A Message from Paul Morrison, Matthew McNulty and UK Profuction Team

A message from Paul Morrison, Director of Little Ashes:

Some of the theaters listed on our Little Ashes Movement told the callers that they would decide on getting the movie depending on how it does in other theaters. Let's make it happen people! Show them an R rated Rob movie will do well! :) Robvador for the win! :)

We need the help of our UK readers. We have only 4 theaters in our "to call" list. Please send us more local theater names, we'll update the list and start the assault on their phone lines :)

Thanks to Little Ashes Promotional Blitz. and Leni for the tip :)

Here is a video Maria sent us. It is from a Spanish TV channel and is in...wait for it...Spanish :)

She said:
Apparently it aired on october in a newscast. At the beginning it's talking about the scene in which Lorca meets Dali at the student's residence, which happened in real life. Then it says that the movie gives us an inside look on the complex and intense relationship between these three geniuses of the Spanish culture. Then it shows Javier Beltran talking about how with this movie they tried to show something more than just the myths and legends about these characters, and show how they really were. In the end it just talks about some photographs of Buñuel being shown at the festival of Valladolid, where the movie was first screened in Spain.


LorcaSong said...

Thanks for the video. Can these actors be any more enchanting and mesmerizing? Javier Beltran is intoxicating ...

I'm doing something everyday to help promote this movie and I know others are too. Come on, everyone ~ YES WE CAN!!!

sunrise said...

what is virgin filmflex pay perview? is this a uk thing? I see the moview will be available May 8 on that.

Gozde said...

Sunrise: yeah, it's a UK thing :)

Unknown said...

Javier is hot!
Anybody paired with Robert becomes hot!!

I am too doing something!
I have invited a lot to see this movie as interesting based on Salvador Dali's life; not because Robert is in there. See, I found that some people are affected by the "naked gayish" Robert and don't want to see Robert in any non-traditional role.
Others said that the movie is just being hyped for Robert Pattinson, in which case I said to them; look -- it is a movie about Salvador Dali whom Robert Pattinson was chosen because he auditioned for it and got the job! On top of that, it is an independent film, small budget, but very well done.
I think I have made many converts among my acquaintance who otherwise would not see the movie.

Hannah said...

Noel - Power to the people! Keep it up! :)

It baffles me how this film is not being eaten up by big distributors. All they would have to do is watch it to realize how truly amazing it is.
Incredible acting and directing from such a low budget movie.
A movie they should be immensely proud of.

peeling a fig said...

Okay I just sent an email to an Indie-ish screen in Southampton:

Harbour Lights Picturehouse
Ocean Village
Southampton SO14 3TL
Tel: 0871 704 2060

Email: harbourlights@picturehouses.co.uk

This website lists arthouse type cinemas: http://www.independentcinemaoffice.org.uk/venues_screensouth.html

Brits are often too embarrassed to phone up and demand things, I'm afraid. Because...we're British.

Gozde said...

Thanks Garden, I'll add that to the list :)

peeling a fig said...

Yeah, also this organisation:
http://www.screencinemas.co.uk/ has various arthouse screens around the London suburbs and Surrey and one in Winchester, Hampshire. The contact is:

Someone should find one for Birmingham, a real university town. Would be a good market I think.

...wowie! said...

Javie Beltran has that damn sexy spanish...yum...voice. I'm drooling. Oh the hotness!

Sara said...

The ICA http://www.ica.org.uk/ may be useful.
I already emailed them a while back, they replied saying they'd get back to me, but nothing yet.
Maybe if others jumped onto this mission, it'd get the go ahead ;)

Thank you yet again Goz for being so incredibly selfless; getting releases in places you won't even be able to see it. Truly appreciated.

Sophia Z.86 said...

That Javier is growing on me...
Lorca´s girl, I think you are right: spaniards are hot!

LorcaSong said...

Soph ~


They're also passionate and endearingly emotional. They make great poets and artists, don't they?

Anonymous said...
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Nora said...
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Nora said...

Wow, I'm proud of being Spaniard now ^^

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