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NEW: Gorgeous outtakes of Robert Pattinson from GQ France + HQs and scans!

NEW: Gorgeous outtakes of Robert Pattinson from GQ France + HQs and scans!

This man......what a dream.... *le sigh*

 photo gm_59bfdb74-ed90-4e3d-8809-0223ac110006.jpg

 photo gm_59bfdb71-2b5c-48df-ad10-6e1bac110009.jpg

HQ scans from the magazine under the cut!

NEW: More gorgeous pics of Robert Pattinson in GQ France + translated interview

NEW: More gorgeous pics of Robert Pattinson in GQ France + translated interview 

Ooooooooooooo!!! We get MORE of sexy GQRobeeeeaaar!

 photo hwdNwtYZ_o.jpeg

 photo DJhDmHHXoAAffYD.jpg_large.jpg

 photo XfF53vns_o.jpg

 photo R1.jpg  photo R3.jpg
 photo R4.jpg  photo R2.jpg

 photo DJhDUOqWsAA1zMU.jpg
 photo DJhDqMlXkAAT3iW.jpg_large.jpg  photo DJhDUOvW0AE7S9P.jpg   photo DJhDUOrWsAA0PbU.jpg  photo DJhDUOsXkAABB7-.jpg

Translated interview under the cut!

NEW: Robert Pattinson talks about Good Time, choosing indies, working with Claire Denis and more!

NEW: Robert Pattinson talks about Good Time, choosing indies, working with Claire Denis and more!

image hostThis is a translation but if you understand French, click HERE to read!

From Le Parisien:

Cannes 2017. Robert Pattinson: “I finally look like an adult”

He is unrecognizable in “Good Time,” a film in official competition.  In this electric drama directed by the Safdie brothers, Robert Pattinson plays a robber in the shallows of New York. Meet the beautiful boy revealed by the “Twilight” saga, now 31 years old.

Is not that (Good Time) your best role?

Robert Pattinson: What is certain is that it was one of my favorite experiences.  It was such a crazy adventure.  At the beginning, there wasn’t even a script and then, we find ourselves in competition in Cannes …

This is your fourth Festival.  Do you feel at home?

R: I love coming here.  For me, it is the pinnacle to present a film.

You have contacted the Safdie brothers after seeing a photo of their movie “Mad Love in New York” …

R: Yes.  I found the image so beautiful and moving that I said, “I want to shoot with these people.  And then I met them.  They are so intelligent and good people.  I told them I was ready to do whatever they wanted.

This is where the Safdie wrote this role for you.  What do you have in common with your character?

R: His anxiety (laughs).  And like Connie, before, in New York, I spent most of my time on the street trying to hide myself.  Instinctively, I kept looking around to avoid the paparazzi.

This is no longer the case?

R: In London, where I live most of the time, people would rather see the reality show heroes and footballers.  And in Los Angeles, where I am often, paparazzi make less money because magazines publish photos from Instagram, so it’s better.

You’ve totally changed the look for this character …

R: Yes.  Usually, I look like a 22 year old kid.  There, they made me false acne scars, I have darker hair … I finally look like an adult.

How was the shoot?

R: It was extremely bad for my health!  I slept very little.  The night work was almost always sixteen or seventeen hours in a row.  We were in a bubble.  It was very intense and stressful.

Since the end of "Twilight”, you choose independent films on a small budget.  Why ?

R: When I choose a film, I don’t wonder if it will be a success or not.  If it’s a low budget film, I say to myself: “I will do another after.”  What I want is to surprise.  However, commercial films are designed not to disturb the public.  I find them boring to see and make.

You must soon shoot with the French director Claire Denis …

R: Yes, this summer normally.  I had seen his movie "White Material” on television eight years ago and I found it an outstanding performance.  I wanted to work with her.  When I met her, she had a role for a guy who was 50 years old … But during the appointment, I felt her changing her mind.

Kristen Stewart (Ed: his former co-star in “Twilight” and ex) was in Cannes to present her short film.  Did you meet her?

 R: No.

Are you still in touch?

R: Not really (laughs).

Le Parisian review:
"Good Time": a nocturnal and hypnotic thriller *****

Robert Pattinson, unrecognizable in “Good Time."  … Connie (Robert Pattinson) is hunted, and his look hallucinated in a frenzied race punctuated with bursts of violence.  Some scenes - like the pursuit in an amusement park - are ultra-cinematic.  And Pattinson impresses with this feverish interpretation.

"Good Time,” Theatrical release October 11 in France.

Source | Translation: Pattinson 360

Josh Safdie and Claire Denis share gracious words and funny stories about Robert Pattinson with Les Cahiers du Cinéma (France)

Josh Safdie and Claire Denis share gracious words and funny stories about Robert Pattinson with Les Cahiers du Cinéma (France) 

image hostPAW snatched up a copy of Les Cahiers du Cinéma and posted two great interviews that mentioned Rob. First up is from the upcoming Good Time directors, Josh and Benny Safdie. Josh is speaking in this excerpt and has one of those great Rob tidbits to share (are you googling the toilets?) and then of course has nothing but awesomeness to share about Rob's work ethic.

The second interview is from Claire Denis regarding High Life, one of Rob's films in pre-production. She too has kind words to share but also notes something Josh mentioned - Rob is a go-getter. We pretty much know this already from Rob's admission but I love reading it from these directors he admires. Especially Denis. She doesn't realize he's had her name on his lips for yeeeears. That's one of Rob's bucket list directors and I think it's inspiring he was unwavering in what he desired professionally.

The Safdie Brothers talk about Rob and Good Time (excerpt):
 image host image host image host
LCDC: We are one month away from the festival: is the film complete? 
Josh: Almost: Oneohtrix Point Never made the music, and for the end they wanted a song en interaction with the film. We asked Iggy Pop, and he sings an incredible song in the style of Johnny Cash. Do you know how I learned we were in competition? Six months ago I was in Los Angeles at Robert Pattinson's house. He has Japanese toilet that blows hot air. I had never experienced such a thing ... I loved it so much that Robert said to me: if we go in competition, I buy you the same. And we were invited out of competition. Six hours before the press conference, we had a meeting to find out if we were really out of competition, because at the same time we were invited to La Quinzaine, and Rob was trying to contact me over and over again, but i was at this meeting, and suddenly he sent me a text message with a photo of the toilet! Thierry Frémaux had just announced him we were in competition. I was extremely surprised! It was extraordinary. 
LCDC: This is the first time you work with a star. 
Josh: Pattinson is English, and the actors around him come from the world of the film. He spent five months working on his character. He doesn't have the experience of this life. I wrote him a biography from the day he was born to the first minutes of the film. We wanted to shoot into the streets, but wherever we went, people wanted to take a picture of him. We developed the appearance of his character so that nobody recognizes him. But he is so professional! He is never complaining. It's him who contacted us. He had seen a picture of Mad Love in New York on the Internet, he asked to see the movie, he saw it, and told us: whatever you want me to do, I will do it.
Click HERE to visit PAW and read the entire translation!

Claire Denis talks Rob and getting High Life going:
image host image host
LCDC: What about your science fiction project? 
Claire Denis: It's a SF project, but in my own way, very software (laughs)! (...) I'm strarting the preparation in a few weeks. It's an English-language movie that will be filmed in Germany. (...) It takes place in the space, not on Earth. This is a project I have had in my mind for the last fifteen years. At the time I thought of Vincent Gallo to play the leading role but the producers are often afraid of him. One day Robert Pattinson contacted the person who was doing the English casting. I was intrigued but I tought he was too young. Every time I went to London to meet some actors, he was there. His desire to work with me has never faltered. And now he is a little less young and it's perfect. 
LCDC: He is one of those actors whose we can feel the intelligence when they play. 
Claire Denis: Yes, absolutely. He has a lot of humor too. I tought it was so strange that this young man wanted so much to work with me when he could do whatever he wanted. I was almost embarrassed. But his unwavering envy and our mutual recognition have done their work.
Source: Les Cahiers du Cinéma | Translation and images via: PAW - Good Time; PAW - High Life

NEW: Robert Pattinson talks to F magazine (Italy) - "I'm not afraid to take a challenge"

NEW: Robert Pattinson talks to F magazine (Italy) - "I'm not afraid to take a challenge"

He's definitely not afraid of a challenge :)

 photo 3.gif photo 5.gif photo 6.gif

This interview is translated but it's always nice to get some new Rob! He's so grounded and happy. Enjoy!

 photo tumblr_lx705tCh8A1r9pluzo1_500.gif

image host
image host
Visit PAW if you want to read the Italian version!

Source: F magazine | Translation: FearlessMore

PRINT: Robert Pattinson Talks About James Dean's Positive Influence On Dennis Stock & MORE To Elle (Italy)

PRINT: Robert Pattinson Talks About James Dean's Positive Influence On Dennis Stock & MORE To Elle (Italy)

Elle magazine (Italy) spoke to Rob while on the set of Life. I've used google translated to translate the interview (and I tweeked the bits that sounded a little off) so it does actually read ok, but if a better translation comes out in the meantime I'll update it.

After seeing Life yesterday I love that Rob mentions one of the scenes that I found most poignant in the movie. I thought Rob captured Dennis' awkwardness and insecurities perfectly and I can't wait for the dvd to come out so I can rewatch to my hearts content. I wish a cinema nearer to me was showing it so I could go a few more times but I'm delighted I got the chance to see it on the big screen ;)

 photo RobertPattinson.MovieStills.Life 10.jpg

Robert Pattinson is back in cinemas on October 8 with the film Life, by Anton Corbijn dedicated to James Dean, cinema legend who died exactly 60 years ago in a car accident. The actor became famous as a vampire in Twilight, however, did not take the role of the legendary Jimmy (playing him is Dane DeHaan), as widely expected, but that of photographer Dennis Stock, who in 1955 - the year of the stars death - snapped a series of photographs for Life magazine and immortalized James Dean as no one before him had done. Anton Corbijn is dedicating the whole movie to the relationship of trust that exists between the two: to speak in more detail about the film is Robert Pattinson, in this exclusive interview during the filming of the movie.

Dennis and James. A photographer on the verge of bankruptcy and an artist on the front page. Tell us about the dynamics of their friendship.
The story of the two has a very original dynamic. James Dean is a character so sympathetic and Dennis, however, is not always so. There is a time for me, that sums up their diversity fully. There's this scene where James Dean is playing with his cousin, and Dennis just says, 'I do not know how you can do it.' In essence he is saying 'I do not understand what they're trying.' Dennis had a son, of course, but does not love him and that's just awful. He is perpetually filled with the negativity, so full of anxiety, to the point of being irritating. I can not think that there are such people, you can not believe the fact that they say about not being able to love. It's kind of horrible, but in its being is a tragic character too charming. And as I said the dynamic between them is very interesting.

James Dean is a myth. Have you ever had an influence on your career?
I have long admired his work. I believe that in 16 years a lot of actors have had their 'James Dean' stage and for most of them, the important thing is not to interpret the role but become part of the myth linked to him - and I also experienced one of the two phases. He is certainly still an icon but Dane (DeHaan) would be able to answer that question better than me because he's more tied to James Dean, his figure, the myth.

Would you be interested to play the part of James Dean?
Oh no, absolutely not (laughs) Dane did a great job.

How did it go with Anton Corbijn?
Working with Anton Corbijn has been a great honour and his first film Control (about the life of Ian Curtis, leader of Joy Division), was the reason why I decided just to accept the part. I loved the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed Anton's style and I knew that LIFE would have followed the same path.

With the camera instead?
To practice better, I took some pictures on the set of LIFE and the other films that I was shooting The Queen of the Desert where I play with Nicole Kidman. So for a few months I took a number of wonderful horrifying pictures with a 1953 Leica M1. It was the staff of Dennis, but the same pattern. It should be a model came out some time before that of Stock. It's beautiful, and it works perfectly. I think that will never break. "

Who was Stock?
Dennis was always worried that everything went wrong. He felt haunted by the possibility that the public would not follow him, they were not on his side. But at the same time, I thought he was a completely current. It's the story of someone who is trying to become an artist, and the fear of not being able to achieve his dream is the saddest part of his life and demoralizing. Dennis is the kind of artist who is so fearful of not being at the height of his profession that he would use excuses for anything. When Jimmy sees for the first time, it's fun because it has just that effect is undeniable. Being in contact with someone who is reaching his potential is very good to see. Relating to James Dean and all that was happening to him, also allowed Dennis to believe a little more in himself.

Do you believe, therefore, that James Dean had a positive influence on the photographer?
Absolutely yes. Sometimes you just need a little encouragement and the fact that Jimmy told him 'These are fantastic' while showing him pictures showing him, for him was a huge source of pride. I think at that specific time Dean has shown clearly and paved the way for Stock. Jimmy was regarded as a true artist who has had a profound impact on his life. And so, when Jimmy gave his approval, well, that's all you need sometimes - this is all you need to start believing in yourself. And I think that's what happened. For Dennis, the meeting with Jimmy was fundamental and has changed his life and certainly his work.
Original Source
via Sallyvg

PRINT: Robert Pattinson Talks Dennis Stock, Dealing With Photographers & More To Salzburger Nachrichten

PRINT: Robert Pattinson Talks Dennis Stock, Dealing With Photographers & More To Salzburger Nachrichten

Another print interview with Rob from the interviews done in Berlin.
Very similar to other interviews we've seen recently but also a little bit different.

 photo What was the question SEXY.gif

Translation (thanks to @inthejungle)
SALZBURGER NACHRICHTEN: "Everybody has a James Dean phase."

Do you see parallels between your life and James Dean's life?
A little, but funnily enough I wasn't really interested in James Dean's life, maybe because I experienced something similar.I didn't find my own life very interesting.I was more interested in Dennis Stock from the beginning.

Dennis Stock sacrifices the relationship with his family for his career. Do you know that feeling?
Not really. I don't believe Dennis truly sacrificed something, he told himself he did. He never thought about his son only when he used him as an excuse. That's what drew me to the role: here is a person that doesn't love his kid and waits for his life to make sense, but that never happens. He is a tragic figure. In later interviews you can tell he didn't learn a thing. At 80 he still complained about only being famous for the James Dean pictures although those were the ones he made money with.I really don't want to badmouth him, but I met his son Rodney and he says he was a bad father, but what can you do when you don't love your child? Everybody hates you for it, but you still have to live your life.

Is James Dean important to you as a role model?
I think every young actor has a James Dean phase.If you think about it: his movies were made in 1955 and 1956 and he still has such a huge influence. His gestures are a bit over the top, because he was just starting out. There isn't one bad picture of him and not just because he had such a good face, but because he had this intuition about how his face was seen by the camera.

How do you deal with being the object of photographers?
It's difficult. When the first Twilight movie came out I wanted to be seen a certain way. I thought I could control which pictures would be put out there. But that was impossible and I got scared of that loss of control. At the beginning of my career I had some friendships with journalists, we went out together, but I can'tdo something like that anymore. Now everyone tries to get an exclusive detail out of me and the worse the detail, the better.

Your life resembled a soap opera in the past few years. How did you feel about the reports on your life?
I never talked about my private life, but that didn't make a difference and people just made up stuff.I made the decision not getting my picture taken because I thought without new pictures people couldn't write stories, but they just used old pictures. It's gotten better now, I decided not to hide anymore and wear a hat and a scarf. It just drives you crazy.

So the worst is the paparazzi then?
Not only them. I used to get scared when people stared at me. It makes you feel like you are being judged, but I learned one thing: never Google yourself. That can become an obsession. Just imagine there are people talking about you in the next room, of course you are going to listen to it! It's worse on the internet and especially when you live a lonely hotel existence like actors do, you end up sitting in front of the computer to remind yourself who you are.

How do you manage not to loose your mind being alone in a hotel room?
Who says that that didn't happen already?

Original Source
via In the Footsteps Of Robert Pattinson

INTERVIEW: Die Presse Interview Robert Pattinson (Translated)

 INTERVIEW: Die Presse Interview Robert Pattinson

The new interviews just keep coming. Check out this one from Die Presse

 photo NEW Fan Pics Robert Pattinson Berlin Life press conference 35.jpg

Translation (Thanks to @Inthejungle83)

DIE PRESSE: "I'm not wearing a mask anymore."

Picture of life: In Anton Corbijn's beautiful drama LIFE, Robert Pattinson plays Dennis Stock, the photographer who shot the iconic picture of James Dean on Times Square.

Boy band, TV star of movie vampire, becoming famous as a teenage sex symbol can be a blessing or a curse for a young artist, but there is almost no other way to gain market values this quickly in show business. On the other hand getting rid of the reputation as a teen heartthrob is something many failed spectacularly. Contract to those who failed, Robert Pattinson seems to have been able to move past his history as a pale Twilight vampire in several ambitious movies he showed true acting talent, like in LIFE the fascinating story about the creation of one of the most famous pictures of the 20th century directed by the Dutch photographer, Anton Corbijn.

Are you a James Dean fan?
I was never really interested in him as a person, but as an actor he was huge. He was fearless in his acting and his movements were like ballet. What fascinated me, especially now where I looked at so many pictures of him, is that there is no bad picture of him. But that is not because he looked great, he played with the camera and he did that in a time where one wasn't photographed everywhere.

What about you? Do you like playing with the camera? 
I'm definitely not a natural talent like James Dean (laughs), but I'm getting there. I wasn't able to control it. When the first Twilight movie came out I thought I had some kind of control about the pictures of me that were out there and you could see my panic over loosing that control.

Did you ever have a relationship with a photographer as James Dean had with Dennis Stock? 
Not with photographers, but with journalists. When Twilight came out, there were a couple I got along with great. I remember when the first feature about me came out in a big British magazine, it was cool how that came about. The journalist and me went to a bar and got drunk (laughs) I can't do something like that anymore.

Is that something that annoys you? That you can't just simply go to a bar and see what happens? 
It's slowly getting possible again. When something is as massively hyped as Twilight people don't care for individual nuances or details anymore. Everything you say creates huge reactions, but it has really calmed down a lot.

Do you wear a disguise when you go out? 
No. A few weeks ago I decided I won't need to cover my face with a scarf unless it's cold. So I stopped with that and survived.

Sometimes your life seems like a soap opera. Do you also see it like that yourself? 
Yes, of course. I was always adamant that I won't talk about my private life, but that didn't make any difference (laughs). People would always make stuff up. I became a part of a story that was told by someone else and I could do anything about it.

Dennis Stock sacrificed a lot for his career. Do you sacrifice as well? 
Not really. I don't believe that Dennis sacrificed anything. He just told himself he did. In the end it's just about him and his fear of failing as an artist and so he looks for people he can blame for his failures. He doesn't think about his little son at all, only when he sees him as a burden. He is only focused on himself and waits for things to change and suddenly make sense, but that doesn't happen. He really is a tragic figure. If you look at recent interviews of him, you can see he didn't learn anything. At 80 he still complains of only being known for the James Dean pictures, but they are the only job he ever made money with.
Original Source
via In the Footsteps of Robert Pattinson

PRINT: Robert Pattinson On Being A Style Icon & Understanding Why Anton Corbijn Chose Him For The Role Of Dennis Stock

PRINT: Robert Pattinson On Being A Style Icon & Understanding Why Anton Corbijn Chose Him For The Role Of Dennis Stock

Another new interview with Rob. It's a translated one again, this time with German site Knack.
 photo MQDiorRobertPattinson25.jpg

Translation (Thanks to In the footsteps of Rob)
Robert Pattinson: “I don’t look anything like James Dean.”

Also teen-idols grow up and in case of Robert Pattinson they even become an actor. Rob about his new movie LIFE, a biographical drama by Anton Corbijn, about the relationship between photographer Dennis Stock and film legend James Dean.

Pattinson: “I understood immediately why Anton wanted me to play Dennis Stock and not James Dean”, explains Pattinson about the surprising, but clever choice. “People would have immediately drawn a comparison between us. But I don’t look anything like Dean, not when it comes to looks and not as an actor. I also didn’t die at 24 years old. The only thing we have in common is that we are both famous. Dean owes his fame to people who looked up to him and asked him for advice about life, through his movies, the photos by Dennis Stock, his personality and mystery. I owe my fame to people who were fans of the Twilight books and thanks to the fact that they accepted me as the face of one of their favorite characters.”

For Dean fame was a heavy load to carry. How do you handle it?

Pattinson: “It’s easier for me now than in the beginning. When I had my breakthrough with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (in which Pattinson had the supporting role of Cedric Diggory) I was recognized in the street and people asked for an autograph, but during Twilight it became a madhouse. I couldn’t leave the house without having screaming fans or paparazzi following me. For two years I had an enormous problem with this and I was regularly in a slump. There were moments that I felt lost, disconnected from everything and everyone. Because I missed the ordinary everyday things. Walking in the park, having a drink with friends, but after seven years in LA I got used to my new life. I feel comfortable. I also notice that the worst part is over. Recently I went out with friends in London and that was fine. People let me be. A full beard and wearing a dirty sweater always help (laughs).”

And that for a style-icon and the poster boy of Dior.

Pattinson: (laughs) “Me a style-icon? I think it’s funny that people even dare associate me with fashion. I’m absolutely no fashionista. I always wear the same jacket and tee shirts. Sometimes for weeks on end. And because I moved frequently the last few years, there are hardly any clothes in my closet. Which is really weird. I stole almost every piece of clothing that I ever got for a premiere. Just don’t ask me where I left all those things.”

Back to LIFE: Dennis Stock died in 2010, but if you wanted advice about photography of course you could always turn to Anton Corbijn.
Pattinson: “That is right. Apart from director Anton is also a photographer who has photographed many famous people and given them their public image. Think about Joy Division or Depeche Mode. Immediately you think about Anton’s iconic photos as soon as you mention those names. Anton knows perfectly what kind of impact an image can have and how revealing or manipulative it can be. The first thing Anton did was to push a camera in my hands and encouraged me to make a reportage. That’s how I discovered that there are many similarities between acting and photography. Dennis was a shy guy who feared that he would never become as good as he hoped he would be. That insecurity hindered his potentials for a long time. But eventually he got to know Dean and he understood that he was dependent on the material and the people in front of his lens. The same applies to acting if you want to make it your profession. You can only be good when the script is good, when the director is good and you know where you want to go.

Original Source
via PAW

NEW INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson Talks About Fame, Growing Up With 2 Older Sisters & Having Kids To Gala (Germany)

NEW INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson Talks About Fame, Growing Up With 2 Older Sisters & Having Kids To Gala (Germany)

Germany seems to be getting the bulk of new Rob interviews lately. This one with Gala is cute. Check out the translation under the scans.

image host

image host

Translation (Thanks to @InTheJungle83)
Interview without a hangover. Robert Pattinson used to suffer from hangovers during former press days, today he tells us how he grew up.
Robert Pattinson became world famous playing the vampire in the Twilight Saga. The 29 year old British actor has long grew out of the role that made him famous and has become a convincing talented character actor like in his new movie LIFE by Anton Corbijn. In this biopic Pattinson plays a photographer who meets James Dean in 1955 and documents his life until his tragic death. That the once talkative Patinson is out of the woods, is really showing during the interview. His fiance FKA Twigs he routinely leaves unmentioned and today he has sort of an apology for his former flippant use of alcohol... 
When I interviewed you for the first time Twilight wasn't even in the cinemas....
It was a crazy time. I was so inexperienced and not the least bit jaded. I remember that first day of interviews and how much fun it was for me because I hadn't done something like that before and I just spoke without notes...
Did fame change you?
I am trying to protect myself more, but I also got used to my situation. I used to be much more nervous in public and I would have never done things that I do now.
For example?
I went to the Venice Beach boardwalk for a walk. I haven't done something like that in years. And you know what? It was totally okay, only one person recognized me.
You seem much more relaxed.
Maybe it's because I'm getting older and it's much easier for me to give interviews, because I'm not hungover. It took me ten years to understand that. This might be the first interview I'm not hungover for.
You grew up with two older sisters. How did that influence you?
As a younger brother I was always excluded from my sisters worlds, but my mother is a very strong woman. Growing up with self-conscious women certainly influenced me. If I had grown up with brothers, I would have had more interest in team sports.
Not a football fan then?
It annoys me sometimes how uninterested I am in team sports. I would love to be able to play football. One time I walked by a football field and someone shot the ball over the fence. The ball was rolling towards me and I was thinking: "Please, don't ask me to shoot the ball back." It was a nightmare. It reminded me of school when I tried to kick the ball and missed it. I deliberately walked slower to get away from that embarrassment. I even thought about changing directions.
This sounds like you are very shy.
It started when I was ten. I was always last when teams were picked then I thought: "I'll go and play with the girls instead." (laughs) I never enjoyed being part of a team.
You live between LA and London. Where do you feel at home?
I have been living out of a suitcase for so long, but I learned that it takes some effort to have a home. It sounds so simple, but having some furniture in the apartment makes me feel pretty good between my own four walls.
In your new role you are playing a father. Do you want to have a family and kids?
In the movie my character is a really bad father and not really a role model, but I definitely want to have kids. I thought about getting a dog first, although I think it's easier having a kid.
I can take a baby with me everywhere I go and people accept it. It's not possible with a dog.
One day a child may find you embarrassing...
Yes, kids will learn to talk sometime, a dog can't (laughs) although having a dog is a good way to learn responsibility. I think I would prefer having a baby over having a dog. I often have the vision of my kid being amazing in all the things I can't do.
You have to specify that.
For example my son being an amazing dancer.
Are you really that bad of a dancer?
Not when I'm dancing by myself. I feel great then. It's like when you sing under the shower.
Original Interview Source Gala
Scans Source
via PAW

NEW Interview: Robert Pattinson's Advice To Young Actors Starting Out ~ " Take Good Care Of Your Mental Health"

NEW Interview: Robert Pattinson's Advice To Young Actors Starting Out ~ "Take Good Care Of Your Mental Health"

Another new interview with Rob. This time it's from Teleschau (Germany). It's similar to what we've heard before but some new parts as well. Enjoy!

 photo RobertPattinson.MovieStills.Life 3.jpg

Translation (Thanks to @Inthejungle83 )
Although the Twilight movies, that made him into a superstar, ended a while ago, the Londoner, Robert Pattinson is still one of the hottest British exports in Hollywood. In a smart move he, who played the vampire Edward, also did more sophisticated movies like Remember Me & Water For Elephants. Now in Anton Corbijn's LIFE he plays one of the lead roles. The movie tells the story of the relationship between James Dean and Dennis Stock. At the end of those intense days were the legendary LIFE pictures that contributed to James Dean's status of an icon. In the interview Robert Pattinson reflects on photographers and how he deals with the hype around him, with a strong cup of coffee filled with huge amounts of honey...

A strange mix you are drinking there....
I really like it! The spoon has to stand upright in the cup, then it's just right. Until earlier I thought drinking coffee with honey is healthier and then someone told me that honey is as harmful as white sugar and you also kill bees with it. Now I have a guilty conscience. Cheers!

You are often photographed by other people in your private life. Did you switch sides for your role in LIFE?

Dennis Stock hated being called a paparazzi. For him what he did was art and he worked very hard for it to be seen as art. For me he was a man that wanted to break through with his art and that art was photography. It was only during the shoot that I realized this was a movie about a photographer for Anton Corbijn, because he is a photographer himself.

Today it would be impossible to just walk up to a movie star like Stock did and ask him if he wants to be photographed...
Nobody asks you anymore, people just pull out their phones. In all seriousness though: back then you had to be a total pro in order to get good pictures and then you had to work to get them printed and distributed. The general atmosphere was very different back then: the people worshiped film stars and wanted to celebrate them. They loved looking at nice pictures in magazines. Today there is such an over-saturation of pictures and because of that the pictures have to become more and more extreme in order for people to look at them. A beautiful picture of a celebrity doesn't do it anymore, one has at least look drunk in it.

How do you deal with that?
It's still stressful for me, but it also depends on the overall mood. If you are in a good mood you don't really mind, but if you are in a bad mood it affects you more than it should. You run the risk of circling around yourself. You start to think, "How will I look in the next picture?", even when no one is taking a picture. It drives you crazy sometimes. Fortunately it has gotten a lot calmer for me.

That might be because of your beard...
Definitely (laughs) as a disguise it works well. I sat next to a hockey team on a flight, the beard didn't work so well then...

In the movie the Warner Studios try to create a certain image for James Dean. How about you?
It's still like that with the big movies.That's why I'm doing smaller productions, because it's a lot less pressure on the director and everyone who works on the movie. Everybody can be themselves and don't have to change. The hierarchy is rather straight and you can be sure that the final movie is the exact vision of the director.

Do you need to work or do you have enough money to retire?
Definitely not enough. But you don't become an actor to get rich.

Why else?
Hmmm I'm not so sure about that myself (laughs). During the Twilight movies I was doing other movies in between, because every time a new Twilight movie came out, it was like someone pushed the reset button. If you get famous as quickly as I did, your personal growth stops suddenly.I stopped growing at 22 back then and I was in shock for four years. It's different now. My personal and professional development path is slowly emerging. That makes me happy.

Would you wish your career start on younger colleagues?
Yes of course, it was amazing, but a little demanding psychologically. It only becomes clear much later though.My advice would probably be: take good care of your mental health.

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PRINT: Robert Pattinson On 'Life', How Things Have Calmed Down & Working More In The Next 4 Years

PRINT: Robert Pattinson On 'Life', How Things Have Calmed Down & Working More In The Next 4 Years

This interview with Unicum sounds very similar to the Morgenpost interview we posted a few days ago but the last few questions are different. It looks like they had a roundtable (possibly at Berlinale).

 photo une-life_d03-00361-tt-width-1600-height-1067-crop-1-bgcolor-000000.jpg

Translation thanks to @Inthejungle83
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PRINT: Robert Pattinson Talks To Morgenpost (Germany) + Full Translation

Another new Rob interview this time with the German Morgenpost. We're being spoiled with all the new interview. Keep 'em coming I say.

 photo Ahha.gif

Translation (Thanks To InTheJungle83)
Original interview Source
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Thanks Nancy for the heads up.

NEW INTERVIEW With Robert Pattinson In Cosmopolitan (Germany) ~ Full Translation

NEW INTERVIEW With Robert Pattinson In Cosmopolitan (Germany) ~ Full Translation

The October issue of Germany's Cosmopolitan features an interview with Rob. I think my favourite part is where they say he is smiling non stop, like a rascal planning his next prank. Oh, how we know and love that smile!

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The Lucky lady who got to interview Rob!

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Translation (Thanks To @InTheJungle83)
Honestly Robert Pattinson, do fame and success drive you crazy sometimes?

Robert Pattinson ate a 'curry wurst' for lunch. That is the first thing he tells me after our 'hello' during our interview in Berlin. He pronounces it adorably 'Denglish Corrywuscht'. "I had French fries with it, but only five", he tells me grinning. "I'm trying to eat more healthy." He doesn't need it though: slightly tanned, the biggest thing about him is his beard, which, like his messy gelled hair, is very groomed. Ever since he played vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga, he is the most sought after blood sucker in the world. The tabloids like to describe him as shy, but here he is smiling non stop, like a rascal planning his next prank. Maybe he is happy that the 'blockbuster' times are over. Ever since the fifth and last Twilight movie came out three years ago he wasn't part of huge commercial Hollywood productions. Independent movies are now his thing. Like the ingenious biopic Life in which he plays the photographer Dennis Stock. He took pictures of James Dean for the US magazine Life in 1955, shortly before Dean died and made him immortal with his pictures. Fame and immortality are not strange concepts for Robert Pattinson, right?

Mr. Pattinson when was the first time you felt you were famous?
That was six months before the second Twilight movie came out. A PR guy invites me to a hip party in a club in LA. I forgot the name of the guy standing at the door waiting to be let in. The doorman just looked at me and said: "It's okay, you can go in." I was like "what?" Until then I never got into the clubs that easily. Shortly after that came the hot dog incident.

Tell me about that.
Well, I was eating a hot dog and dropped mustard on my shirt. Usually that would have made me uncomfortable, but everyone around me said "hey, that's totally okay", it was like I did something amazing . That's when I knew: I can do whatever I want.

Being famous can be confusing then?
Yes, but only in one aspect: I don't like to draw attention to myself, but I can't walk around without being recognized. If people would say a quick "hello", it would be fine, but every second person wants to do a selfie. That means I always have to be in a good mood.

Is there a question apart from the picture question, you can't hear anymore?
"I know you will hate it, but.......... "

Who says something like that?
Everyone. Especially back then. During Twilight a lot of people were pulling me about and telling me who I am. I didn't know who I was myself and honestly I still don't know who I am. But I wanted to have the chance to find that out by myself.

How did you not go crazy with the huge hysteria that came with Twilight?
Maybe becauseI never wanted to become famous. I'm satisfied with small things. The more famous I got, the more I wanted to hide. I was irritated by the hype. The climax of that was in the Munich OlympiaHalle: 3000 fans were cheering when I was answering a question. It's much better now. The Twilight fans got older and it's a lot more relaxed now.

Does an ex vampire go into the sun?
Yes. But I'm one of those idiots that puts on sunscreen with SPF factor 50 on the first day and then on the second day wonders "hey, I didn't get a tan. Let's take SPF 5." That means on every single holiday I get sunburn. It's good that I stayed in London for a while. It can't happen here.

Is London a safe haven for you like Marion, Indiana was for James Dean?
London is home for me. I have been living in LA for six years and didn't go to Great Britain for some time. During my last stay in London I realized how much I missed it. But it's more the people that give me the feeling of home and not really the places.

In Life you play the photographer that made James Dean a legend. James Dean died when he was 24 years old so you survived him by five years....
You won't believe how many of my friends wrote this message to me on my 28th birthday "happy birthday. You are still alive." Me: "Did you think I would be dead by now?" Them: "Yes." Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix and Amy Winehouse, they all died when they were 27.

Do you go to celebrity doctors for your check ups?
No. I went to a dentist in LA who was well know in celebrity circles. There was a techno music playing in the practice. He was telling me about all the people that come to him. The weirdest thing was: he wasn't wearing gloves for the treatment. I was laying there shocked thinking "do you think you are so cool that you don't need gloves?" Nasty, I didn't go there again.

Did you become weird?
I always have been weird. As soon as I have to talk to more than one person, it gets difficult. Having to do small talk at an event is hell for me. The crazy thing is that most people think that the more famous you get the more confident you are. I learned something about that playing a photographer: a camera around your neck will give you security. With it you get a reason to go to certain places or talk to people. I think I will carry a camera around with me from now on.

This is a reader's question: What is the best part about being a celebrity?
That I can choose my roles and that I can go around the queue at the airport. That is the best by far and I don't want to miss it.
via In The Footsteps of Rob

Robert Pattinson Featured On The Cover of 'Les Inrockuptibles' & FULL Translation

Robert Pattinson Featured On The Cover of 'Les Inrockuptibles' & FULL Translation
UPDATE: Added scans from the mag after the cut. Will update with a translation of the interview as soon as one is available
UPDATE 2: Full Translation added after the cut

Rob is featured on the cover of 'Les Inrockuptibles'. There's a small preview of the interview featured in the magazine below. We'll pop up the full thing as soon as it's available ;)

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Magazine Scans & FULL Translation After The Cut

FULL TRANSLATION Of Robert Pattinson's NEW Interview With Elle Magazine (France)

FULL TRANSLATION  Of Robert Pattinson's NEW Interview With Elle Magazine (France)

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Translation (Thanks to PattinsonAW)After The Cut

New interview with Robert Pattinson to promote Life

A new foreign press interview with Robert Pattinson to promote the upcoming European release of Life.  The original interview was published in German from . The translation below is with thanks to @Inthejungle83 because you know how much we all love Google translate!

The interview notes that during "Twilight" Robert Pattinson was in the spotlight on the red carpet and is now leaving the teen heartthrob status behind.   "now he is barely recognizable. He stirred honey into the coffee, giggles and hiding his face behind a beard."
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Source thanks Maria
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