How Does Robert Pattinson Keep That Sexy Brooding Look?

Just to make it clear the sources for this story are US Weekly and The National Ledger. Enough said-Kate

Us Weekly Magazine has an item in their 'Hot Stuff' section this week that may shed some light on the sparkly on-screen vampire that so many girls love.

Robert Pattinson - New Moon and Twilight Star's Secret Spa Trips!
The magazine has this item: "This vampire likes to get pampered. A source tells Hot Stuff that Robert Pattinson, who’s in Vancouver filming Eclipse — the third movie in the Twilight saga — frequents the posh Vida Wellness Spa at Sutton Place Hotel."

"Rob had an hour-long back massage the other day,” the source tells Us, adding that the entire cast often pops in, except for Kristen Stewart, 19, who has not visited since filming New Moon in the spring. When Pattinson, 23, arrived for his most recent treatment (one hour massages start at $120), he used an alias, was “super-quiet” and, despite bodyguards, tried to remain inconspicuous in a hoodie.

The magazine adds the source says the star has more security than he did a few months ago and his plan seemed to work. Says the insider: Pattinson’s masseuse “didn’t know who he was but thought he had a ‘star quality'.

Source: The National Ledger

Kate: What planet has this masseuse been living on? Where the hell do I send my cv to apply for this job because I'd like to see some of Robs star quailty too.

Get Robert Pattinson's Highlights

Erin Green from The Huffington Post researched how Rob got his bronze highlights for Twilight:

The colorist who gave Robert Pattinson his signature bronze “Twilights” dishes on how recession-savvy ladies can get the look – and save some cash – using his hair highlighting technique.

The color chief and co-owner of the Gavert Atelier salon in Beverly Hills, Stuart Gavert, has a solution to make color grow out in an economic fashion: Twilights.

Twilights are like normal highlights; they’re just strategically placed to optimize grow-out time. Instead of hitting the salon again a month or so after the first color, you go once a quarter and no one is the wiser.

But, why the oh-so-clever moniker? It turns out the technique is the same one used on Robert Pattinson’s head in the Twilight movie. Gavert should know — he’s the man who gave the year’s most famous vampire his signature color for the first movie.

(If you haven’t read the books and at this point are wondering why on Earth anyone would care so much about the color of a vampire’s hair, just trust us. Pattinson's, er Edward Cullen's bronze locks play a central role. Some even wondered if Pattinson's coif was responsible for the movie's success. It's a girl thing.)

Gavert couldn’t be on the shoot highlighting the stars' hair every day, so he developed a grow-out friendly technique and used it on Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the rest of the stars. The color gets put in under the part in the hair, masking the demarcation line for weeks.

The Birth of Twilights

"They didn't want [Robert] to look dead-dead. Just a little bit dead," said Gavert on the day I visited his salon for my own Twilights session.

The lead hair stylist on the first movie, Mary Ann Valdes, told Gavert the vampire make-up was washing Pattinson out, in a bad way. Not in a sexy-vampire, Edward Cullen way.

"Mary Ann called me and asked me what I thought," said Gavert. "I said, ‘Put some warmth in his hair. Don't make him a redhead or anything. But the warmth will reflect on his skin.’"

Warmth meant bronze highlights. But that created a new problem. Highlights grow out too fast and affect the continuity on a movie shoot. In other words, the filmmakers may shoot the entrance to a scene one week and shoot the rest of the scene a month later. Hair starts looking grown out at that point and people start realizing they're watching a movie and not hanging out with Edward Cullen.

How Do I Get Twilights?

The easiest way to get Twilights is the same way I did: schedule an appointment with Stuart or one of the stylists at his salon. Sessions with Stuart are pricey, $250 a session – he did touch Robert Pattinson’s hair after all. But you can get a junior colorist to do it for less. They've even got training sessions for stylists; that’ll get you rock-bottom hair color for about $40.

If you can't get to Los Angeles, the recession-friendly color can be explained to your own stylist. Gavert explained the key points for us:

• No putting highlights on the exterior of the hair. Keep one-quarter inch away from the part, so you won’t see the highlight right on the part.
• Pick a color (or two) that are close to the natural color. You want something that warms up the face and works with the natural color, not against it.

For the record, Pattinson got two colors. Gavert put four or five gold highlights up front, to bring out the would-be vamp’s amber contacts. I got one color. I already had some gold leftover from my old hair days, so Gavert picked a single mid-tone that worked well with my natural head and gold leftovers.

Source: Huffington Post

Robert Pattinson in Slovenian Magazines

Bravo (Slovenia) - Sep 17th 2009

Front page: Who's in charge, Rob or Taylor - love triangle - exclusive interview with the stars of Twilight
Pages 2 and 3: New actress on the set of eclipse - Rachelle Lefevre fired - Jackson Rathbone is in love with Bryce Dallas Howard. (Gozde: Ummm, say what? They are probably referring to an old interview where Jackson named Bryce as his celebrity crush. Way to rehash it when she is a married mom and his co-star)
Pages 4, 5 and 6 : New moon is an action movie - characters of Bella, Taylor and Edward have evolved - emotional turmoil - Rob's role is supporting - Taylor's dedication to keep the role of Jacob and his transformation to a man - they hang out together in their free time - the fame is really annoying, they love their fans but sometimes they wish to be unnoticed.
Favourite Twilight books: Taylor: Eclipse, when the real action starts;
Rob: New Moon, I am fascinated by the tragic reality Bella has to endure;
Kristen: New moon, because Bella has to play so many different roles.

Obrazi - September 3rd 2009

With 15 kilograms ( 30lb) against Pattinson?

Taylor is more and more popular, will he endanger Robert Pattinson - he gained 15 kilograms to secure his role in sequel of Twilight - he will be walking the red carpet premieres along with Kristen and Rob.

With his new body, Taylor would easy win a fight over 6 years older and slimmer co-star Pattinson, the main question is, will he win over Rob as one of the hottest and adored male stars in the world. Robert is the king or at least the prince of many "the sexiest guy" charts around the world. His sex appeal was confirmed when he played Edward in the Twilight.

The sequel will be interesting, Edward and Jacob will fight for the love of Bella. We will have to wait to see, whose fan base will be bigger at the end of this year.

A BIG thanks to Darja for scanning and translating these for us :)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to Attend New Moon OST Launch

The source is We'll update you when it's confirmed through more legitimate sources :)

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart starrer Twilight:New Moon is ready to hit the theaters in November 20th this year. It is based on the novel of Twilight:New Moon by Stephenie Meyer and is the sequel to 2008's Twilight, which is based on Meyer's previous novel. The film stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner,[3] reprising their roles as Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black, respectively.

The new posters for the movie are out and it represent the movie’s three facets: The Cullen clan, the Wolf Pack and the Volturi Clan. Twilight:New Moon will have its music album released on October 20th, 2009. Pre-ordering for the soundtrack launched today on iTunes and when you purchase the album, you'll also receive four extra songs: Lupe Fiasco's "Solar Midnite," The Magic Numbers And Amadou & Mariam's "All I Believe In," APM Orchestra's-Die Fledermaus's "Duettino: Ach, ich darf nicht hin zu dir" and Ulf Bastlein's "Wandrers Nachtlied II, Op. 96, No. 3, D.768," in addition to the music video for Death Cab for Cutie's "Meet Me On The Equinox".

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are both expected to be there during the album launch. The movie is highly anticipated and will bring fans of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart out in droves to the theaters after they have seen the promos and traliers of this masterpiece.

468x60 - Pre-Order the New Moon Soundtrack today

Robert Pattinson in AnOther Man Magazine - HQ Images

Click to enlarge ;)

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Robert Pattinson in GQ Style Magazine

GQ Style Magazine features Robert Pattinson

Thanks to Pattinson Online for the scans :)

P.S.: The scans are very small to read the text. Of anyone would scan it for us we'd appreciate it.

Was Robert Pattinson's "White Stain" from a Cupcake?

Vancouver local Deliciously Yours Cakes catered the party Jackson Rathbone threw last saturday night. Their cupcakes look delicious and they got to meet Robert Pattinson. Here is a part of their story:

Now I'm sure everyone's wondering, did Robert Pattinson get to enjoy your cupcakes, did you get to meet him? The answer to that one is a definite yes! Sara and I mustered up the courage to talk to him and I even brought a hamburger cupcake for him to sample and he enjoyed it very much! We had a nice chat with him along with Kellan Lutz, who made it very clear to us that he had taken a business card and wished we were international so he could get mini cupcakes from us in LA!

We were on cloud 9 by this point and the whole experience couldn't have been any better than what it was. The 100 Monkeys played an excellently long set and everyone grooved to their tunes the whole night. Jackson is really one of the nicest and down to earth celebrities we've ever met. Out of respect for all the wonderful people there, we didn't take photos with the actors as this really was a night for everyone to unwind from all the hustle bustle of the movie world, but we did get a photo with the 100 Monkeys, after all they were the reason we were there in the first place!

ps. That night at about 2:30am Sara got a mysterious call from an unknown number which turned out to be Robert Pattinson himself, telling us how "beautiful" our cupcakes were! What a sweet guy! Totally the icing on the cake!!

Gozde: I posted all the parts with Rob, you can read all about their night HERE. When I look at the pictures of the "cake girls" I am thinking Rob might not have just called the "cupcakes" beautiful ;)

Thanks to everyone that sent this in :)) We appreciate the tips!

Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolitan's October Issue

Thanks to Lacesy for the scan (via source)

And because this vintage magazine scan has been making the rounds I'll post it again for those that didn't see it when we first posted it in January :)

This is from 2001:

The hand on the cheek remind you something?

Charlie Bewley talks about Robert Pattinson

Charlie recently did an interview with and mentions Rob a few times.
Now, he's immensely in demand among the human waves of teen girls who mobbed him while he was shooting New Moon on location in Montepulciano, Italy.

“Italy was a dream. Very surreal,” Bewley says. “I think everyone there, no matter who it was, Rob [Pattinson], Kristen [Stewart], [director] Chris [Weitz] or anyone else would say that it was an experience that they may never go through again. The hospitality of the whole thing, the way they treated us, the whole setting was so magnificent. “

“I was just swamped with 15-year-old girls wherever I went. My inner 14-year-old teenager in my head had a great time.”

While being pursued through the streets of Montepulciano by Twilight fanatics was a magical experience for him, Bewley acquiesces that there is a pressure induced by the immenseness of Twilight‘s popularity that he has yet to experience in the way that the film’s perpetually photographed leads have.

“Rob, I feel sorry for him a little bit,” Bewley says. “I feel for him, because he’s like a paparazzi fugitive right now. He can’t leave his house. He’s the most photographed person in the world.”

Bewley says it’s hard for him to say whether the attention Pattinson receives might make it difficult for the fellow Brit to enjoy his success, but that he, “can’t imagine he would ever say he wishes it didn’t happen, but it is a ridiculous thing to happen to anyone. He’s gone from zero to hero in six months, and his life is just totally turned upside down. I don’t know. I didn’t really speak to him in depth that much about it. But me in that situation, I think I just enjoy the parts of life that he can’t do right now too much.”
If the hype surrounding New Moon is any indication of the success Eclipse will experience, then the third film is going to be huge, and Bewley, huger with it. He attributes the film franchise’s success thus far to one key element.

“They go insane because Rob did a really good job in the first one. That’s why they’re obsessed with vampires … Those two are just brilliant together. They really are. It’s a perfect match. No one has ever really questioned whether they were the right people or not, they’ve always just been perfect. Really well cast."

Above are just the parts he talks about Rob if you would like to read the entire article go HERE.

Thanks to brandnewluv @ pattinsonlife for the picture with the posting she tracked it down and its one I have yet to see.

New Vanity Fair Outtake with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Kristen is REALLY feeling him in the picture :)

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And yes, that is a new outtake. Here are the older 2:

More from Vanity Fair HERE.

New Moon Poster in Hebrew

Thanks to Yael for sending this in :)

Old/New Robert Pattinson Pictures from New Moon Set

Robert Pattinson during New Moon filming at David Thompson :

1. Whoever first thought of tagging the pictures from one corner to the other needs to get smacked in the head for being a dumbass

2. Crossing from fan encounter to stalking: 2+ pictures with the same actor and/or more than 3 different pictures with cast members. Seriously... Check out what I mean at the source.

3. Rob looks so cute and sweet in these pictures I can almost forgive the friggin' tags... :)

Robert Pattinson: Over Night Sex Symbol

From :

Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt And More Overnight Sex Symbols

'Twilight' has catapulted RPattz into the stratosphere where he joins some other beefcake breakout stars.

Every now and then, a movie comes out that transforms a male actor into someone to be desired, adored and often watched for decades to come. We're experiencing such a phenomenon now with Robert Pattinson, who has essentially starred in one wide-release movie and had "Twilight" transform him from "Who's that?" to "Hottest Man Alive" overnight.
But where does RPattz go from here? Will he launch a decades-long career? Work with directors like Spielberg and Scorsese? Or will he become another Hollywood cautionary tale? Below are a handful of beefcake breakouts transformed by one major role, whose careers could perhaps give guidance to the Sparkly One. (Gozde: Oh no! MTV did not just call Rob "Sparkly One"!)

James Dean
Arguably the greatest male cinematic sex symbol of all time, actors like Pattinson and James Franco continue to owe a huge debt to the lived-fast, died-young legend. When 1955's "Rebel Without a Cause" hit theaters, it made Dean an overnight sensation that was like RPattz's "Twilight" success times 10. Decades later, Hollywood continues to wonder what sort of career Dean would have built had he lived past age 24; the ultimate cautionary tale for young Hollywood sensations, Dean will always be a reminder of the dark side of sudden fame.

Daniel Craig
There was a time when everyone thought he was the wrong choice as Bond, but now it's hard to imagine anyone else in the role. Heralding the return of the manly man, Craig is undoubtedly a star — and "Casino Royale" is the film that made his roll of the dice pay off. But with "The Golden Compass" and "The Invasion" also on his recent resumé, RPattz needs to choose his non-franchise scripts more wisely.

Taye Diggs
Although he'd made appearances on a few TV shows and had a stint on "Guiding Light," 27-year-old Diggs was blessed with a great showcase role as strapping young Jamaican lothario Winston Shakespeare in "How Stella Got Her Groove Back." While audiences watched Angela Bassett fall for him, so did Hollywood — and two decades of movies and TV have followed, leading up to a current recurring role on "Private Practice." RPattz might see Diggs as a cautionary tale, however, because his career path has yielded far more clunkers ("House on Haunted Hill," "Malibu's Most Wanted") than classics ("Go").

Other sex symbols they talk about are: Brad Pitt, Robert Redford, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey but no comparison with Rob in those paragraphs. You can them over at MTV :)

Thanks to our lovely Laura for the James Dean picture

E! News Now on New Robert Pattinson/New Moon Posters

Thanks CullensNews

HQ Stills of Robert Pattinson in Official New Moon 2010 Wall Calendar

We posted most of these images from the New Moon 2010 Wall Calendar but thanks to RP source we now have the high quality images. This calendar is Summit's official calendar so hopefully some of the cash goes into Rob's pocket., zoom, drool :)

Medium Quality:
P.S.: Turns out not all of these images are from the same calendar. I lost track of which calendar has which pictures. So enjoy the HQs and order at your own risk :)
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