie, composing. I cannot say what it is yet, but I really, really, really want to do. I don’t think I’m going to have anything on New Moon, but never say never.

Fandango: And next you might be doing Memoirs, which has been described as a story of two star-crossed lovers trying to overcome family tragedies.

Pattinson: That will hopefully happen. It’s not finalized yet. It’s a great script and it’s something different from anything I’ve done before. I was in New York working on rewrites the other day with Jenny [Lumet, screenwriter of Rachel Getting Married]. It seemed like its going to be really, really, really good.

Fandango: Finally, for many people, Dalí became known as the artist with the crazy mustache and today you're the actor with the wild hair. Did you recognize the parallel in the hirsute trademarks?

Pattinson: [laughs] I didn't think about that, but it's funny because people are still bringing up my hair, even though I cut it off to make it different. That is quite funny. God. I hope that I don't get known for that for the rest of my life.

Click here to read the exclusive interview with Robert Pattinson on Fandango.

Entertainment Tonight 04/29/09 Baby Rob Pictures

Thanks to Sensoria for the link and Twilight Poison for the screencaps :)

Chicago How to Be Q&A - Working with Rob

Here is the email Jenny sent us:

The screening in Chicago last night was great (but still somehow not sold out. I KNOW!!) We were able to get a decent recording of the entire Q&A. There was only 1 question that earned a collective audience groan: What was the best part of working with Rob? But their answers made it very worth it. We'll get it cleaned up a bit & send it. Mike started it off just saying 'Well, he's hot.' It progressed from there. :)

All the guys hung around taking pictures & signing things (we were lucky enough to get our soundtracks in the mail Monday so we had those signed). Very chatty & fun. The pic is honestly the name of the bar beside the theater showing HtB. We had to laugh - and have a beer. :) (Gozde: Rob would approve ;))

Thanks to imdominating and shutupinyerface :)

New How To Be Clip: Breaking Up with Girlfriend

Is it Christmas? So much Rob stuff today! Here is another scene from How To Be. Thanks to Regents Releasing:

Thanks to Anna for the tip :))

The DVD is out in UK on May 18th:

Chokin' On the Dust Video!

You can now download this Chokin' On Dust Video from i-tunes! Please buy it, support Rob and How To Be :)

Eeeek! Adorkable video!

Thanks to AniX for the tip :)

Pre-order for US:

Pre Order for UK:

Hugh Jackman Says Rob Has a Voice on Him :)

Thanks to Susan and Coral and everyone that sent this info in :)

Tune in to Entertainment Tonight...tonight

Looks like we are going to see more "BABY ROB" :)

Australian Girlfriend Magazine Scans

Thanks to our affiliate Robert Pattinson Turkey for the scans! Tesekkurler :))

Baby Rob in Life and Style

Someone send me the scans ASAP, please :))) Baby Rob? The cutest thing EVER! Of course Life and Style had to put a "family secrets" title...But still, blond, baby Rob for the WIN! :))

Long before Robert Thomas Pattinson began driving women wild as dreamy vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie franchise, he was just a shy boy, nicknamed Patty, from London. "Rob's gobsmacked [British for astounded] by all the attention he's getting," an aunt of his, Diana Nutley, says in a revealing interview. "He's very cool about it all, but he can't believe it either."

But when he was growing up in a cozy Victorian home in London's Barnes neighborhood, the only females chasing the future actor were his sisters, Victoria, 28, and Lizzy, 25. "They used to dress me up as a girl and introduce me as Claudia," recalls Rob, the only son of Richard Pattinson, a vintage-car dealer, and mom Clare,
a modeling-agency booker.
Although Rob sometimes took cover from his siblings, he was known for hamming it up at family gatherings. "I remember we had a party in the garden one July," Diana recalls. "We had a wonderful game to see how many dough-nuts we could eat without licking our lips. It's impossible -- Rob was covered in jam."
But Rob had cleaned up his act by the time he transferred from the all-boys Tower House prep school to the coed Harrodian School at age 12. "It was a real turning point for me," admits the actor, who earned pocket change then by delivering newspapers and walking dogs. "I became cool and discovered hair gel."

For more details and photos from Robert's childhood, pick up the latest issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now!

Thanks to Nikki for the tip and [info]petalouda8 and [info]moviegirl535 in [info]pattinsonlife for the scan and info.

Robert Pattinson at Cannes?

According to (and a crappy online translation service I used :)) Rob will be at Cannes Film Festival with the director for his new movie "Remember Me" and they are looking for distribution. The article also says that they shouldn't have a hard time finding it. Yeah, no kidding. Bank on Rob! :)

The Festival is between May 13-24 and the weather will be so nice. Tempting to go no?

He'll be Europe for New Moon anyways ;)

Thanks to Little Bear for the link and Tina for the translation :)

OK Magazine Cover

These things are so hilarious and amusing. Ted C., Lainey, all these tabs... Their collective sources: their asses (you can quote me on that :))

On the prowl? Roar! :))


Thanks to Coral (who rocks!) once again for the link :))

Happy "Rob on Demand Day" y'all!

How To Be is NOW available from IFC Festival Direct in United States! Wooohooo for all of you in US and boohooo for the rest of us :) Oh well only 20 days for the release of How To Be [DVD] [2008] DVD in UK!

IFC Festival Direct ( ) can be found within your cable provider’s movies on demand platform. These five cable providers offer IFC Festival Direct. Follow the menu instructions to access the service. Each purchase of the film lasts for 24 hours and can be watched multiple times during that period.

* BrightHouse: Movies On Demand → IFC In Theaters
* Cablevision: Movies On Demand → IFC In Theaters → Festival Direct
* Comcast: Channel 1 → Movies & Events → IFC Festival Direct
* Cox: Channel 1 → Movies On Demand → IFC In Theaters
* Time Warner: Movies On Demand → IFC In Theaters

Irving: We Had to mute Rob's Good Looks :)


For many Twilight fans, it's hard to imagine life without Robert Pattinson after his brooding performance in the 2008 film. (Gozde: Tell me about it! I go to the gym for 1.5 hours and 10 people sent me this article (thanks guys, y'all rock :)). I live and breathe Robert Pattinson :))

But Pattinson, 22, who stars in the independent film How To Be, almost decided to change his career focus, the film's director tells PEOPLE.

"He was thinking about giving up acting and maybe doing music solely when this role [in How To Be] came along," the film's director, Oliver Irving, tells PEOPLE. "He wanted to play the roles he wasn't getting."

Irving says that for Pattinson, being cast as the lead of role of an awkward, quirky young musician who hires a self-help guru to come live with him "got him back into the swing of things again." Irving adds that after the Harry Potter films, in which Pattinson played Cedric Diggory, "He was looking for something more challenging."

Among the challenges for Pattinson in How To Be, which filmed prior to Twilight, were playing the guitar, harmonica, and, for the director, muting his good looks. (Gozde: You mean like this? :))

"I said, 'You're banned from cutting your hair between now and the shoot,'" says Irving. "We had to give him the most awkward haircut we possibly could, and we cut his trouser length a little bit too high. Things like that played down his apparent good looks."

Honing his musical skills, however, came naturally to the actor. "He downplayed how good he was," says Irving. While playing the guitar and harmonica, Irving says, "A lot of the time he would turn out to have a really good technique and we told him he needed to play it more simply."

Irving says he isn't surprised that Pattinson's star has risen since the film, which is available on demand on IFC Festival Direct on April 29. "He has a playfulness and naivety that he was able to inject into the character. He's very down to earth and unpretentious. I think that's probably what makes him appealing."
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Little Ashes Movement - Day 23

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Robert Pattinson in People's 100 Most Beautiful List


The Twilight star, 22, says he doesn't quite understand his heartthrob status – or the fuss about his signature tousled do. "I don't get it. It's funny, you look the same for years and no one ever mentions it. Then suddenly it's a big deal."

You can see some of the others on the list on

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Little Ashes Spoilers

Here is a LONG review and Q&A about Little Ashes. I'm a spoilerphobe so I didn't read it. I'll wait till I see the movie but if you want to learn more about the movie, what's in it, what's not, go ahead and read. But before you do, check out the Little Ashes soundtrack preview we have for you, name of the song is "Cadaques Bay"

From Celebrity Q&A Examiner

Yes, it’s true. "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson is naked in a movie. Want to know more? Then read on.

I saw an advance screening of "Little Ashes" on April 27. The dramatic film — which takes place between 1922 and 1936, and is based on real people — stars Pattinson as legendary Spanish artist Salvador Dalí, who had a forbidden romance with poet Federico García Lorca (played by Javier Beltrán) while the two men went to college together in Madrid.

In their circle of friends is filmmaker Luis Buñuel (played by Matthew McNulty), whose homophobia affects his relationships with Salvador and Federico. The women caught up in Salvador and Federico’s love triangle are Magdalena (played by Marina Gatell) — Federico’s girlfriend, who can’t figure out why he’s reluctant to sleep with her — and Gala (played by Arly Jover), who becomes Salvador’s wife after he leaves college. "Little Ashes" was inspired by Dalí’s real-life accounts of these relationships.

Due to the huge interest our dear readers have in Pattinson, here are the answers to your burning questions about "Little Ashes," Pattinson’s role in the movie and what he had to say about playing one of the art world’s greatest eccentrics.

WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD! Although I won’t reveal what happens toward the end of the movie (but if you know what happened to the characters in real life, you'll have a pretty good idea), there are some key scenes that are described here. If you don’t want to know things like if Pattinson gets naked or what the movie’s sex scenes are like (or if you’re just generally offended by anything that would make a movie rated R), then don’t read any further!

Does Robert Pattinson get naked in "Little Ashes"?

Yes. There’s a scene with him naked in the front, except his private parts, which he covers up with his hands. But the scene is still racy because, well, things are little hairy, if you know what I mean. The scene is near the beginning of the film, when Salvador is a new student. He’s shown in his room, trying on a bunch of different outfits in front of a full-length mirror. Next thing you know, he’s naked and checking himself out in the mirror. That’s something you won’t see in a "Twilight" movie!

Does Robert Pattinson "hook up" with a man in "Little Ashes"?

It depends on what your definition of "hook up" is. Does he kiss a man in the movie? Yes. Several times. (More on that below.) But are there any scenes of him having sex with a man? No. That’s because in the movie, Salvador is reluctant to consummate his romantic feelings with Federico by going "all the way." It’s implied in the movie that Federico is gay, while Salvador is bisexual/bi-curious.

What happens in the man-on-man love scenes? Details!

There are five scenes of Pattinson and Beltrán kissing. The third one is definitely the considered the steamiest.

What happens in the first Salvador/Federico kissing scene?

Salvador and Federico are on a rowboat on a moonlit lake. (The lighting in this scene is very blue, just like a few of the romantic scenes with Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in "Twilight.") There’s sexual tension in the air, because the two men know that they want each other. Salvador and Federico then take off their shirts and dive into the water and start horsing around. They stare at each other with passion and desire. (Seriously, if you loved the scene in "Twilight" with Edward and Bella staring at each other on the bed, you’ll see some déjà vu here in this "Little Ashes" scene.) Federico reaches out to Salvador, and then they kiss on the lips. It’s a romantic kiss, but not a French kiss. Salvador pulls away, confusion showing on his face.

What happens in the second Salvador/Federico kissing scene?

Salvador and Federico are in Federico’s room, talking about how they want to work together on a project: Federico would write a play, while Salvador would design the play’s sets. They start eyeing each other and kiss — this time longer than when they were in the lake. But this time, they’re interrupted when Luis knocks on the door and come in. Luis senses the sexual tension between Salvador and Federico, and Luis gives them a weird look.

What happens in the third Salvador/Federico kissing scene?

Salvador and Federico are alone in Federico’s room again. This time, the passion is unleashed. They start making out and they take off their clothes. (Naked legs and upper bodies are shown, but there’s no full-frontal nudity here.) Just as Federico is about to get on top of Salvador, Salvador pushes him away and says he can’t go through with it.

Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Federico’s girlfriend Magdalena, who’s been trying to seduce him for a while, and she’s confused over why Federico hasn’t consummated their relationship. Federico opens the door, and she wastes no time and starts to kiss Federico passionately and tells him that she wants him to take her now. Federico starts making out with her, while Salvador is on the floor, looking on in stunned silence, as tears well up in his eyes. Then Magdalena sees Salvador on the floor. At first she’s startled, and then she laughs, and she and Federico keep going at it while Salvador watches in silence.

What’s the most graphic sex scene in the movie?

Magdalena and Federico have sex on Federico’s bed, while Salvador watches and masturbates. The only nudity in this scene is female nudity (front and back) here. While Magdalena and Federico have intercourse, Federico and Salvador look at each longingly, and you just know that both men are thinking that they wish Salvador could take Magdalena’s place. After Salvador climaxes, he leaves the room without saying a word.

What happens in the fourth Salvador/Federico kissing scene?

Salvador has returned to Madrid from Paris, where he went shortly after he rejected Federico. When Salvador and Federico see each other again, they realize they still have strong feelings for each other. This time, it’s Salvador who makes the first move, and he kisses Federico. But Federico, still feeling hurt by Salvador and not wanting to get hurt again, stops it from going further. Salvador is stung by the rejection.

What happens in the fifth Salvador/Federico kissing scene?

The fifth scene is a flashback scene of them kissing in the lake.

Does Robert Pattinson kiss any women in this movie?

Yes, sort of, in a scene where Federico and Salvador have a reunion. Eight years after Salvador and Federico have ended their relationship, Federico visits Salvador (now a famous artist) in Paris. Salvador is now married to his wife, Gala, who can tell that Salvador still has feelings for Federico. Salvador tries one last time to see if Federico is interested in him sexually, and even says that Gala would be OK with it, but Federico rejects him and won’t even let Salvador kiss him.

As Federico leaves Salvador’s home, Salvador yells at Federico and says that Federico will come crawling back to him. Gala tries to comfort a brooding Salvador as he sits on a couch. She says she’s going to bed and kisses him, but Salvador just stares off into the distance, barely acknowledging her, presumably because his mind still on Federico.

Does Robert Pattinson have any sexy scenes with women in "Little Ashes," or is it just guy-on-guy action?

There’s a scene where Federico jealously imagines Salvador drunkenly carousing with women in Paris, so Pattinson is shown with some topless women, doing things like kissing them and picking one of them up as she straddles him around the waist. The scene looks like it takes place in a nightclub with strippers or "easy" women.

How is Robert Pattinson’s Spanish accent in the movie?

He has the accent about 60% of the time. The other times, you can hear his British accent. And a few times, he even sounds American!

That moustache? Really?

Salvador Dalí famously had that mustache in real life. But the moustache Pattinson wears in "Little Ashes" looks as fake on the big screen as it does in this photo.

What are the main hair/costume looks that Robert Pattinson has in "Little Ashes"?

There are four main looks that he has, to signify the different stages in Dalí’s life.

Look #1: When Salvador first arrives at the university, he looks very effeminate, with a pageboy haircut, white frilly shirts and knee-high boots. He looks like something out of a Renaissance fair. When Salvador realizes that he sticks out like a sore thumb, he cuts his hair and changes how he dresses.

Look #2: After Salvador is accepted in Federico and Luis’ hipster crowd, Salvador starts to dress like them, with sharp suits and slicked-back hair.

Look #3: Salvador grows a moustache after he makes his life-changing trip to Paris. His hair isn't slicked back as much.

Look #4: As he became more famous, Salvador (who was known for being quite the eccentric) sports his trademark upturned-twisted moustache and he stops slicking back his hair.

Speaking of Salvador Dalí’s eccentricities, what crazy things do they show him doing in this movie?

In the college scenes, Salvador mostly gets drunk a lot. At a dinner party, a very drunk Salvador shouts to everyone at the table, "I’m Salvador Dalí, savior of modern art!" As he leaves the party, he shouts to some police officers on the street, "Viva la revolucíon!" (English translation: "Long live the revolution!") The officers chase him and Federico down the street. Federico and Salvador duck in an alley and "get close," and it looks like they’re going to kiss, but they don’t.

In another scene, Salvador tells a group of instructors that they’re too stupid to judge him, and he gets expelled from school. There are a few scenes where Pattinson does the "bug-eyed crazy look" that Dalí was known for in real life.

After Salvador has seen Federico and Magdalena having sex, Salvador freaks out in another scene. A female student catches him rolling around, ranting, sobbing, covered in paint, with his head completely shaved. (Shades of Robert De Niro in "Taxi Driver." Or Britney Spears in 2007. Take your pick.)

And in the final "crazy" scene, Salvador is painting (using black paint) when he hears some upsetting news. He starts to smear himself all over with the paint. His wife calls from downstairs that guests have arrived at their home. Salvador, still covered in the paint, calmly puts on a suit and heads out the door to greet his guests.

What’s the most memorable line in the movie?

This is totally subjective, but one of the most memorable lines for me was in a scene with Salvador giving a seductive compliment to Federico, by saying, "You are raw, like an animal being skinned!" How’s that for a pickup line?

What’s the tone of "Little Ashes"? And what are the similarities to "Twilight"?

"Little Ashes" is an artsy independent film, with several scenes showing people reciting poetry and being creative eccentrics. The movie isn’t hard to understand, but it doesn’t have your typical straightforward plot and ending that you see in most Hollywood films. There’s rough language and sexual scenes which have made this movie rated R. It’s not a humorous film, but there are a few moments when people may laugh. The main similarity between "Little Ashes" and "Twilight" is you see a lot of Robert Pattinson giving brooding looks to someone he’s in love with and wants to have sex with but he resists the temptation. Another similarity: The leading men in the movie are a lot prettier than the leading women.

Would you recommend "Little Ashes" to anyone?

It’s not for me to decide if people will like this film or not. But let’s be real: I think there’ll be lots of Robert Pattinson fans who’ll want to see this film just because he’s naked in it.

How did Robert Pattinson prepare for his role in "Little Ashes"?

Here’s what Pattinson had to say about playing Dalí in an interview:

"I just researched tons and tons of stuff because everyone spoke Spanish on the set and so I just read all day. It was the first time that I ever really got into characterization, trying to work on movements. There was a photo of him pointing and I kept trying to figure out how he pointed for like three days. I've never done that for any job. I was doing tons of stuff on his walk and such … I've never related to a character more than him, which is really weird because everyone thinks that he’s some nut job … He was an incredibly complex person. I'm not saying that I am. I’m not at all."

Remember Me Auditions

Are you an actor? Would you like to be a part of Rob's new movie "Remember me?" Well here is your chance!


Summit Entertainment Robert Pattinson film "Remember Me" Casting
April 29, 2009

Summit Entertainment, the production company behind The Twilight Saga films, is currently in pre-production for a new project titled Remember Me, and Robert Pattinson will be starring in the film. Remember Me is shooting this summer in New York while the actor is between Twilight sequels New Moon, which wraps at the end of May, and Eclipse, which starts in August.

A female lead is in the process of being cast, while Rachel Getting Married writer Jenny Lumet and Will Fetters have finished the latest draft of the screenplay. Summit co-chairman and CEO Patrick Wachsberger described the film as this generation’s Love Story.

*** Please submit photos and resumes by mail only. No phone calls or personal drop-offs ***

See the post titled Headshot and Resume Information regarding how to submit for acting roles.

Principal Actor Casting:

Remember Me
Joanna Colbert
Colbert / Mento Casting
9720 Wilshire Blvd.
4th Floor Beverly Hills CA 90212

Extras Casting:


Production Companies:

Do NOT send photos and resumes to the production companies (they will most likely end up in the trash can), they do not cast the films. They hire casting directors who sort through the thousands of submissions.

Summit Entertainment
1630 Stewart St.
Ste. 120
Santa Monica, CA 90404

in association with

Underground Films
447 S. Highland Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036


Erik Feig, Meredith Milton, Nick Osborne, Trevor Engelson


Allen Coulter

Adapted Screenplay:

Jenny Lumet

Filming Locations:



Robert Pattinson


Remember Me is the story of two lovers whose new found relationship is threatened as they struggle to deal with family tragedies.

Sin Limites - Little Ashes Spanish Trailer

Spanish Trailer for Little Ashes. Even though Rob's voice is dubbed over it's quite hot to hear "him" speak Spanish :)

Untagged LAX Brooke Shields/Robert Pattinson Continued

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Little Ashes - HQ Pictures and the Movement

Jorja tells us that the Los Angeles - Landmark Regent Theater says they are going to decide on whether or not to show the movie today! We've previously listed it as a SCORE, I don't know what made them change it, please call Jeremy Willis 626-799-1824 and tell them you'd like to see the movie there if you live in the area! This is important. We can make it happen! Please call...

There is an addition to the screenings in Missouri! Please check the Little Ashes page for all of the confirmed screenings. You can also check out Little Ashes Movement page for the numbers to request the movie in your area :)

We don't tag the pictures because it takes away from Rob's gorgeousness, please credit if you take them ;)
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