Little Ashes Movement - Day 20!!!

We are on Day 21 :))


Anonymous said...

I just want to say, thank you for your dedication for Rob! I just absolutely love how such good fans you guys are! If I was Rob, I would totally appreciate what you guys are doin!
xoxoxox to you guys!

Sara said...

Completely irrelevant to the movement, but uhhhh that jaw porn at the top is very distracting.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Rob has one of the most amazying jawporn I have ever seen! Wish I could suck on it...yup!

Hannah said...

Gozde I got a replay from LightHouse Cinema in Dublin

Dear Hannah
We have no plans at the moment to screen LITTLE ASHES, 'though we have had a few e-mails about it, which is quite unusual. Is there a particular reason - outside of its reception at the Belfast festival - why you are interested?

Best regards
Neil Connolly
Light House Cinema

I think he knows the answer to that question already! ;)
Will I check out a few more cinemas in Dublin or will we persist with this one?!

Gozde said...

ooops, I should fix it! Hannah, that's the same theater Kate got the reply from :))

Just tell them it's a really good movie and you are a Robert Pattinson fan and would love to see it :))

Anonymous said...

God, you guys are great! Happy for all you fans that get to see the movie in theatres because of what some of you done. Myself, I'm flying to London to see it on the 8th of may =D But, I just wrote to the largest theatre-company (or whatever you call it) in Sweden and told them about the movie and asked if they perhaps had plans showing it in a few cities atleast.

Great job everyone who's been calling around =D

Kate said...

LOL Hannah I got pretty much the same reply last night from him!

Kino in Cork was the only one that sounded anyway hopeful although there was one in Limerick that was very helpful but they only show DVD formats I asked her if there was anywhere else in Limerick I could try and she said the "Belltable" but that they are going through renovations at the moment so that they would probably be using DVD format too!

Unknown said...

Kate and hannah I pretty much got the same reply from the lighthouse and they apologised for not getting back to me on a previous email sent weeks ago. I replied saying it looks like a great movie and as a Rob Pattinson Fan I would like to see it.

Unknown said...

How many irish girls frequent this site anyway? just curious. show your colours na cailini!

Kate said...

Hi Siobhán,nice to see another Irish girl I'm not actually quite sure how many Irish there are on the site. I know I was the only one for a long time and then Hannah joined up but and now yourself but TBH after that I'm not sure :-/

Amber (EyesofAmber) said...
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Anonymous said...

Please add this one to your call list. Thanks so much for starting this great movement.

Cinemark Tinseltown USA
3004 Linden Drive
Bristol, VA 24202

Office: 276-669-2091


Christy said...

Please add this one to the list, even though I'm sure I'm the only one in this area! :)

Crescent Theater
208 Dauphin St
Mobile, AL

Susan said...

Called the Landmark theatre in Indianapolis for an update. They still say late June PROVIDED that the movie does well. To me, that means there is no doubt; I don't need a crystal ball!! They cannot commit until they see the early box office response.

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