Rob Presenting @ The Academy Awards

Robert Pattinson 81st Annual Academy Awards
by officialspunkransom

Lots of love to for all the wonderful vids. You guys are kickin some serious Rob butt over there awesome site ladies. And a special thanks to all our wonderful Rob lovers here at Robsessed for supporting our site as usual.


Tess said...

I feel the need to say congratulations to Rob for holding it together during his presentation. I'm sure it was hellacious on the nerves... but I feel he did a fantastic job and I can't imagine anyone finding fault in it.

Do you think he was wearing depends? (you know... just in case) I know I would've been... but since his pants 'fit' him so well, I'm guessing he wasn't ;)

bimbambom said...

"Love...what it is, how to get it, how to keep it and what to do when all goes terribly terribly wrong"
I would add:

...and what to do if you love someone unattainable, like Robert Pattinson?


Tess said...

Bimb-log on, and hit refresh all day

lelie said...

He looked so scared and shy. I hope he don't have to do much more public things after Japan. I'm shure he just want to start filming New Moon as soon as possible and avoid all the trouble around his person.

Anonymous said...

I love how Amanda Seyfried hardly even looked at him. Trying not to be attracted to him. Panties dissolving onstage could have been embarrassing.

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