NEW: Robert Pattinson talks about Good Time, choosing indies, working with Claire Denis and more!

NEW: Robert Pattinson talks about Good Time, choosing indies, working with Claire Denis and more!

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From Le Parisien:

Cannes 2017. Robert Pattinson: “I finally look like an adult”

He is unrecognizable in “Good Time,” a film in official competition.  In this electric drama directed by the Safdie brothers, Robert Pattinson plays a robber in the shallows of New York. Meet the beautiful boy revealed by the “Twilight” saga, now 31 years old.

Is not that (Good Time) your best role?

Robert Pattinson: What is certain is that it was one of my favorite experiences.  It was such a crazy adventure.  At the beginning, there wasn’t even a script and then, we find ourselves in competition in Cannes …

This is your fourth Festival.  Do you feel at home?

R: I love coming here.  For me, it is the pinnacle to present a film.

You have contacted the Safdie brothers after seeing a photo of their movie “Mad Love in New York” …

R: Yes.  I found the image so beautiful and moving that I said, “I want to shoot with these people.  And then I met them.  They are so intelligent and good people.  I told them I was ready to do whatever they wanted.

This is where the Safdie wrote this role for you.  What do you have in common with your character?

R: His anxiety (laughs).  And like Connie, before, in New York, I spent most of my time on the street trying to hide myself.  Instinctively, I kept looking around to avoid the paparazzi.

This is no longer the case?

R: In London, where I live most of the time, people would rather see the reality show heroes and footballers.  And in Los Angeles, where I am often, paparazzi make less money because magazines publish photos from Instagram, so it’s better.

You’ve totally changed the look for this character …

R: Yes.  Usually, I look like a 22 year old kid.  There, they made me false acne scars, I have darker hair … I finally look like an adult.

How was the shoot?

R: It was extremely bad for my health!  I slept very little.  The night work was almost always sixteen or seventeen hours in a row.  We were in a bubble.  It was very intense and stressful.

Since the end of "Twilight”, you choose independent films on a small budget.  Why ?

R: When I choose a film, I don’t wonder if it will be a success or not.  If it’s a low budget film, I say to myself: “I will do another after.”  What I want is to surprise.  However, commercial films are designed not to disturb the public.  I find them boring to see and make.

You must soon shoot with the French director Claire Denis …

R: Yes, this summer normally.  I had seen his movie "White Material” on television eight years ago and I found it an outstanding performance.  I wanted to work with her.  When I met her, she had a role for a guy who was 50 years old … But during the appointment, I felt her changing her mind.

Kristen Stewart (Ed: his former co-star in “Twilight” and ex) was in Cannes to present her short film.  Did you meet her?

 R: No.

Are you still in touch?

R: Not really (laughs).

Le Parisian review:
"Good Time": a nocturnal and hypnotic thriller *****

Robert Pattinson, unrecognizable in “Good Time."  … Connie (Robert Pattinson) is hunted, and his look hallucinated in a frenzied race punctuated with bursts of violence.  Some scenes - like the pursuit in an amusement park - are ultra-cinematic.  And Pattinson impresses with this feverish interpretation.

"Good Time,” Theatrical release October 11 in France.

Source | Translation: Pattinson 360


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