Little Ashes Movement - Day 17 - New dates and UK release

We are on Day 28! Please check our new post:))


kespax said...

2 theatres in melbourne Astor & Nova, want to screen ashes, htb & any rp movies - if they can get their hands on them. We still have no distribution, both theatres are making enquiries. Call Melbourne theatres - and theatrea in your state aussies.

Sara said...

Yes! West End ;D
I'm still waiting on a reply from ICA(London), but if that fails then West End it is.
So proud of Robsessed *tears
Even other websites are talking about our movement ;)
Thanks Goz

secamimom said...

I just emailed all 3 addresses listed for my local theater here in NC. I will let you know the minute I hear anything.

Bravo said...

I want them to show it in Sweden, looks like they're not going to :(

crazy said...

Goz~ This time when i called my local art theatre i said i was Robert Pattinson, I seem to have a large fan base and would you please show my movie? All I heard were squeals from the fangirls in the office and alot of thumping noises.


Anonymous said...

See you there Sara.

That is the place where they were still showing Twilight in March, that time when the US had the DVD and we didn't. It played every Saturday and Sunday lunchtime.

So I have been there. ALOT.

And it looks like alot more!


Anonymous said...

And -- thanks for posting Gozde :)

The Chris Show said...

Question: What does the line "Already Scheduled" mean if not that it will appear at the theaters listed below? Shouldn't it say "Call to request a showing?" When I click on the Already Scheduled link for Boston the theater that comes up knows nothing about it. Just wondering! Thanks!

Hannah said...

The commitment to getting this movie distributed is amazing.. You gals are FAB :)

I know we're only a little country but Im hoping Ireland will get the movie because the UK is. Paul Morrison did say at the premiere in Belfast that it will be out here May 8th but there's no word of it yet and Im starting to get worried :-/

Light House Cinema in Dublin is one of the better known places for showing Artsy movies.
Contacts: 00353 1 879 7601

Thanks Gozde and cinnamon_toast_crunch for all the work you have put in to this ;)

Suz said...

Goz you are doing great work!

Rob (hearts) Goz

Hey,just saw the "cawfee" pic on the Insider...

It was the whistle shot..


SugarM said...

Kespax, Girls at RPatzAU posted that LA is being distributed through Kojo Pictures.
I can only think to mention this distributor when phoning. Unfortunately no ideas on HTB distribution here in AU.

TwiHartRK said...

Alright Robsessers! The list is HUGE! So is my puffy heart for all of you.

Gozde said...

Chris: when you click on the link for Boston it takes you to the Little Ashes website where it says it will play in Kendall Square Cinema. Doesn't it play there? Did you call them? The others in the list are the ones to be called.

Thanks to all that call and request the movie :)

katykeene said...

Hey Kespax I am in Melbourne. Nova in Carlton I have been a member at for years. I will get right on the phone to them in morning. Thanks for the info.

Sara said...

Can I just add (OT sorry), that I've just finished listening to an interview Robert did on the radio last year (Z100) and I thought I'd give the link here to those who have never heard of it or those who have forgotten it, because it is seriously one of the single funniest interviews I have listened to.

Part 2&3 on side bars.

Amberla at Circle Cinema said...

TO TULSA OKLAHOMA FANS! Please join our email newsletter at to find out when Little Ashes gets scheduled. There is no need to keep calling/emailing - you've made your point! :) LOL. We have been INUNDATED with your requests and we promise we'll get it, we promise! It's amazing to see such passion for a movie. Please watch our schedule, it will be booked soon!

Gozde said...

LOL, sorry Amberla :)) I'll remove your email address from the list now.

Thank you SO much for bringing this great movie to your theater. We really appreciate it :))

gorgeous said...

I have tried to get in touch with County Theater in Doylestown, Pa. 18901 Phone-215-348-3456 to show Little Ashes. I have left phone messages and e-mails to no prevail. Maybe you would have better luck. Iam dying to see this movie. Iam an obsessed Rob and Twilight Saga fan. Thanks for your help.

Hannah said...

Sara, Love that interview!
When they're talking about TwiMoms wanting him and he says
'Feel dirty about it, feel like its wrong'
mmmmmm...Rob. I can still feel dirty about it even though I'm 22 and not a TwiMom right?!

Sara said...

Hannah, I'd think he'd prefer that. hahaha.
He's so incredibly sexy in that interview, with the innuendos and the gravelly voice *thud

Laura said...

YES! There's finally one in Baton Rouge to call! And I WILL be calling those peeps til they crack! hahaha

Unknown said...

Hannah I have emailed the lighthouse and the IFC among other cinemas and not one of them has had the decency to reply. the appreciation for Rob here is quiet and reserved at least among the non fangirls. but there is much appreciation.

I too am starting to get very worried.

Unknown said...

oh and as a point of interest since yesterday I can't view some vids and picures...I just have blank squares. Anyone else?

Hannah said...

Siobhan, I havent heard back from the Light House myself. I couldn't think of anywhere else that would be likely to show it.
Hopefully if Goz puts the details up on the blog, more people will email or call and we'll get an answer eventually.
Did you make it Belfast to see it? I honestly could not think about anything else for days after seeing it. It is amazing.
Fingers crossed for an Irish cinema release! If nobody else, at least there's me and you to hound them! ;)

I can view all pics and vids by the way..

Anna said...

Ok, since the UK seems to be joining the movement... I can go see LA in London, but I'd love to have it closer to home! So, can you please help me call the Arts Picturehouse in Cambridge?
Tel: 0871 704 2050

There are about 10,000 female students here, surely there's a market for the movie!!!

Unknown said...

I dunno what the story is with the vids. must be my puter.

I didn't make it to belfast. it was a five hour round trip and that was just the driving and being a weeknight it just wasn't doable for me. It near killed me to miss it but there was nothing I could do.

I read your review and it sounded amazing. I have a few friends who want to go see it with me. I'm certain there must be some demand for it!

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