Little Ashes Movement - Day 21!

We are on Day 22 :)


Carla/Germany said...

I contacted a few german theaters in my area who show indie movies like little ashes.
they said there is no german distributor for little ashes yet...
but they'll keep an eye on it!

i so hope i'll be able to see that movie in a theater!!

Unknown said...

No more word back from the lighthouse cinema in Dublin yet apart from the original email on Saturday. Will post as soon as I hear anything as I'm sure the other irish girls will. We need to see this in Dublin/Ireland

Ginie / Portugal said...

Hello, I'm Ginie from Porto/Portugal and I'm a huge Robert's fan!

I already sent an email to a theater (Lusomundo) asking if they are going to distribute "Little Ashes". They don't have a phone number on the website...:s

We have another theater (UCI Cinemas) and they do have a phone number +351707232221.

Hannah said...

Hey Siobhan!
I replied to lighthouse cinema yesterday saying that myself and many many more people have an interest in the movie because of Robert Pattinson. I also said after seeing the movie in the Belfast Film Festival, I was blown away by the outstanding acting and directing this low budget movie had.
Also, The script won the Euroscript Screen Story competition in 2000 and its the only script about Dali so far that has approval from the Dali foundation.
I know Rob sells it for us but the cinema's might need a little bit more convincing!
I'll let you know if I hear anything back from them ;)

Sophia Z.86 said...

Good luck, everyone! If Little Ashes goes well around the world, maybe our local theaters in Brazil will decide to (introduce and) keep it in their schedule.

Wishful thinking...

Sophia Z.86 said...


Do you know if there is already a title for Little Ashes in portuguese??? It would help me here in Brasil, because the (sorry for that) ignorant people that answer on the phone don´t have ANY ANY ANY idea of what Little Ashes is...

Anonymous said...

he looks naked in the water

Sophia Z.86 said...


You made me laugh! No, unfortunately he is not. They are wearing boxers, I believe. Enlarge the pic and drool... I did that already, you know, just to check...

Kate said...

Hey Hannah & Siobhan here's what I said in my reply to Neil!

Thank you for your reply.
I can't answer for the other people who have e-mailed you but for me the reason I was asking about "Little Ashes" was because I was really disappointed that it wasn't shown at The Dublin Film Festival and I missed out on going to the Belfast Film Festival to see it.
I am obviously a Robert Pattinson fan and would like to see him show his acting talents in something else besides "Twilight".
I don't think "Little Ashes" is getting the recognition it deserves and think that it will probably be on limited release here like in England (that's if it gets released at all) .
Here's a link to the official website

If you are showing it in the future I would be delighted if you could e-mail me.

Thanks again for your response

I thought the same as you Hannah that just saying I'm a fan of Rob's was not gonna be reason enough to get them to show it and also hope it doesn't sound like I didn't enjoy "Twilight" but wanted to make it sound like there's more to Rob!
Let's keep our fingers crossed!!

Sarah Eden said...

So I emailed my local theatre and I got an email back from the guy saying this..."Am working on LITTLE ASHES. Have not heard back from the distributor as to the
release plan yet, but am guessing it likely won't be available for Lexington
sized markets until probably mid-to-late July."
It's in Lexington, Kentucky. The movie theater is called, "The Kentucky Theatre"
So I don't know if that is really confirmed or what. But it isn't exactly bad news. :)

Hannah said...

Fair play Kate, sounds good to me.
I wonder how many emails they're getting about it??
Enough to make them realise its a very good move, business wise, to get the movie in hopefully! :)

Anonymous said...

Sophia, you blew my bubble...

crazy said...

Oh Gozde, that gif is somehow painful to watch. I'm weak at the knees.

and this movement is so exciting!

Everybody~~ i think i am the only one calling my theater! Please help me out and call the Clairidge in Montclair, NJ. Thanks!!!!

LorcaSong said...

Hi Crazy, Soph ~ hope y'all are having a magical day ...

Anon, you made me laugh too ;)

I'm in the USA but will make international calls. Those of you in other countries, can you tell me if I need to speak your native language or if English is commonly spoken? Any suggestions?

Thanks *pronams*

LorcaSong said...

Crazy, I'll phone your theater :)


Sophia Z.86 said...

Hey, LorcaSong!

A magical day for you too! It is a good thing that I came back to check in Robsessed before leaving...

Sooo nice to meet you in here.

I think you need to speak the local language in most of the countries. In Brasil, sometimes, they don´t even understand portuguese well ~ that gives you an idea of my "cultural exile" in here. HELP!!

Take care, ok? I guess I will see you around...

Emmes said...

Ok, I'm gonna have to get all geeky here and contact the Twilight Fanclub down here and get them on this movement...I think me constantly calling one of our only 2 arthouse theaters would not be a "movement" it would just be harrassment.

Will try to get them on board...!!!

And that gif!!! He so cute! I'm sure da girls were shouting lotsa saucy compliments and Robs is all like
"what? I'm pretending I'm not hearing that, what? I can't hear...ohh this is so embarassing!"

crazy said...

Thanks soooo much Lorca! *smiles back* Getting HoT in here, just thinking of Rob and Javier "together" in Little Ashes!

crazy said...

Emmes - yeah, i think MY calls are not so invited at this point. Wait, ya think the dh will call???

yeah right.

LorcaSong said...

Hi Soph ~

So glad to meet you here too! I'm feeling brave today.


I'm on the way to work ... will be a long day, I'm afraid. Happily got your email and will write back when I'm home this evening.

Take care, my friend.

Silmarienn said...

sorry for turkish :/


rob' un 2011'de memoirs diye bi filmde rol alacağını biliyo muydun ?

Anonymous said...

Hi, the cinema in London you have listed is not advertising Little Ashes on their website and they have not replied to my emails so far

LorcaSong said...

You make me laugh, girl ... what would I do without you!

Have fun ... I'll talk to you this evening. Hope you're online.

crazy said...

Lorca - i am often online at night. My Robsession kicks into high gear by then!
I'm trying hard to be better "behaved". Have you noticed? How am I doin?

Suz said...


Hiya bb.

Can you add this theater. Just spoke to them and they are considering this for the summer cinema series..

call call call

The Ambler Theater, 108 E. Butler Pike, Ambler, PA 215-646-2550

LorcaSong said...

I've been with you every step of the way ... you're doing great! I've been reading between the lines too. Interesting situation.

Suz, I'll phone PA for you. Good luck!

Maryann said...

I got a VERY cheerful and excited email from the person I emailed regarding showing Little Ashes on my local theater.

Lars Fuglevik was the name of the guy who replied to my query about Little Ashes and he said "It's great with engaged and interested movie goers! LOL he also said this movie opens in US in May, so atm there are no info about any possible Norwegian distributors for this movie. He did say he assumes it will come our way and of course it will be shown at SF Brygga Kino in Tønsberg once they get it! He was guessing sometime during the summer.

So there ya go, he also encouraged me to check their website for coming movies, as they will put the info up there asap they have it.

Seems like he was excited for the query and was optimistic that it would come our way! Here's hoping!

Anonymous said...

Hi, you guys are doing a great job :).
Do you know if any other cinemas in the UK might show Little Ashes? None of the ones listed are anywhere near where I live. Thanks.

Amber (EyesofAmber) said...

I just received the following response from Cinemark corporate offices. Anyone else getting similar responses?

Thank you for your interest in our theatre in (Your city). LITTLE ASHES
is being distributed by Regent, a small distribution company. Currently
they plan to release the film "limited" in major markets on 5/08/09.
This film is being booked at the theatres that play mostly upscale
independent films. It has not been offered to us for (Your City) at this
time. That could change if it opens well in New York and LA. If you
have any other concerns or questions feel free to contact myself or the
Theatre Manager directly.

Thanks again,
Pauline LaCross
Film Buyer

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