Apples and Oranges

Some folks are mad at me for not encouraging the vote on popsugar and I am a sucker for pleasing people so there you go :))

In the popsugar playoffs Robert Pattinson vs Heidi Kulm...All right....Apples and Oranges? (Shout out to my McV :))

You can go HERE and pick Rob to proceed to the next round!


thirtysomething said...

lmao! tina fey vs. kstew... tina fey is winning.

crazy said...

uhhhhh that pic of Rob makes we want to vote all over him!!

p.s. i thought Heidi Klum was a jerk with Rob on the Tonight Show.

Hi TS~

thirtysomething said...

hi c :)

still loving your tatted up rob. wish i could see him larger for detail ya know.

i keep changing my avatar... identity crisis?

crazy said...

hi ts :)
I'll send the pic so you can check him out more closely. ahem.
I totally understand the avatar dilemma. Too many HotRob pics to choose from.

Rob's got me breaking down and in crisis management mode. ;)

Hannah said...

Oh sweet baby jesus.
The Banner..
That Banner is back..

I cant even.. I dont know how to.. Its just that...
I'm having some sort of verbal diarrhea fit like Bella in the hospital bed.

I really wanted to vent about the absolute lusciousness but I dont have the words. It being expressed with beads of sweat and a required fresh pair of knickers.

Anonymous said...

Yay, you posted it :) I think Rob probably will win :)

Anonymous said...


I agree with you Heidi Klum was a real jerk

elainnie said...

Agree, Heidi was a snob on the tonight show. Rob ignored her and I loved it!! lol

Anonymous said...

Kristen Stewart's in it, too, against Tina Fey. Kristen's LOSING! To that old hag? It's at 66%-34% right now. Blah!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, crazy. Heidi Klum was a real bitch on that show. But Rob came off funny and sweet and she just came off as - well, a bitch and a snob.

kespax said...

Heidi who???
I do know who she is, from trawling the net more than anything - old model married to Seal - but really outside of US = nobody.

He's killing it in that poll.

Very strange random options.

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