MTV Interview: Robert Pattinson says 90 year old women say the same things to him as 12 year olds!

From MTV
Robert Pattinson Calls Taylor Lautner's Transformation 'Strange'
'I was like, 'Jeez, now I have to go to the gym!' ' the 'New Moon' star recalls

With "New Moon" still riding high at the box office and poised to become one of the highest-grossing films of the year — if not all time — the world can't seem to get enough of Robert Pattinson. It's a good thing, then, that our pals over at MTV Radio recently spoke with the "Twilight" heartthrob.

Last week, we brought you RPattz's thoughts on romances, both onscreen and off. Now, as those Thanksgiving leftovers wear thin, we're happy to dish out part two of that interview, featuring some yummy tidbits on Rob's 90-year-old fans, jealousy over Taylor's bod, and his New Year's resolution to be less self-deprecating.

Robert Pattinson Surprising Laura Culpepper - Extended Video

This is a behind the scenes from the famous Laura Culpepper video from last year.
I'm SO jealous of Laura and I would not be responsible for my actions if Robert Pattinson got down on bended knee in front of me!

And here are the videos that aired last year :

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London Press Conference (FULL) Video with Robert Pattinson, WeitzMaster, Kristen and Taylor

Kate posted parts of the press conference below but thanks to TwiRocks we now have the full videos :))

*The videos take a while to load so please be patient and remember: our site is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox :)

Thanks to TwiRocks for the tip :) If you can't view the videos, check 'em out at the source: part one, part two

Killed by Robert Pattinson :)

Robert Pattinson might be the end of me and boy! What a lovely way to go! :))

Click for HQ if you dare :))

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New and Old Empire Magazine Outtakes with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

We had this picture before :

but now it's in HQ:

Source: @Twilighter_News via [info]dorcii in [info]kstewartfans

Rest of the Empire Magazine Pictures and Outtakes:


"Love it" Magazine (UK) with Robert Pattinson

This would be our version of "Life & Style" maybe (not sure) except that it applies for the crap and pinch of salt warning! But the pictures are pretty!

Now TV at the London Press Conference with Robert Pattinson & Co

Not embeddable but you can watch them HERE and HERE

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*NEW* Robert Pattinson Interview with Vikend (Slovenia)

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The interview is from Vikend's(Slovenia) Nov 28th issue

Robert Pattinson, New Moon

Sexiest Man?
I'm not even a Man yet!

Los Angeles is full of covers of Robert Pattinson, 23 year old Londoner who became a new sex symbol practically overnight. After closed screening of New Noon, the sequel of phenomenon Twilight, we met Robert and co-star Kristen Stewart at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Every step we were followed by their personal PR people and by people from agency that organized interviews. And we were warned: "No personal questions. We are here to promote the movie." Okay. Anyway, we asked Robert about OK magazine, the actual cover was about their breakup, he smiled and said: "Gossip doesn't affect my career..." We can tell you, dear female fans, Robert is not as pale as Edward and his lips are not that red either.

How many girls asked you to bite their neck today?
(laughter) I have to disappoint you. I'm surrounded by bodyguards at all times and they practically carry me in and out, so I have almost no idea what is going on outside.

How do you handle instant fame, media interest and fan pressure?
Sometimes it is unpleasant, all those interviews, army of fans, magazine covers... At the beginning it was nerve wrecking, I tried to hide, but why bother? I have no intention to hate my life. I try to accommodate as much as I could.

Can you walk the street without being stampeded by an army of female fans?
Not really. Well, I don't even have time. I work a lot these days and I don't know what is happening in real world, I'm spending all my time on movie sets or hotels or on airplanes anyway. Big cities surprise me sometimes. Recently I've been in Tokyo and I went for a walk and no one recognized me and it was strange, since I was the only white person on the street...

Maybe all white people seem alike to them.... (Gozde: a touchdown by the interviewer :))
(laughter) Maybe. But it was a great experience, opposite to New York where I was making a movie recently. I had eight bodyguards there and they were walking along me on my way from trailer to movie set, but one day there was such a crowd that we had to actually run away - they were pulling me around, pushing, it was a mess. We had to hire additional ten body guards so I went to work every day surrounded by eighteen enormous guys. That was surrealistic.

Are you afraid of all the craziness around you?
Hysteric masses of people can be scary. I think everyone would feel bad in a situation where you have no control, where you can't do anything to calm the situation. People in this kind of situations are in a state of kind of hysteric hypnotic madness. Einstein was right when he said that human civilization is the most dangerous when it moves in masses.

As a teenager, were you never obsessed with a star?
I don't remember being obsessed, but I remember the huge impact the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest had on me. I started to dress like Jack Nicholson and I started to mimic him and it lasted some time. But I wasn't crazy over him or sat in front of his house.

Were you ever in love with an actress?
Maybe.... I don't know... I always liked Patricia Arquette, I think I was in love with her as a teenager, she wasn't very inspiring (laughter). Hm, it looks like I was a little lost as a teenager as well (laughter)....

Your parents are probably very proud of you?
Very! And they are a little surprised by my reaction to my success, I don't experience it as they are. They are impressed by it, everything is so fantastic to them, mom reads everything about me (laughter). I still think that everything is a lucky coincidence. I never wanted to be famous, I didn't plan big things in my life, so everything is strange to me. I still adapt and still think what to do with everything.(Gozde: Hi Mama P. :))

Robert Pattinson Poses with Malaysian Galaxie Magazine

New picture of Robert Pattinson from New Moon Press Conference photoshoot:

Source:Galaxie Magazine

Thanks to [info]mayfrayn in [info]lion_lamb and our friends Twilight ladies for the tip :)

Robert Pattinson is the 2nd Most Searched Celebrity on Bing released their top searched celebrities list and Robert Pattinson is the second most searched celebrity online. #1 is Perez Hilton and #3 is Megan Fox. Random huh? :)

Greek magazine Interview with Robert Pattinson (including Translation)

Here is the trans­lated interview:

This era’s icon

What is it that makes mil­lions of girls scream at every appear­ance of 23 year old Robert Pat­tin­son? It is a rea­son­able male ques­tion, isn’t it?

In Harry Pot­ter he went almost unno­ticed. His poten­tial to become an idol started show­ing with his lead role in “Twi­light”. The sec­ond movie of the series, “New Moon”, has just come out mak­ing the biggest open­ing of all time with $72.7 mil­lion the first week­end world­wide, and a 300,000 tick­ets open­ing week­end in Greece.

The fas­ci­na­tion asso­ci­ated with Pat­tin­son now is many times big­ger than the one asso­ci­ated with DiCaprio after the “Titanic”. So, there rises the inevitable ques­tion: What kind of icons are the ones needed in these times?

This is a guy who is much less of a rebel than the stars of the pre­vi­ous decades. He is clearly milder, more roman­tic and devoted to the one he falls in love with-in addi­tion to that, he is obe­di­ently loyal to her. He seems to be some­thing like that in real life as well. He doesn’t take advan­tage of his celebrity sta­tus, col­lect­ing female hearts. Not up until now, at least. Accord­ing to mag­a­zines, he is the new, more sophis­ti­cated ver­sion of a pop star, going around with a book in his hand and choos­ing to play the piano instead of foot­ball. Girls swear that he has an under­ground charm, a mys­tery that comes from an inher­ent reserved­ness and the appear­ance of an indif­fer­ent, disheveled charmer.

Robert Pattinson- Your Song

Yesterday was such a quiet news day (it's that start of the drought people so get used to it) that I did something I haven't done in a while, I made a little vid.

My favourite photos lately have been the ones from Vanity Fair and I heard this song a while ago it's called "Your Song" and it's by Kate Walsh.

It's especially for Goz and Dani who are both under the weather at the moment! Get well soon Ladies.

LA Premiere Video with Robert Pattinson & the New Moon Cast

Rob starts at 2:45

Gala Magazine (Germany) with Robert Pattinson now with Translation

Yesterday we posted some scans of Gala Magazine you can see them here and today we have a translation of part of it thanks to Nina.

GALA, 18 Nov 2009 (Germany)


The world has tasted blood
The hype around Robert Pattinson and the other young stars from Twilight takes on absurd dimensions. GALA explains the shocking phenomenon of today.

The article starts with 18,000 screaming teenage fans in Munich waiting for Rob, Kris & Tay. Apparently, Rob has eyes only for Kristen (one of the girls is holding his picture) and he keeps looking for a glance from her and is constantly putting his arm around her.
Rob has 25 bodyguards and the reporter compares the hysteria around him to the Beatles-mania in the 60s. Twilight film earned €270 mil and New Moon is expected to reach even higher numbers and thus is a competition to Harry Potter films.

They say that Rob hates masses of people and now is constantly in the middle of them. “Every time I’m in the middle of a crowd I get scared that somebody will stab or shoot me,” says Rob about his biggest fear. A few scary fans instances: a mother came up to him with her baby wanting him to bite the baby, another 12-year-old girl threatening to kill herself if doesn’t go to see “High School Musical 3” with her. He had to turn down an offer of an independent film production because they only could get him eight bodyguards.

“New Moon” Worldwide number tops $473.7 million

From Gossip Cop
Estimated international cumulative is now up to $243 million!

North American cumulative is now up to $230.7 million!

Monday 11/23 – $10.5 million

Tuesday 1124 – $11.5 million

Wednesday 11/25 – $14.3 million.

Thursday 11/26 – $9.2 million

Friday 11/27 – $17.7 million

Saturday 11/28 -$16.5 million

The five days from 11/25-11/29 is estimated to be $66 million!

International figures from 11/25:

More magazine Scans with Robert Pattinson

Popstar Magazine

Thanks to summer in the comments for pointing out the mistake in Popstar magazine, "Are Kristen and Stewart more than just friends?" they ask. Emm hello get the names right at least.
Gala (Germany)

Thanks to Gossip_Dance

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