Rob and Kristen : Shiny Happy People in Tokyo

Twilight Singapore concludes their coverage with day 5. Check it out at their site.

My favorite Tokyo Picture:

And pictures from the Fan event:

Source: ATWTFanForever

New Moon Release Dates

*The picture is a manipulation. Those goodies are not Rob's . Let's altogether pray for "those" to come true in New Moon :) The boy has been working out after all!

Here are the release dates for some countries:

November 19, 2009 in Australia and New Zealand

November 20, 2009 in the USA, Canada, Norway, Brazil, Finland, Italy, Norway

November 27, 2009 in the UK.

December 2009 in Turkey

January 7, 2010 in Germany

Source1, source2

manip credit: smirks_works

Rob in Costco Connection

Click for larger view.


Thanks to Cheyenne for the tip ;)

Rob leaves Japan

Here are 2 pictures of Rob at the airport. So I guess it's safe to assume he left Japan :) AND he has new clothes! It was about time Rob :)

And some fan pictures:

Thanks to Susan, Kas and Kat for the link to the pictures :) I cut out the fans out of the pictures for their privacy, if you are the owner and would like credit please drop me a line :)

Oh What are you wearing Rob?

According to TheLookBook Rob was wearing all Prada at the Japan. I guess that's what he was doing in Beverly Hills last week :)

They also mention Kristen's stylist but not Rob's. Umm Rob, can I be your stylist? I'm really good I swear :)

At the Tokyo premiere of Twilight, Robert Pattinson wore a grey mohair suit with a dark brown shirt and military green striped tie. All Prada.

Kristen Stewart wore a pale green silk jersey gown from Herve Leroux for the premiere. Kristen is styled by Tara Swennen.

Smackdown: Rob vs Reese

Baker College senior Faheem Ahmed and Sid Richardson College junior Anish Patel won's contest were on the red carpet as correspondents at the Oscar's.They got to interview with Rob and here is their report:

"Because we'd both seen The Wrestler, I asked [Pattinson], 'Who would you be afraid to fight in the ring?'" Ahmed recounted. "He said Reese Witherspoon, because he'd be afraid to smack her around too much. Then, since he played a vampire in Twilight, I asked him what other supernatural creature he'd like to play. 'Satan,' he said."

Gozde: Well, I'd be afraid to fight Reese for another reason: She is a feisty little thing! I bet she could take Rob down :)

Thanks to our lovely Laura for the tip.


OH HOT DAMN alert! Twilight Extras Sneak Peak

The explanation of the finger in the mouth from RPO: At 2008 San Diego Comic Con Kristen Stewart talked about the scene where they were frolicking in the leaves and she sticks her finger in his mouth and says "do you want a taste?"(video at the end of the post)

Next Thursday on Access Hollywood:

And a little montage I made. Not for the faint of heart:)) (The song is by Melissa Ferrick: Drive)

Thanks to Alexis and Kate for letting us know and Everglow for the video :)

Kristen at Comic-Con: (Thanks to Jen for the link :)

Play by Play from Tokyo continues their coverage of Day 5. They have a play by play and more pics on their site. Here are some pics :

♫♪ Never Thiiiinnk ♫♪

So cute and happy!
Kristen: Would you look at that jaw! Dang!

Nuh-uh! You can't just walk around looking at people like that! It has got to be illegal!

Ooooh! Taylor is going for the smoldering look! :) Sorry boy, not yet!

Kristen finally looks at Taylor and is smiling at his attempt to smolder :)

Yep the jaw is still there. Dayum!

For the rest visit

Teen Vogue : Long Lost Photoshoot - High Quality

The shoes and the glasses are hideous but DANG those pants are "fitting" :)

Clicky for larger view :)

Hello Dorkbert!

Now THOSE glasses are hot!

Thanks to Lion & Lamb Love for all the awesome pictures today!They really rocked the day :)

Oh For the Love of Bottom Lip!

These pictures are from December 11 2008 at We've posted the rest HERE.

Thanks to Nikki for the tip and RPSource for the pics :)

Tokyo Fan Event Videos - Round 2

Thanks to karolmitie for the videos. And thanks to our lovely Kate for the tip :)

Not enough? Well there ya go!

Poor Kristen must be freezing. Don't hate on her, she looks very cute here :))

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