Tokyo Premiere Pictures has posted the first pictures from the Twilight Tokyo Premiere :) Rob looks gorgeous as usual and the hair, oh the hair! Poor Kristen must be freezing with that dress! It's freezing over there right now.

Here is what reported:

All in all, Taylor and Robert were looking sharp and classy in their suits. Both were infinite charmers. Kristen was beautiful and her eyes were so stunning! She changed 3 times in the event and she was drop dead gorgeous. PERIOD.

The fans were AWESOME cos they waited in the continuos rain and cold for soo many hours. WE SALUTE YOU!!!

Thanks to Bia for the tip :)


Tess said...

great photo's ! I love the ear to ear smiles!

Is Rob's hair redder? or is it just the lighting?

Damn.. he looks good in chocolate brown.. so ***shudders***

Divinesally said...

Wow Kristen looks really good. I'm so happy she's smiling and looking beautiful. Love the dresses! Taylor looks adorable as always. And Rob *sigh* he truly looks amazing! That suit, the colors look amazing on him. The hair the eyes the stubble...pure perfection! He looks squeaky clean.

Waking to these pictures have made my day, night, and weekend for that matter thanks Godze!

{refresh, refresh, refresh...}

Anonymous said...

They all lot so wonderful, what a beauty Kristen is! I love her white dress.

Of course Taylor and Rob look great, I love the colors of Rob suit, tie and suit.

I wish I could get DH to wear colors together like that. :(

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