How To Be and Little Ashes in UK

According to Picturehouse in York will show How To Be, Little Ashes and Twilight TOGETHER on June 20th. (Can you handle it? :))


TwilightNews has been informed of these upcoming screening dates for How To Be, including one night of what we chose to call a Rob-o-Rama! See How To Be, Twilight and Little Ashes all together! We will give you more information as we confirm it, including the unconfirmed dates and times below.

How To Be is due to have the following UK cinema screenings (open to the public):

7-17 May Barbican: London’s first International Buddhist Film Festival: awaiting confirmation of us being accepted and date of screening.

Sunday 10th May at 6:30pm: Lexi in Kensal Green with a Q&A

Tuesday 12th May at 6:20pm and Sunday 17 May at 6:30pm: Showroom in Sheffield with a Q&A on 17th

Friday 15th May at 8:30pm: Prince Charles in Leicester Square with a Q&A

Before 18 May: Worcester Uni screening in cinema tbc next week with a Q&A Date TBC

After 18 May: Phoenix Picturehouse in Oxford: Associate Producer Mike Williams is looking into us having one evening screening soon after 18 May. Date TBC.

Saturday 20 June, ROB-O-RAMA! (heehee): Picturehouse in York screening with Twilight and Little Ashes.

For other dates on Little Ashes in UK check out L.A. Movement page.


Suz said...

imagine the "energy" in that theater in York..

Melanie said...

Oh those lucky people that get to attend. I'd be a pool in the floor by the end.

tinababy1 said...

And by energy you mean heat radiating from between every woman's legs....

We could get rid of all the coal used to heat homes for years to come

Suz said...

ha ha ha ha Tina!

gurl.. you are "on" today

elaine said...

An overdose of Rob~that is just what I need!

TW~I'm w/ you~I couldn't breathe

Divinesally said...

Ya'll are funny. LMAO. I'd have to bring a stash of panties, b/c they would all just melt right off. The peeps in Yorks are gonna O. mothueffin D. on Rob goodness. Lucky asses.

He's a happy elixir.

Tess said...

Oh, those lucky people in York.

SummerGirl said...

Screenings in teh UK!!!!



Unknown said...

By popular demand, City Screen in York is showing a trio of films starring Robert Pattinson.

Saturday 20 June 2009.

TWILIGHT (12A) starting 11.30am.

HOW TO BE (15) starting 2.10pm.

LITTLE ASHES (15) starting 4.15pm.

Booking now on 0871 704 2054.

Tickets can be bought for each film individually or in combination:-
One film: Full price: £7.20, Members: £5.20.
Two films: Save £2 on above prices.
Two films: Save £4 on above prices.

Become a City Screen Member to save:


albaville said...

I wish I could go really, I'm in italy and I already saw Rob in Montepulciano working as an extra but this is a great thing..3 Rob's movies in row...I could have some kind of riamimation stuff with me or i couldint make it...
have fun u lucky girls there!

Anonymous said...

dang... why Cant they have this all over ? We love Rob in the US too !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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