Robert Pattinson in Popcorn Magazine (Germany)

It's times like this when I regret only studying German for two years! I want to know what they're saying about his face! In the meantime I'm quite content to just stare.

The translation is after the scan thanks to Robsessed83 and Katja :)

People that brush their hair out of their face want to show strength, power and sexual potency. In other words: "I'll get what I want". Robert is a fighter, very ambitious and target-oriented. (Gozde: Ooooh, I like that!)

Rob's high and broad forehead stands for intelligence and assertiveness. Such ambitious people would want to bang their head against a wall most of the time. If it's not working, they might even lose it.

A clear glaze, almost a glare, paired with bushy eyebrows. Robert can be dominant, maybe even despotic. He is goal-oriented and really ambitious, demanding and dominant between the sheets. A self confident guy who knows exactly what he wants and how to get it.(Gozde: Too much fanfic on the brain. Are they describing his facial features or trying to make me HOT and bothered? :))

Sturdy and pointing down, his nose stands for ambition, justice and a strong will. However, the alar wings of the nose are not very distinct, which means: Robert has a hard time putting himself in the position of others.

A beautiful, well-proportioned mouth, the lips rather small. Robert's sensitiv and artistic nature is unmistakable. But: he tends to be the brooding one, shutting himself off to other people a lot.

A broad Jaw stands for assertiveness and self-confidence. A guy like Rob won't get agitated easily.

Even if he's not the most talkative person, Robert Pattinson (23) is a fighter by nature, setting straight goals and won't let others get in his way. A guy with principles, even though he's not big on patience. If things go really wrong he might even lose it. That fact makes him a loner. Robert's only open to new things if he wants to be. His will to work and dominance are both remarkable. He wants to give directions, even concerning his love life.
His greatest fear: Being a loser!

Thanks to Gossip Dance

Robert Pattinson in Donna Moderno Magazine

Rob featured in Donna Moderno magazine in Italy.

I don't know about you but this scene in NM... hmmmmm....

Thank you to Gossip Dance

Ellen Degeneres: Everybody Loves Robert Pattinson

Ellen loves Robert Pattinson and we love Ellen :)

Thanks to Gizemli Gul for the tip :)

Robert Pattinson EW Outtake Wallpapers

One of our fabulous Banner Makers CSI_Kat made these 2 gorgeous Wallpapers with the EW Outtakes. The images are resized to fit the screen right click and save for original size :)

Hanging Out With Robward Cullenson

This video is SO mental and SO funny :)

Thanks to hicihoney for the link :) The girl's note says: "I'm just having fun, please no rude comments" and I agree. It looks like stalker's central but it's a cute video and believe me noone that is really "stalker crazy" would work so hard on making a cute video and putting it on the web.

Oh and that ROBsessed DVD has got to GO!

When Bad Photoshop Happens to Good People

Robert Pattinson and Alexander Skarsgård have more in common than playing vampires that get us all hot. They are the victims of bad photoshop:

Rob's is not that bad but Alex looks like he's about to molest someone :)

And why is there a silver chain on Rob's wrist and not Alex's? Does Rob strike you as someone who would accessorize?

Thanks to RobStenation for helping me find the Rob manip :)

Kate and I can't agree on which one is worse. Help us decide:

And an old one manip :)

Robert Pattinson Wore His Own Clothes in How To Be

Robert Pattinson Wore His Own Clothes in How To Be... Probably not in all of the scenes :)

Evidence 1:

After we posted this picture last week our eagle eyed reader Jeannine started to think where she knew it from and remembered it's RobArt's t-shirt from How To Be!

From the condition of the t-shirt I'm going to say it's RobArt wearing Robert Pattinson's t-shirt, not vice versa :)

Evidence 2:

This video is from Harry Potter Goblet of Fire (2005) promotions and he is wearing the sweatshirt that he also wears in How To Be (2008). How To Be was a low budget movie and it's endearing that the actors wore their own clothes :)

From How to Be:

How To Be screencaps from Robert Pattinson Source

Order How To Be:

Robert Pattinson and his Many Characters...

The Robert Pattinson drought continues and on the surface I hope for new pictures, but really it makes me so happy that he’s not being hounded everywhere he goes.

A new picspam is due… and as we’ve covered just about every body part I thought the many faces of Rob, per his characters would be candy for the eyes.

We should start at the beginning with a little bit of Vanity Fair Rob. What a way to introduce the world to the jaw – by enhancing it with his wardrobe.

Then we run as fast as we can past Giselbert… with the scary David Beckham-like dubbed voice! Don’t worry, there’s lots to cleanse the eyes after this one...

Thankfully Cedbert was next (Robric?) and we fell in love with the boy who jumped out of the tree and after googling him breathed a breath of relief that he was over 18. Come on, you know you all did the same!

Most of us forgot about the wizard that (spoiler) died. But a few years later rejoiced that he didn’t actually die – but just turned into a ridiculously hot and sparkly vampire. But in between that he dazzled us with some amazing, completely different, characters.

A little bit of Toby and some of the best jaw porn out there…

The completely adorkable Daniel Gale who rocks a rainbow sweater like no other!

Then 2008 was a busy year for Rob. (Oh, and I’m well aware nobody is reading this, I know I wouldn’t be with all these pretty pictures!)

We were treated to Richard in The Summer House…

… RobArt in How To Be (my personal favourite)…

… Robvador in Little Ashes.

Then of course came Robward. The character that had captured our hearts in the books and the actor that played him who captured our hearts in real life. It was Robward that introduced most of us to all the characters before… thanks Robward.

Next up… Robler… and I am so excited for this character (is it March yet)…

So, the many faces of Rob and his characters so far… We have more Robward, Georgbert, possibly Phinbert and hopefully Jacbert to look forward to in the future.

The future looks pretty… the future looks Rob!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Unete Colombia Journal

Edward & Bella are No1 in their Top 10 Unforgettable Couples.

Translation thanks to Robert Pattinson Colombia:

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan (Twilight and New Moon)

The protagonists of the famous literary series that gave rise two movies, they stole the sighs of millions of viewers by teaching the eternal love of a vampire and a 17 year old shy girl. The third installment will come out in the middle of
this year and it is expected to bring with it an unprecedented emotional torrent

Source Robward & Kristella via Gossip_Dance

E! News: Robert Pattinson Comic Book Cutie

Thanks to Robpattznews for the tip

Robert Pattinson Screencaps of "Ask Rob" Part 2

Because we know you want to see these! Enjoy!

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