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Talking about the LA Times pictures.


Unknown said...

Hmmm..the same behind-the-scenes stills from LA Backlot..

Thanks, Kate for picking this up from E!News.
By the way, I saw this (below) and not too keen about it, but when they put it this way [which was deliberate to generate hits, buzz, rile Twi fans], I knee-jerk react: (Haha..)

"...Scream 2009 is soon upon us [to be aired Tues Oct 27th], which means you need to make sure your voice is heard. Not only do you have the chance to vote AGAINST Twilight, you can make sure the actor who rocked your favorite fantasy movie gets the props he deserves. ..."


9 Twi-related nominations:

Best Fantasy Movie (Twi)
The Ultimate Scream (Twi)
Best Ensemble (Twi)
Best Fantasy Actor (RP)
Breakout Performance Actor (RP)
Best Fantasy Actress (KS)
Best Supporting Actress (AG)
Best Villain (CG)
Scream Song of the Year (Decode)

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